The next tale in the account of dread tells of the holy all female order. Known as the nuns of St Vestal. While a vast majority of officials in the court of laws see logic, law, and reason. Along with most of the courts calling the strange creatures and incidents irregular incidents. St Vestal nuns joined the court of laws domestic and martial division. St Vestal was a woman who taught the importance of family. One day while she fasted and prayed. A goddess only the nuns can speak her name. Told Vestal to go on a pilgrimage.

Vestal was nervous as the place the goddess told her to go was full of undead. Soon she found herself after weeks of travel in the land known as the domain of the undede (Un-Ded-E). The villagers and towns lived in fear under constant attacks from zombies, ghouls, and the mighty vampires. Nonetheless the saint in her devotion taught the families to be strong. Vestal soon built her priory which became the beacon of salvation and hope for the frightened people in the domain. Her goddess soon showed her a flame that glew silver. Known as Vestal's Fire this silver flame could finally put the undead at rest. The fire would also kill the mighty vampire.

Soon the nuns grew in the dozens. Teaching family life in peaceful areas. Cleansing the undead in dangerous areas. Soon the domain's court of law faction allowed Vestal and her order to join as an irregular justice division. Undede turned into a place of hope. Life was slowly returning to the lifeless land. Nuns are dispatched all throughout Eakidore and even beyond. The bow is the common weapon for the nuns. They also built makeshift hearths and pray to their goddess who then lights the Vestal Fire. Acolytes as the younger girls of Vestal are called. Constantly tend the flame from praying and gathering timber for the senior nuns to bless the fire. After a skirmish or battle those that laid slain from normal weapons.

The nuns bring torches burning the undead bodies. For now the nuns serve as a blessing and a curse. Their near fanatical devotion to their goddess. Proves troublesome at times as they recruit potential female's who could be better assets for the court of laws. Still the nuns and the court of laws fight a never ending battle against the dead. With both steel and Vestal Fire.

Thanks for reading I wanted to add some religion to this world. This is a more sensitive question. Would you mix your organization with religious orders?