Well guys, this is it


Sometime later

Jasmine slowly opens her eyes while groaning, Sophie, Era, Sonia, and Silas were looking over her.

"Huh? Guys is that you?" Jasmine asks

Jasmine completely opens her eyes.

"Jasmine, Thank God your alright" said Sophie out of relief

Jasmine asks, "uhh, guys? Did we make it? Or are we dead?"

Era replies, "it's okay Jasmine, your alive as can be"

Silas says, "well, most of you anyway"

Jasmine asks, "most of me, what do you mean by..."

Jasmine gets up, she feels something on her right side, she brings it towards her, it was a brand new wing, the wing appeared to completely white as well as her feathers, she looked at it in complete awe.

"My wing? But how?" Jasmine asks

Sonia replies, "when you tried to save Sophie, you lost your right wing in the process, so we made you a new one"

Era says, "all of us pitched in, well except for Silas"

Silas asks, "do you want me to put you back from where I found you? Because I can arrange that"

Era replies, "umm no!"

Sophie says, "I know it won't be the same again, but it's the best we could do, I hope it works"

Sonia says, "well, there's only one way to find out, go ahead Jasmine, see if you can fly with that wing"

Jasmine gets up from the table, she takes a deep breathe.


Jasmine begins to flap her wings, all of them looked tense except for Silas, Jasmine begins to fly in the air successfully, all of them cheer in joy while Silas just claps and smiles, Jasmine successfully lands back down on the table and she faces the teens.

"Sophie asks, "how is it?"

Jasmine replies, "it's feel really great, better than ever, although I'm gonna have to get use to having a white wing"

Sophie says, "sorry, my bad, I used some of my radiant light to patch up the remainder of the wing"

Jasmine looks in awe at Sophie

"You did?" Jasmine asks

Sophie says, "we can try and change to color if you want to"

Jasmine replies, "no it's fine, I'll keep it like this, as a reminder of all things we've been through"'

Sophie looked surprised, she then gives a bright smile.

Sonia says, "well now that everyone is alright, I think it's time we call for a celebration.

Sonia opens up a door, Sophie, Era, and Jasmine looks in awe, their was an entire table full of food, there was poultry of sorts, cakes, pies, cookies, fruits, vegetables, nuts, salads, bread, cheeses, cooked fish, and tiny dough balls covered in glaze or chocolate icing with tooth picks in them, they go into the dining room.

Sophie asks, "is this all for us?"

Sonia replies, "it is indeed, it's the least I can do"

All of them sit down.

Era says, "wow, this is amazing!"

Jasmine grabs a piece of fruit with her talon.

Sonia says, "You'll need the strength you need on your journey"

Jasmine then stops, Sophie, Era, and Jasmine turn to Sonia as Jasmine sets the fruit down.

Sophie asks, "what do you mean by Journey? Like the journey back home?"

Sonia takes a deep sigh.

"Regrettably I must tell you this, though I wish for it so that you would return home to your families, but I'm afraid that won't be a possibility, you see we're all in danger"

Era asks, "danger, what do you mean by danger?"

Sonia replies, "there is a war coming, a great and terrible war that will determine the fate of your world, and the fate of ours"

Silas says, "the one that you encountered, Mistress Death, she's just one of the enemies we face, she is part of a cult known as 'The 12', their leader, the dark lord seeks to destroy all of life"

Sophie asks, "but why?"

Sonia replies, "nobody knows of his motivations, all that we know is that the prophecy is coming true"

Jasmine asks, "what sort of prophecy?"

Sonia turns to Sophie.

"Sophie, do you remember the book that you saw in that room before going through the mirror?" Sonia asks

Sophie replies, "I do, at least some bits of it, When the day has finally come to begin, the stars shall reunite with flickers of light, and their hearts scatter among worlds, for they shall be the gateway for the path that has yet to come, the night of the Revolution...Past, present, and future, shall stand in trial, their own existence shall be erased, the white blue star will be devoured by darkness, the orange Star shall burn away it's fiery light, and the blue star will slowly dim away...But on that day, the holy blade shall cut through the dark depths, so come forth Children of Fate, and that's all I remember"

Sonia says, "that is the prophecy, the stars represent us, with the 12 stars in the circle represents the knights, and the two stars on the outside represents the guardians, all of us shall fight for a battle that has yet to come, and we need to be prepared"

The 3 of the guests feel a bit overwhelmed from the sudden news, Era takes a big gulp.

Era asks, "so umm, how do we prepare for this battle?"

Sonia replies, "well we're gonna have to split up, one of you must return to your world and the other must go into a different realm then the one we're in, I'm sorry to ask this of you, I know you just got out of that horrid place and what I'm asking you is a lot, this is of upmost importance, if we don't act fast, all of us shall perish"

Sophie, Era, and Jasmine look at each other, Sophie and Era nods their heads.

Sophie says, "it's okay, this is what we're chosen for, if we don't fight then who will, and besides both of you got us out, the least we could do is help"

Jasmine turns to Sophie.

"Are you sure?" Jasmine asks

Sophie replies, "I'm sure"

Silas says, "well that's great to hear, now we have to decide who will return home and who will go into the mysterious beyond, my vote is that Era and Jasmine go home, seeing how Jasmine has been wounded from the battle and how Era almost pissed himself in the dark realm"

Era says, "hey I'm right here you know, an besides, I think Sophie should return home, she hasn't seen her father in 11 years and he would just be excited to see her"

Sonia says, "that choice is entirely up to the both of you, what will you decide, Sophie, Do you want to say something?"

Sophie stares at the cloth, she looks up to Sonia.

"I'll go into the other realm"

Era and Jasmine turn to them in shock.

Jasmine asks, "but Sophie, don't you want to see your father?"

