*Years Ago*

I was enjoying a walk with my parents like we always did. I noticed in both stories they tole me an aged hermit would help both the saints and eeld nag heroes. Mother told me he was a god from long before our people even became one nation. Surprisingly father told the same conclusion. They both laughed and said he convinced both of them to break tradition and wed. Though my father Sigfried said that eeld mann told him to grow a spine and defend his future wife. Mother laughed softly, making my father sigh and smirk. I couldn't help but wonder if I would ever meet eeld mann.

*Present Time*

I had become a shell of my former self in these past three weeks. Wilma put it very bluntly I fufil my fathers writ or I would never see her or our daughter. Intresteningly Pandora and Adonai now longer seemed to speak to me in my dreams. In a manner of speaking after failing to protect my father I seemed to be very unlucky even cursed. Still my orcs and even cultists refused to abandon me. The cult for now served as a reserve force protecting roads and building them. Along with fighting any threats that related to thieves and robbers. Most of the cult seemed content that this great conflict was over. Though a faction called the Thanes of Caeowulf seemed determined to chase the marauder gangs to the edge of the known world.

Captain Harold sent me a letter about a recent incident.

" Cezember 12th Warden Harold Forge Reporting. I'm sorry for your loss General Dale your father was a good man and even finer soldier. The Thanes or possible thane inmates last night crucified suspected "rats" as they called them. Eldership wants action taken fearing marauding zealots will lash out at them. For everyones safety Slog is on lockdown and workmen from the eldership have taken over the surrounding work."

Sorry for your loss Warden Forge"

I scoffed now religious marauders scoured the countryside. Thundersnow was already infested with thanes. From pirates, common tribals, citizens. Even the orcas were determined to follow my fathers vision. Could be seen swimming alongside captains and thanes. On what the thanes called a crusade. Crusade was a word that appeared in several of my fathers journals. No one could pronounce the word as it only appeared in my fathers accounts. The thanes called it the Saint Caeowulf's Crusade, a crusade which would sail them to disant lands. Ridding the unknown lands of all evil marauders and even ancient evils. They called themselves thanes as in stories from my fathers origins. A thane would follow their leader in both life and death. I could still see my father everytime I drank the ice carving of my father for a split second. Could be seen shaking his head.

Wanting to put an end to this I grabbed the two tapestry and headed out. Traffic through thundersnow was now very crowded. Cultists and followers of Saint Caeowulf wanted to be where they claim it all went down. I agreed that Thundersnow would probably be one of the most visited places. Adventures and retired soldiers also started to join cult hortis's. Michaels girlfriend must be having a laugh with that one. I remembered that one time where Simon the rainfrog swore in his letter. He follows the "true" general and would have informants or loyalists report marauder holdouts in the Arid Tundras. Suddenly out of nowhere a hooded hunchbacked figure blocked my path.

I told him I was not in the mood and demanded he give me the road. He just laughed and I told him once again to move. A numb expanse cultist asked if I was okay. I then realized I was shouting at nothing. Typical I muttered as I tried to blow it off that I was just a little drunk. I then went along my way and paid the captain to take me to the nearest port in Guven. As my brother had returned to Kardingham.

When I arrived at Repenmar Wharf the reception was mixed. As here's the son of the saint being escorted by an organization that suspossedly follows my father. Yet the cult is treating me more like a king with my own escort, currency, and followers. Indeed from accounts from the cult captain in Repenmar. Ercongota the cult outnumbered both Beyla and the saints. Border cults was the name for the lands bordering the edge guven. I was given the best bed and food through the border. Till once I was near Jelzome I was on my own. Again that eeld man appeared before me. I sarcastically asked if he was the spirit of someone I killed. Finally the figure spoke saying I should be ashamed. Stating is this how the High Grythen of Orcs present himself. "Whatever" was all I said. I began walking again and the figure appeared right in front of me. This time unhunched yet still frail looking. His brown tall pointed hat almost covering his eyes. His long grey had small signs of wear and boots exposing both his big toes. It was almost comical that this was the Eeld Mann of legend.

