3- Pachypoda family Reunion

Eldon sat on the sofa, reading a paper.

Charlie handed him a slip of paper. "Found this near the Hastel Plant."

"Have you seen our sister? Brown hair, blue eyes, used to work at the Hastel Toy Factory." Eldon read. "Contact us."

Sally walked out of her temporary room. She casually approached them.

Charlie looked at her. "Well, we might have found the rest of your family."


"They've been looking for you. Apparently, you've been missing for two weeks."

"My half-sisters," Sally murmured.

Eldon picked up the phone and dialed the number provided on the poster.

"Hello, I'm calling about the poster... what's your sister's name again? Sally? We have her right here." Pause. "How is she? Well, she's fine."

Sally smiled. "I'm going home."

Sally clutched her suitcase. Charlie drove through the woods. The unpaved road crunched under his tires.

"So, where do you live anyway?" Charlie asked.

Sally scratched her head. "Um, 14 Blackthorn Road."

Charlie looked at the street sign and turned right onto Blackthorn road. A house with ivy crawling up the sides came into view.

A woman with dark hair sat on the front porch, sipping water.

Charlie pulled into the driveway.

The woman got up and walked to the door. "Looks like they really did find her." she said.

Sally exited the truck, clutching her suitcase.

Charlie exited the truck as well. Sally entered the house.

"Come in, you look thirsty," the dark-haired woman said. Charlie followed Sally in.

A redhead handed Charlie a bottle of water.

"And who are you?" the dark-haired woman said.

"Charlie?" Charlie replied. "I'm of... uh..."

"He's a pitcher plant!" Sally said.

Sally's sisters looked at each other. "Isn't he a little big for one?"

Charlie paused. "I'm originally from Malaysia."

"Oh, a tropical variety." The dark-haired woman said. "I'm Alice."

"I'm the youngest of seven," Sally murmured.