"The world has a mystery hidden that not science can't be solved immediately.

Things like "next life after current life" and "Island Out of Time or In Sea of Time (ISOT)" is what makes it an interesting theme for readers who is into them.

In our world, one of it, the ISOT, a time travel phenomena, happened when my late ancestor who was from the year 2016 got dragged alongside the country and her surrounding countries back to the early signs of World War 2 where he banded anyone together as the leader that led to the formation of the country I lived at.

It might sound strange and fictional but it's all true including the existence of magic as a permanent side effect.

Now if one ask me what is the secret of his success as the politician before he became the President then Prime Minister that time when he was alive, he wrote a biography for that including his life at Davao before he became a prominent politician.

One of those pages of his other side of not-for-sale biography when I first read it, gave me questions about it. But again, magic is a reality now and I quote: "During my early teens around the time before the time 'The Tyrant' ruined the economy of my country, I am merely a foolish undisciplined bastard who wanted nothing but things to do in life by practicing a martial art.

My life was normally that until one day I got transported into a fantasy world which after the wars, I became one of the Founding Fathers of a country."

The passage itself was doubtful but it was enough to be a family secret.

After my death, along the way, I discovered that I was reborn in a country he founded and that I am his descendant.

This world...there's plenty of things to offer." - MC's impression.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Isekai, Romance

Tags: Appearance Changes, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Childhood Friends, Childhood Love, Empires, Kingdom Building, Knights, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Older Love Interests, Polygamy, Protagonist Strong from the Start, R-15, Reincarnated into Another World, Strong Love Interests, Sword And Magic, Sword Wielder, Younger Love Interests

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The Land Of The Brave And Talents Also Known As The Great White North of Freival, Ironblood

The very nature of this world I came from as Frederick Freival, remained the same like the old times.

The Ironblood Territory, the place itself appearance wise changed obviously because of infras, planted trees, and plenty of others except the cold breeze and climate that reminded me of my past childhood memory when I visited Baguio, FSEA, as JJ Alcantara with my family for visiting relatives and a cousin who was same age as me at that time.

This very location, Ironblood, I never got tired of it except the time I went with my deceased friends and comrades for training and vacation during my late cousin's reign at that time.

Beautiful mountains and lakes, cold climate, highly fertile land, high standards of forestry and environmental safety and regulations, and rich in minerals and natural resources, that's the same Ironblood lands I explored in my childhood as Fredrick Freival.

It's special day today including approval by my foster adoptive father, the current Swordhaven matriarch, we're currently at the part of Wintergale, Ironblood Territory, for this purpose - a training trip, and visiting Gaius Ironblood, the Ironblood matriarch who is a friend of my late birth father, and my adoptive dad, Lord Bors Swordhaven.

Escorted with usual familiar faces from the Order, and my fiance approved with a seal of Lord Swordhaven's seal of approval, my not blood-related second cousin, Emily Swordhaven, this more than Baguio-like coldness of Ironblood Territory refreshes my face along the way as we get into the region itself. Emily should have been left behind at Tavistock, a capital in Swordhaven Territory, to look after her infant sister, Rumia. But she told me earlier she wanted to be strong to protect little Rumi which sort of made sense and rekindled the time I had as JJ when I looked after my younger siblings and cousins.

Being a partly existence named James Alcantara or JJ Alacantara, my thoughts went to my relatives including my third cousin and cousin who were both the same age as me at that time, after they received my message and news of my death when I died that fateful day from unknown ailment. From my heart and spirit, I sincerely hope they're holding on to their lives including my cousins because they're my playmates and close friends, my view of them being more than a family.

Currently checking out my current appearance as Jose James "JJ" C. Alcantara by looking at the reflection on the river, I often wondered how myself as Lyonel Swordhaven, this perma-illusion type of spell worked wonders even when I got to see a memory of JJ Alcantara forming this spell's concept working as intended.

While my companions remained to observe this new null spell I put on to myself after we entered the gates of Wintergate, it's something new to my current self in this younger and 'better' body of the Ascended race.

For starters, before you say about me being a combat veteran or whatever, I still see myself as your not ordinary human including my present 'appearance' as James who has snow-white hair color and emerald green-colored eyes. This current body, it really made me put some of my 'listed' tasks I haven't finished to action such as childhood love and childhood friend as a paramour which was completed by me as Lyonel Swordhaven.

