I walked across the battlements of Kardingham (K-ard-ing-ham) Fort. My name is Caeowulf (Cae-o-wulf) some call me general, lord, and even hero. I've proudly served the kingdom of Guven (G-u-ven) for thirty years. Guven is renowned for its rich farm lands and fertile grounds. Our most notable is honey and wax from our mass beehives and wax factories. I'm thankful for the honey as it saved my life many times in my youth.


The corporal leading our fireteam was down. She was clinging to life yet she still commanded us to fight. My two other comrades a farm girl who's armor barely fit her weakly help up her shield protecting the corporal. The other was the fireteams healer Jacob. Jacob made a tourniquet trying to stop the bleeding. Ten marauders approached us. I roared with fury and charged the marauders. I cut down two others focused on me. The leader of the squad said finally a bee worth squashing. I parried blow after blow. Inspired by my heroism the girl in our team assisted. We managed to hold our own until a mercenary band the kingdom hired notice us in distress. Sensibly the marauders fled.

Blood and sweat dripped from my sword and body. I was huffing yet I was proud. Jacob sighed with relief the corporal would make it. I noticed an open wound in my leg. Jacob took out a vial of honey and lathered it in the open wound. Adrenaline was fading and I grunted in pain. One of the mercenaries and the girl in my team helped me back to the fort. I was hailed as a true soldier by the forts Captain. I found the girl in the mess hall. She was still shaking I said she was brave and did well. As she was outside of battle I noticed her pointed ears. She was a fair folk I should have guessed. The fair folk swore fealty to Guven as our king helped drive the trolls back. We swapped stories she said her name was Alicia.

*End Of Flashback*

Alicia or should I say Colonel Alicia served as the commander of the fair folk guard. Had just arrived with her garrison along with other commanders from the surrounding areas. King Harold the Just had passed away. A brave king who loved his troops and people. Now his son Prince Edward Haroldsson asked for all military commanders to meet in the war council. I headed down to meet the other commanders. I wondered if my sons Michael and Dale would be coming. A large gossip among the people was that Alicia and I had a close relationship. While generally accepted in Guven some still see it as taboo. Fair folk however whispered that Alicia was selfish as I would pass on long before her. Fair folk also do not take death very well.

I raised my sons to be tough, strong, and brave. I met the commanders and Alicia at the gates. Several commanders hailed from the races that swore fealty to Guven. Captain Treeless from the desert rain frog of the Arid Tundras. Like all his kind he was a talking frog though taller standing seven feet tall while his brothers and sisters stood usually around three to four feet tall. Treeless greeted me his kinds signature squeaky voice standing out. Captain Iceberg of the female warrior tribe of the frozen Numb Expanse road proudly one her polar bear steed. Numb expanse like the Arid Tundras was a harsh place. Iceberg simply nodded her people value actions more than words. I saw my son Michael arrived he saluted me. Just like his father old fashioned. Michael was in command of the mixed company. Mixed company was comprised of children from Guven and other kingdoms children. The company served as a reserve guard and sometimes caravan guard.

A runner bumped into me. I recognized the orc everyone but my son and Alicia looked surprised. The orc whispered my son Dale was in the local hostel. Dale chose to become a mercenary captain known as Guven Band. Dale was known to take jobs fighting marauders and other wicked creatures. I guess the newly crowned king hired some mercenaries. However, my son had a reputation to drink and cause hostel fights. Soon everyone was in the war council. Edward told of his new plan. Guven was going to end the marauders once and for all driving them out of Guven, tundra, fair folk lands, and the numb expanse. Season soldiers served the kingdom. I was to be dispatched in the Guven marauders mountain. Michael would act as a home guard for the kingdom. My son bowed and said he was honored to protect the kingdom. Edward informed me to report to the captain of the mercenary band Dale. Alicia and Micheal threw me a glance. They knew Dale and I would have arguments.

I loved my son but he is reckless and foolhardy. I bowed and saw myself out. I was going to do the first phase. Once the marauders in Guven had been routed Dale and myself would reinforce the rain frogs. Then Treeless, Dale, and I would reinforce Alicia. Finally should the campaign go well the lawless marauders would be expelled from the numb expanse bring peace to the lands once and for all. I headed to the hostel I needed to lay a few rules to my mercenary son.

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