Poisonous Herbs

A/N- These are brief backstories on those staff members that probably won't get a full story.

1- Unsatisfactory

Sometime in 1965

Sally dragged her belongings behind her. It took four suitcases to get everything.

The Hastel Plant lay in the distance. Police tape surrounded it.

She could faintly hear one of the officers talk.

"I think he was thrown into the machinery," one said.

She made it to the roadside. "I hate to do this, but..." She held out her thumb. A pick-up truck pulled up.

"Hey, need a ride?" the driver, a burly tan-skinned man asked.

Sally nodded. "Anywhere but here." She tossed her suitcases into the truck bed before getting in. The man drove away.

"Officials are investigating a mysterious death at the Hastel Toy Factory. Harold Hastel, son of the factory, was found..."

Sally turned to the driver. "Can I change the station?" She asked.

The driver shrugged. "Sure, why not?"

Sally turned the knob and switched to a music station.

"Why? Is something wrong?" the driver asked.

"I... I don't want to talk about it."