Where did that Dreamer go?
One who thought the world was theirs
The person full of hope.
Oh. They are still there.
But they have changed.
Changed by other's people dream's
Changed by those who want them,
To fulfill different and undesirable dreams.

Where did that Beautiful girl go?
One who didn't care what people thought
So beautiful inside and out...
Ah, there she is, changed
By the Wicked World.
The World telling them lies.
Telling them they need more.
More things...more, to make them
A beauty, but only on the outside.

Where did that Believer go?
So full of energy and excitement
Looks like the world got them too.
Hurt by those who don't keep their word
Hurt by others too many times, they stop
Believing for what's the point now?

Where did the Motivator go?
She has long left, gone like the wind
She is drained more than ever now.
She was strong, she was a believer.
The world became too much
Too overbearing for her
So she gave up, tired and sad.

Where did the spirit go?
It was fill of life and fire
Nothing could kill the light
The world has Here too.
It takes almost all the light.
Almost extinguishes the spirit.
The spirit is dimmed now
And is barley there, so small.
Only surviving by the only true light
Hoping for a miracle.