Eakidore (E-ak-i-dore) is a realm of magical beauty. Along with things that even our own nightmares are afraid of. Thus this book known as the accounts of dread was written. As an owner of this book I congratulate you. Be you a bard, teacher, or even hunter of creatures that call the night home. Our first account tells of the tale of the woman of Dalhurst (D-al-hurst). Dalhurst was a small hamlet of two hundred souls. Many kept to themselves with only the adventurous trading the common good which was hides from the hunted animals around Dalhurst bog. Suddenly a strange mist came around certain houses. When the sun broke the victims men, women, and children. Caught a strange sickness from fevers, coughing blood, and what some in the village call the lucky one death. Soon the mist targeted the cattle, chickens, and goats.

A brave runner went towards the manor of the local lord. Lord Hurrold (Hur-rold) at first dismissed the notion as tall tales. Yet as a lover of tall tales decided to humor them. Joining his personal household band. His band and the local village levies lead by Samson a man who had been in a few hostel fights. Meeting inside the hostel named Ye Bog Hostel. The band drank the cheap ale. Hurrold was confused his subjects truly believed something sinister was attacking them. The keeper shrieked dropping his tankard. A small raven haired girl wandered in. Elise had just been buried. Her eyes all pale and she reeked of death. Yet the poor girl seemed to ignore them. She soon went into the bog. Regaining his composer the lord of Dalhurst commanded his band to follow the undead girl.

Soon they found the mists lair. Many of the former souls stood still. The mist took the form of a burly creature. The captain of the guards said that the undead seemed to be ignoring them. With great fear they waited until dawn. The creatures sentries slept It was a guess from the captain. As his grandmother told him stories that the undead minions don't attack unless they or their master is confronted. Still the lightest footed members of this band crept towards the beast. It had blood all over its mouth and while it's eyes were open. It did not move while it may not sound heroic. The bravest of the band a cobbler apprentice named Gabriel dosed the creature in fire. With a cry that had been said to be heard for miles. The mist and creature it vanished from this world. The dead looked peaceful and the villagers that had been ill had become unafflicted. Though they had no recollection of what had happened to them. Though this account was not done by a proper member of court of laws. The account from lord Hurrold along with many honest folks made this incident accepted into the accounts of dread.

Thanks for reading this is a story I wanted to do instead of the deleted one. Anyway question as always. Would you have sent your personal to deal with the matter?