You think I'll do 'that' at this age because of having a better and healthier body, do you? Time is patience, you bored hormone-crazed perverts.

"It must be nice to see my spell from my past life working here. I bet many would kill for this real-life isekai reincarnation." Satisfied at my own doing as I got to see a reflection of my current appearance on the river without that annoying cough I had before as Frederick, I turned my attention to my companions who were surprised and in awe from my small handiwork.

"Lyon, is that how you look in your past life?" Emily asked.

"Yes, Emily." I replied, feeling content at this cool episode called "able to use an arsenal from past life to another world" as I brought in my musings, "With it, I am confident that I can visit places incognito without anyone recognizing me in the future times ahead."

Looking back at my companions as I folded the sleeve of my magically enhanced white hoodie jacket, I asked them a question. "By the way, what do you think of my appearance as James Alcantara?"

"Looking fair and unrecognizable, Sir Lyonel." stiffly answered Graith.

"Graith, I think you should not state the obvious since no one got this 'unique' case like me as far as we know." I said to Graith while sweatdropping at that obvious statement. "Besides, the only thing I would be careful of would be an unwanted type from my former life doing foolishness here because should I encounter one, I will assassinate them quickly before things get much worse from their wickedness and stupidity."

"Sir Lyonel...I never imagined you would be the type to pronounce such thoughts." commented Geoffrey.

"It can't be blamed," I said with a sigh as I recalled a diary entry written by my ancestor, the late Iron Pillar of FSEA as I gave my thoughts about that particular journal entry. "Those hypocrite types are worse than scum and that they deserved swift death. Sorry, Emily. But there are people like that, no matter what world and place, we have to be on guard and take out those suspected threats silently in the name of assurance and security."

Hypocrites who has crab mentality trait, the annoying pesky flies inhuman skin, I never got to see one as JJ Alcantara. But the names mentioned in the documentary and investigations were shocking to the core. Who in the right mind would sabotage the effort including the important times such as World War 2, economic reforms, Pre-FSEA Health Economic Crisis, Pre-FSEA River and Bay Rehabilitation Program, and Pre-FSEA Olympics? Savages, they are savages who forfeited their humanity by becoming a dead body from a helicopter ride as a result of stupidity called crab mentality and shamelessness.

"I understand, Lyonel." replied Emily with her smile. "Like what you taught me, valor and honor are only to be applied for requested duels."

Affectionately kissing her right cheek as I get to see a pleasant bonus of Emily blushing as a desired finished product, I turned my attention to my other companions, the Order Trio as I said to them, "Alright, let's go and check some establishments to see what Wintergate can offer."

Putting on the hood of my white hoodie jacket over my head as it was my past habit of reacting to the 'coldness' 'I experienced before at Baguio from my past life even now right here in Freival's version of Great White North, the 'protection' I had from my jacket's material and augment enhancements helped maintain the body temperature to the normal levels. Being a Swede-Moro in spirit who haven't experienced this kind of coldness outside the former Philippines for a long time, this Ironblood's coldness never gets old including my current life as Lyonel Swordhaven.


Ironblood...I haven't forgotten they have another fortress for the Order whose entire name was "Order of the Silver Lion''. The Order, they're basically a prestigious paramilitary organization independent from the Freivalian Army who produced fine warriors or should I say magic knights of character because of training regimen and their research on the techniques. From my youth as Frederick Freival after I joined at the age of 5 as a trainee because of my father, my experience there...I could say it's almost on the level of my past life's U.S. Marine's "Once a Marine, Always be a Marine." due to the things I learned there alongside skirmishes when that now-dissolved former Freivalian ally, Imperial State of Maine, fought alongside Freival during the Battle of Ordana Plains against the Kingdom of Greypeak, a sovereign country located at Northeast of Freival.

'I wonder how Greypeak people are doing there today? Nah, I should focus on being a Freivalian and Swordhaven at the same time.' Turning my attention to Geoffrey because he knew Ironblood Territory and dropped by whenever he came from the Order missions and drills, I said to him, "Geoffrey, kindly show us the sights here. Also, remember what I said about 'that' before entering Ironblood."

"Ah, no problem, James."

'At least not many know the appearance of the Swordhaven Heir yet.' I thought, watching my companions being armed with their respective weapons.

Solely the only person armed with a pair of custom straight doubled-edged kampilan swords, the feeling of it hanging on my waist was like a concealed carry weapon to the likes of bearing arms in this fantasy world.