More like Eeld Cegger (C-eg-ger) I told myself smirking. He responded by sayig he heard that. I asked him seriously what he wanted. He adjusted his tall hat and asked for simply my company. I just sighed and we headed towards Jelzome. It was still a long trek but finally and without incident we arrived at the gates of Jelzome. The gatekeeper opened the gate and like I expected all eyes bore down on me. I tried my best to ignore them and headed for the ostlers place. When my fathers most faithful soldier Reign saw me she neighed happily. I stroked her mane apologising saying I failed both of them meaning her and my father. The ostler and his son let me stay the night in the stables. I purchased a whole barrel of spirits to get drunk. I offered some towards my eeld "guide" he conjured a drinking horn out of thin air. Reign looked at me then nudged me gently before retiring for the night. When I woke up I spent one last time feeding Reign and promised as long as she still roams the lands of Jelzome. I would visit her and I tipped the ostler and his son and headed towards my fathers capital and home.

The guards let me inside the main hall where a servant escorted me to my brother. Michael was proving effective in more diplomacy. The Marauder War as It was being called effected several small towns and villages. So Guven was acting as support building roads, feeding the refugees, and even repairing buildings along with making new storehouses. As most expected the eldership was the hardest hit as marauder bands retreated from the other lands. Caused havoc even Fridgerd, her witches, and the cult had trouble. That was with mercenary and adventure support. This worked out in the long run however. As with all the disorder the Adventures Alliance now had a permanent shop, something that hadn't happened in nearly thirteen-hundred years. It was also no surprise that the most zealous and fantical thanes came from the eldership. As my father and many prominent women and men perished at Zymbynog's Lair. The numb expanse was considered the second hardest hit.

Frogs said that by Ulphia grace and my skills at arms. They had the least amount of damage with just over five hundred slain. That and the fact that they lived scattered across the tundras. Simon said that the frogs of Ulphia thank and support my efforts. Though it was only because I was blessed by their saviour and patron saint. Aside from Aerons marauding the fair folk also saw the least amount of violence. However that is kind of easy when the spirits and even the woods. Tend to sort out all both marauders and average citzen. I was surprised and ashamed to see my brother was also with our mother. I trembled handing them the tapestries. Alicia my mother showed no emotion "Mercenary" she spat and stormed out of the room barely even giving me a glance. I was about to head out when my brother did something unexpected for his character. Hugging me tightly when finished he saluted me. Course he returned to his stoic self saying if I told anyone he would deny it.

We both shared drinks and stories of our eeld father. The eeld mann also appeared to my brother knowing who he was Michael bowed. I just nodded. For once I felt no need to get drunk we all just sat around the war table talking about the general known as Caeowulf. Of couse the sage just told stories about our grandfather and grandmother. The Eeld mann said his work was done. I just asked him to do one last thing. I whispered in his ear he nodded. He conjured a bee mask and molded a statuette out of thin air. It was my grandmother carrying our father on her back. Grandmother Brynhild wearing her Beyla mask and my father carrying the guvenish flag. I told my brother this was more closure for me. He nodded and put on his beyla mask and we both walked in silence. When night began to fall we arrived at the forest of Frey. No giant bees greeted us, just the woman who tended the forest of Frey Sigyn. She took the statutette cradling it then placing it gently at the altar. As it was only her and my brother she took another form. She became young her wrinkles disappearing, grey hair turning deep charcoal black, along with her eyes. Her plain colored robe turned into a honey color and looked more divine. Figures it was Beyla the whole time. Pandora and Adonai also returned in the form of a wolf and bruning bush. Adonia gladly told me welcome back while Pandora just nodded her wolf head.

I saluted the statuette and said a prayer to my father. Who was the saint of soldiers, marauders, and as the clergy put it everyone. I told my brother I and my orcs would swear fealty to Guven. We both said farewell and as I headed towards my camp. Another figure appeared before me, this one younger. I could tell it was my father he saluted me then smirked. "Mercenary" I laughed awkwardly then said "Eeld Man".

Thus End's My Very First True Story I Wanted To Thank Everyone Who Stuck With This Till The End. The People Of Ihoqar (The World) Also Appreciate It. Now The Most Important Question. Do You Want More Of This World And If So Which Culture Next?