"Some people say returning from another world have small chances of miscalculations such as getting back into the past with your country dragged to it.

For alternate historians, they call it Island Out of Time or In Sea of Time(ISOT).

Well guess what I discovered my great great grandfather is one of the Founders of sovereign country in that fantasy world where the said world that I am reborn in as his own descendant.

My goodness, I am dragged to politics again in this life. " - MC's impression.

Reading Guide:

"Character Talking"

'Character Thoughts

Since last year when I came out of public service, my life was almost slice of life. Almost every day I watch my younger siblings progress because of the good image of our clan and what I have done in our country as a good public servant back then, taking part in magic association where I am a member of and 30 minutes of short jogging and rest.

There was no pressure or anything because of my illness in my 20s, I was feeling pretty strong. Me still young yet got an ailment already? It's already there when I first arrived in this world. And, all the time before I came to public office when Prime Minister visited me that fated day after retiring, I already was a player in a true VRMMORPG as the captain of FSEA national team and Vice Guild Leader.

Out of all my contributions in lifting fellow people from their troubles successfully, I always decline awards because for me, it's means nothing as part of me being me and I do not really need many resources since I came from noncorrupt prominent clan.

However, one day, something happened after I attended the University of Southeast Asian Federal States(USAFS) Reunion Academic Batch 2030 and my visit to late Grandfather Gregory Yzon " Iron Pillar of Modern Federal States of Southeast Asia" Ibarra.

I suddenly found myself clenching my chest heavily as my white beret fell down to the ground as my escorts rush to my side.

'This's unbearable..Am... Ireally going to die here in front of Grandfather Greg's grave? What of my younger siblings? Who'll look after them?' I thought as I realized my situation of dying so young would leave sight of my younger siblings and anyone crying.

"Young Master! Oi Joel, Viktor, get ready for the emergency!"

I turned to the panicking look of one of my bodyguards calling the driver. "Lee ... it's too late ... the supreme being already decided my time. Come here...all of you."

Lee and others obeyed my command...They're all here. Their faces are sad because of this sad situation especially about me because they were there and looked after me when I was a young child. Thinking about it, I am so glad I met them the first place and they're all under my clan's service, to be exact, serving me.

'Here goes nothing' Closing my eyes as I struggled to gather my remaining waning strength to speak, "Joey..everyone.. thank you for what you did..for me... especially when I entered the world of politics. Please tell my parents..and my younger siblings I have no regrets .. their elder bro JJ was so happy when he first saw them .. To all of you, thank you so much for your help and service ... I love ... you all ... "


'I wonder what's next afterlife? Wait- what's that?' Looking around after I heard shouts outside, I realized that the carriage I was riding in was ruined to a point that it had to be fixed by adding another layer to it like how the Sherman Thunderbolt Tank became Sherman Thunderbolt the first place.

'What am I sensing here - wait it must be coming from the door and outside signatures!' As I watched my situation, I noticed that the carriage door was tightly closed because of the mana and the 'coding' itself.

'War? A fight? I don't know what to do here because I'm sure my body is of infant's .. I haven't learned how-' Like a wind, the noises outside stopped as I once again for weird reason sense an approaching magic signature getting closer and closer to my position.

'Hopefully, there won't be thieves or madmen like tonight's light novel and anime because if it does, my life here would be a game over.' Anticipating to what would happen to me because of the things I heard from the anime and light novel, I prepared myself to fall asleep in case the parties were the bad omen while figuring how to utilize mana in case the parties were to be worst than scum.

"Lord Swordhaven, there's a boy here! He is alive!" Hmm, that handsome guy who opened the carriage, got a beard. On the plus side because of his attire, I remember magic knights in anime and light novel.

'Wait, does this mean that I-' Realizing the situation I am in, I tried to tame the growing excitement in me as I saw a grown man clad in dark red armor who I assumed to be their commanding officer, rode here with his dark red horse.

"By the spirits, he is indeed but his parents were...Jericho, check if the boy got wounds or something. Bryan, help him out." The man from the looks of it, bore a sorrowful look when he looked at me as he barked a command.

"Yes, sir!"

'This...I got isekai'd in this world. It's a dream come true..' while looking at the guy who I presumed Jericho, I, Jose James "JJ" C. Jose James "JJ" Alcantara, got lost in thought of numerous things of what to do in this world.