Buster was getting ready for school on a Tuesday morning. He was having a spelling test and he's bringing a new student to his class today. He had just eaten waffles for breakfast. He had to eat because of his diabetes, but he can handle it just fine. He was brushing his teeth. After all that, he grabbed his coat and backpack as he left with the Young triplets, Lee, Leah, and Leo, who were adopted by his folks.

"It's hard to believe that it's the final week of lessons before taking a two-week break until the event," said Lee.

"I'll be busy during those two weeks. Hockey practice resumes Monday to get ready for the play-offs," said Buster.

He's a new hockey player and loves it. He does that three days a week. He also takes skating lessons twice a week. He has been involved with the events since he was only five years old.

At school, he went to the office and Jenny was there with Amanda.

"Hi," said Buster.

"Have a good time," said Amanda.

Then, Jenny left the office with Buster.

"We got a test today, but the teacher doesn't give it to a new student right away," said Buster.

When they got to class, Buster introduced her to Mrs. Pierce.

"Welcome," said Mrs. Pierce. "You can sit in Jenny's old desk. We saved the textbooks for a new student."

"Okay, thanks," said Jenny.

Once they sat down, Mrs. Pierce said, "You kids can study for the spelling test for a few minutes. Jenny, you're excused from it since you just started here."

"Buster was just telling me that," said Jenny.

The kids studied for a bit until it was time for the test. It didn't take long. The teacher calls out the words they used for the spelling bee the week before.

Jenny just entered foster care from Trenton and lives with them. Her mom is very ill with cancer and could no longer care for her daughter. Amanda is the social worker and makes with all the arrangements. She's dying. Her father and his parents are not in the picture & her maternal grandparents died in a car accident a few years ago.

The foster family happens to be the Hollowware that live next door to Buster. There are six kids in the family: Alex, Jr., Manny, Danny & his twin, Lenny, Anna, and Alexis.

Lena had her treatment yesterday and would be home today, so I'll be seeing her after the lessons," said Buster.

"Good," said Lenny.

"Can I come with you?" asked Jenny.

"Sure," replied Buster.

Lena is Jenny's best friend who is also suffering from cancer and is fading. It forced her to quit school.

At lunch, Alex, Jr. said, "I have a field trip with my grade visiting Dover Jr. High School next month."

"Oh, that's a good thing," said Buster.

"But I wish I didn't have to graduate from here. I'd miss not seeing you guys here every day," said Alex, Jr.

"You'll still hang out with us often," said Manny.

"And, during baseball season," added Lenny.

"That's true," said Alex, Jr.

"Maybe Dover Jr. High School may have sports you would like," said Alexis.

"And, Haylee will be there next year," said Anna.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot she has one more year here," said Alex, Jr.

"Me, too," said Manny.

"The Pearson girls would have two years left," said Lenny.

When Haylee promoted to fifth grade, Toni stayed back for fourth grade. A lot of people thought she and Tina were twins. They both got jealous of Haylee, especially when Buster moved to Dover and became friends with her on the soccer team. Things got better when Haylee realized she missed their friendship. They were mean to Buster, but not anymore when they promised to be nice before becoming friends with him.

"I'll probably join clubs," said Alex, Jr.

"That would be good for you," said Anna.

After lunch, the kids got their test scores. Everyone passed. The highest was Buster who gets 100%. He studies hard. He had a no homework pass, but he doesn't use it that when it gets closer to the tests.

After school, Buster and Jenny went to Centre Park Rink together for the skating lessons since they'll both see Lena.

After it was over, Mr. Johnson said, "I'll be seeing you for the last time on Thursday before giving you a break for two weeks until the event."

Buster went to put his skates with his hockey items and took off to see Lena with Jenny. Mrs. Brock was on the porch when they got there.

"Hello, guys," said Mrs. Brock.

"I just started my new school today," said Jenny.

"Oh, that's right. How did you like it so far?" asked Mrs. Brock.

"I like it now since I already had friends here," said Jenny.

"Good," said Mrs. Brock.

"Hi. Is it a good time to see Lena?" asked Buster.

"Yes. She got home early afternoon. She's resting in bed," said Mrs. Brock.

"Alright," said Buster.

Then, they went inside, and Lena was glad to see them.

"I find it boring to stay in bed. I hate being cooped up in the house," said Lena.

"I bet," agreed Buster.

"It's no fun," said Jenny.

They talked for a long time and stayed for 20 minutes before going home.

"I don't blame Lena for being tired of staying home," said Jenny.

"I know, but it's the doctor's orders," said Buster.

"True," said Jenny.

At home, T.J. was putting dinner on the table when Buster came home.

"Just in time. Supper is ready," said T.J.

