Janna coughed as Rose pushed the door open with her foot.

"I told you not to go out in that weather." she said, kicking the door closed behind her. Crossing the room to a small table, she set down the tray without spilling a drop of tea from either of the two mugs. "You're fortunate that the Earth Temple in this town sells ziziphus." She continued, walking to her pack.

"Needed a hai..." Janna started. A bout of coughing interrupted her. Needles flew inside her chest. "...a haircut." she finished after a moment, her voice was a croak.

"And you couldn't wait until the storm was over?" Rose asked, walking back to the table. Opening a small packet, she poured a green powder into one mug and stirred it. She picked it up, walked back to Janna, and held it out for her.

Janna wrapped her hands around the warm mug and looked sourly down at the tea inside. Rose doesn't understand, she thought petulantly. It makes my neck sweat, and it's in my eyes... She took a deep swallow, letting the hot liquid wash away her complaints. Leaning back against the pillows she sighed. Her arms ached. Her legs ached. Everything ached...

Rose stood with her back to the fire and looked around the room, "You know, this reminds me of the time Celeste tried to get me to rent the largest suite at the best inn in Greyton." She smiled and shook her head. "I don't know why she ever thought..." her voice trailed off at the memory.

"Who's Celeste?" Janna croaked.

"Didn't I tell you about her?"

Janna shook her head, "Tell me."

"All right," Grabbing the large armchair, Rose pulled it closer the the fire and sat down. "It was around two years, I think, after I left Clay..."