Hurray for nonexistent education-wasted anti-weapon pansy amoeba here.

Having arrived at the town square, I've got to see business establishments here and there including the North Gate to Statius Fortress and guard station houses, filled with civilians and merchants chattering as I recalled the projects I proposed when I was alive as Frederick Freival at that time.

The project I proposed and approved by George Ironblood, Otto's father, on that very fateful day, made me happy to witness the good influence in Ironblood I caused after my death even now.

"Heh, I'll rather take this coldness than summer heat all day as long there's hot food and drinks here." Clenching in and out my gloved fingers, the breeze here in Wintergate Plaza, made me yearn for hot food and drink because of the weather as I noticed Emily unaffected by the climate except looking at the various stalls.

The first stall was a bakery stall belonging to a bakery establishment named [Marilyn's Bakery] which had a shape of a well-off three story house where you could see store employees outside doing their work and tasks such as handing out flyers that contain the details and price of their store's products to any nearby passersby, showing the shop menu, and writing a daily item right at "soup of the day", and "desert of the day" on the board.

The second stall was..well a blank because the establishment connected to it was not open at this time, meaning it's closed.

The third one, was..a flower shop that captured Emily's attention.

Emily being a girl, I saw some sides of her. Her faces and expression when training and exchanging swords with me daily, me teaching and training her, her being a big sister to the current me occasionally and to little Rumi who we looked after together, and her being my adorable sort of girlfriend/fiancé/ future bride, my first one in my whole life.

'Flowers? If I am right about the meaning of each one, then I'll go buy for her to speak my feelings with it.' Coming over to the said same stall as I sensed an obvious gazes of The Order Trio from my back, there's variety of fresh flowers in each pot, all of which were, according to my senses, 'assisted' with numerous null spells to make it more lasting like all products of agriculture meeting magic and others you can think of.

Flowers, they each hold a meaning or should I say symbolism. In this world, plants and animals were exactly the same as from my past life except exposed to magic and having the 'circuits' that makes them a better version of "normal ones" from pre-magic Earth.

"Hello, how may we help you?" one of the florists asked.

"How much is..." Flowers, offering it to the girl whom the person is very fond of as a gift can be seen as a romantic gesture as from what I heard and told. I may not have much experience in romance and this kind of love but I know what each and every of it symbolizes. Depending on the kind of flower to give it as a gift, it could give an impact or influence as they say.

"That combination..are they know?" Because of the ones I picked, this florist were all smiles as I noticed her looking behind my back.

Letting out a blush a bit at what she referred to, not trusting my voice, I shyly nodded.

"Ah,young love..." commented the florist as she began to prepare. "I wish you well, kid. Here you go."

The flowers I picked were the following: a purple lilac that symbolizes first love, a white lily that symbolizes youthful innocence and humility, moonflower that symbolizes dreaming of love since I never experienced once except familial one, and lastly, red and yellow roses for joy, happiness and excitement.

"Thank you, miss." I said to her, paying the total amount and taking it from her.

Turning my way back to my companions, the Order Trio were obviously all smiling while Emily from her expression was all like asking why I bought it.

"Emily, these flowers are my feelings. What they mean is.." By telling her 'bout it, Emily's face turned redder and redder as seconds ran to us.

Once I'm done with it, right in front of me was my first pleasant experience called childhood love. I never got to experience it once in my life but I'm feeling it.

"Lyon-James, thank you. I will do my best including our training." With her hugging me, I hugged her back right here in this public place.

It was embarrassing with disguise on. But who cares?

'Wait, is that a beastkin girl looking at us or is it just my imagination?' Seeing the same blonde subject who looked at us (?) walking away from us, a strange feeling inside me surged as I sensed the subject's mana signature and mood turned sad.

'I wonder why? I'm sure I haven't pissed off someone.' Shaking those thoughts away because of my sensory ability, I said. '"Alright, let's go to our assigned lodging for rest."

"Okay, we'll be right behind you."

The assigned lodging we'll be staying at and training and studying, would be the same one I used my null spell earlier at the lake. The name of it was [White House], an exclusive mansionconstructed by Lord Gaius Ironblood for his House's guests to use that matched their prestige and feat. For my case of being the designated Swordhaven Heir, Lord Gaius had it all set it up for our use before our arrival.

We haven't met him yet because he's out for hunting. But based on what my adoptive father told me about him, as a 'veteran', I'm sure he'll come back today.