"Perfect. Jen started our school today," said Buster.

"Oh, good," said T.J.

"She and I went to see Lena and she was happy to see us," said Buster.

"That's good," said T.J.

"I try to fit that in after my skating lessons before dinner," said Buster as he sat at the table.

"I'm not worried about you. Seeing a friend is very important," said his mom.

"She told us she hates being cooped up in the house," said Buster.

"I don't blame her," said T.J.

"Neither does Jen," said Buster. "There's nothing you can do about it when you have to follow the doctor's orders."

"I know," said his mom.

"I'm thinking about joining baseball. I might even try-out for the catcher," said Buster.

"You'd be good at it," said T.J.

"I haven't thought about it until now, which is why I didn't mention it earlier," said Buster.

"I understand," said T.J.

"I never did it before, so I have no baseball gloves," said the nine-year-old.

"I can buy you one," said T.J.

"Haylee enjoys baseball. May I ask her to help me practice before the try-outs begin?" asked Buster.

"Sure. That can help you to be prepared," said his mom.

"I might wait until after I get wrapped up from the events. I have a very busy schedule. Thursday is the last lesson before going on a two-week break until the event. On top of that, hockey is resuming on Monday to get ready for the play-offs," said Buster.

"That makes sense," said Justin.

"I know," said Buster.

After dinner, he was in his room doing homework when the phone rang. A few minutes later, T.J. came in with it and said, "Frank's on the phone."

"Okay," said Buster as he took it. "Hi, Frank."

"Hi. When are you and Haylee are coming to Trenton?" asked Frank.

"Next weekend," replied Buster.

"Sweet. I'm having a sleepover next Saturday night and I'm inviting both of you," said Frank.

"Count us in," said Buster.

"I already invited Jen. Amanda gave me an okay to invite Jenny," said Frank. "And, Lena is cleared to come this time next weekend because her mom said her treatment isn't until a week from today."

"Wonderful. Who else is going?" asked Buster.

"The whole Trenton group," answered Frank. "None of them knew about Lena. I want to surprise them. Before I called you, I talked to Jen about it and she promised not to say anything to the group."

"Good idea," commented Buster.

"They haven't seen her in a long time," said Frank.

"I believe it," said Buster.

"How did Jen make out at your school?" asked Frank.

"She did well. We had a test, but she got excused because she had just started today," said Buster.

After the boys finished talking, he went back to his homework.

"What's new with Frank?" asked T.J.

"He's having a sleepover a week from Saturday night while we're in Trenton. He knew Haylee would be with me, so he invited both of us," said Buster. "Everyone from Trenton is going."

"That's great," said T.J.

"Plus, Jen and Lena would be coming, too," said Buster. "Amanda approved Frank to invite Jen. And, Mrs. Brock told him that Lena has Chemo next Tuesday, so it was perfect this time."

"I bet she's going to be glad to get out of the house," said T.J.

"I think so, too. No one knows about her coming according to Frank. Jen made a promise not to spill the beans. None of them seen Lena in a while," said Buster.

"They're going to be thrilled," said T.J.

"I know. I'll call Haylee when I'm done with my homework. Otherwise, I'll tell her tomorrow at school," said Buster.

"If you want to call her, you can," said T.J.

Buster looked at the clocked and it was only 7:30 pm. "I could do that. It's early enough."

He called her, but there was an answering machine and left a message to call him back when she has a chance.

"I'm unsure what time she goes to bed on school nights," said Buster.

He continued his homework. He had just finished it when the phone rang as he picked it up, "Hello."

"Hi, We went out for dinner," said Haylee.

"That's okay. Frank called me a while ago saying he planned to have a sleepover next Saturday night during our weekend trip in Trenton and invited us," said Buster.

"Cool. Count me in," said Haylee.

"And, Jen and Lena will be coming as well," said Buster.

"Nice," said Haylee.

"It's going to be a full house with the whole Trenton group," said Buster.

"Wow," said Haylee.

"According to Frank, they haven't seen Lena and decided to keep that a secret to surprise them," added Buster.

"Good idea," said Haylee.

"I agree," said Buster.

"Did you see her today?" asked Haylee.

"Yes. Jen and I went to see her after my skating lessons. I'm glad she's going to the sleepover because she told us she was bored being stuck in the house," said Buster.

"I would feel the same way," said Haylee.

"At least the girls would be able to spend more time together," said Buster.

"Exactly," said Haylee.

They talked about planning to spend the afternoon at her house tomorrow after school since he has no hockey until Monday. His mom gave him permission to do that.

After they finished talking on the phone, he went to put it away and put on his pjs. He had some free time until he went to bed before 9:30 pm.