Sophie replies, "I do, but I want to see him again when things have settled down, I want to make sure everyone is safe, so that we can have our reunion in peace"

Era says, "I understand that, but I want you to come home, I'll take your place if I have to, you don't need to go there"

Sophie turns to Era and she puts her hands on his shoulder.

"Era, you know what I love about you? Is that your always so loyal to the people that you care for, and I always want you to continue that, but I need to do this, for our family, for our friends, and it's okay, I'll be alright, just pray for me when I'm gone, can you do that for me?"

Era looks at her with worry in his eyes, He then nods his head with acceptance.

"Okay, I'll do that"

Sophie then hugs him.

"Thank you, I'll be back" said Sophie

Era says, " I know you will'

Era clenches his hands, Jasmine walks up to them.

Jasmine says, "well if your going, I'm coming to"

Both of them turn to Jasmine.

Sophie says, "Jasmine no, you need to return to your family, they miss you so much"

Jasmine says, "I know Sophie, but I can't shake the feeling that someone else will be missing a reunion herself, I want you to see your Father again and I do want to see my family again, but as you say, let's have a reunion when everything settles down, and besides, your gonna need some company, there's no telling what there'll be on the other side"

"But Jasmine..."

Jasmine puts her wing on her arm.

"It's okay, I'll be alright"

Sophie then takes a deep breathe.


Silas says, "I don't mean to ruin this moment or anything, but can we please eat before dinner gets cold"

Sophie says, "oh yeah your right"

Jasmine says, "well I'm starving let's eat"

3 days later

As everyone gets prepared for the trip, Era was wearing an similar black coat to what Silas was wearing with the same gloves and boots, only the sleeves were a bit slimmer.

Era asks, "do I have to wear this coat?"

Silas replies, "not unless you want the darkness coming all over you"

Era says, "yeah but this feels a bit tight"

"You'll get use to it"

Sophie asks, "hey guys, what are you talking about?"

Sophie walks up to them, was wearing a long white coat, the coat had white straps at the top with a hood on it, the coat goes down to her feet, the sleeves were wide and they go down to her hand as she was wearing white gloves, she was also wearing white boots, Jasmine was right beside her.

Era says, "hey you look good in that coat"

Sophie says, "thanks, you do as well"

"Yeah, though I wish these sleeves weren't as tight"

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll grow into them"

Silas says, "that's what I told him"

Era says, "hey!"

Sophie then giggles, Sonia walks up to them.

Sonia asks, "okay, is everybody ready?"

Sophie says, "we're all set, I think we just packed about everything"

Era takes a deep sigh.

Era says, "well, I guess this is goodbye for now"

Era goes in for a handshake, but however Sophie kisses him on the right cheek, Era was completely baffled.

"Umm, what was that for?" Era asks

Sophie replies, "it's a kiss for good luck, and a promise I'm making to you, it's okay Era, I'll be fine"

Era then smiles at her.

"I know you will"

Jasmine goes up to Sophie with a smirk on her face.

"I knew you had a crush on him"

Sophie then rolls her eyes, Sonia goes near a hole in the ground.

"Okay, is everyone ready?" Sonia asks

The 3 of them nod their heads, Sonia thrusts her staff into the hole, blue streams go throughout the floor, two different gateways turn on, both of the, begin to walk away in opposite directions, The 3 of them turn to each other.

Sophie says, "See ya Era, say hi to my father for me"

Era says, "don't worry, I will, and you two be careful out there"

Jasmine says, "don't worry, we will, you to as well"

They continue to walk towards the portals, Silas goes up to Sonia.

"Do you really believe they can do this your highness?" Silas asks unsure

Sonia replies, "they are our last hope, if they don't succeed, then who will?"

Sophie, Era, and Jasmine enter the gateways.

( "yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no Evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff shall comfort me" Psalms 23:4 )

( Requiem of Daybreak-Linked Horizon )

Why did the earth and heavens separate from one another?
Though the world may be cruel, it can also be beautiful.

Those that throw the stones and those who are in turn hit by them,
between the two sides stands a fence not crossed so easily.

But by changing where we stand, justice will come to bare its fangs.
So who is it really that's been left howling within the cage?

The hearts offered to a dusk we can no longer get back.
Will paradise wait for us at the end of this ever-continuing night?

Requiem, Requiem
O' nameless flower who lost its petals tonight.
Please, rest peacefully when dawn breaks.

Daybreak and twilight embrace the same lonesome colours.
The birds flying by paint shadows on the earth below them.

Those that slaughter the will of others, and those whose wills are slaughtered,
between the two sides stands a wall not so easily taken down.

But if you wish to know the truth, the world will come to collapse.
Is the sky you've admired in your cage really the freedom you seek?

The flower bouquets offered to a promise that won't be kept.
Paradise slowly recedes from sight at the end of this ever-continuing road.

Requiem, Requiem
O' fleeting flower who lost its petals that night.
Please, rest peacefully when dawn breaks.

If you wish for freedom, what will be taken away?
Will we get back again what has been taken away?
and we shall see each other again...

The world is simple to understand, but that it is exactly why it's so complex.
The same tragedies keep repeating time and time again…

Requiem, Requiem
O' innocent flower who lost its petals one night.
I wish you'll get to rest peacefully
when dawn breaks. ― And if one day my wish will come true,

and the entwining karma will be severed,

then, aa, my dear friend
let us meet at a daybreak where there are no walls around us...

well guys, i think i'm gonna end off here, sorry guys, i don't think I'll do a secret ending, I'm sorry, I'm just ready to be done with the story, after 2 months of working on it, i'm finally ready to work on the big project, i hope your all ready, that's all for now, have a good day and Godbless you all