I awoke at 6am, made myself a coffee and sat at the dining table across from my mom and dad who were eating breakfast and having a coffee along with me. I was awaiting for one of my parents to speak up and ask about last night, surprisingly no words had been spoken yet, just awkward glances and throat clearing, making the whole exchange even more awkward. I tried to hide my grimace that was wanting to appear on my face, but I wanted to appear stoic, like last night was totally normal, something I did often. My mom cleared her throat and opened her mouth. Here it comes...

"What'd you see last night, Erika?" She asked. Shit, how did I not think this one through? I should've looked up what movies were on at the moment, to be a bit more prepared. I racked my brain for something, anything.

"The Joker." It was the only movie I could think of.

"How was it?" My mom asked. It wasn't like she was testing me to see if I was lying, she was genuinely curious.

"Yeah it was good." I answered.

"So..." Here comes the big question "What happened yesterday?"

I swallowed my coffee and breathed in, preparing to answer. I thought, it'd be the best to tell the truth. Kind of.

"David and I got into a fight. I'm sure we'll sort it out today, though." I swear I saw my dad smile and let go a breath of relief at what I had said.

"What did you fight about?" I know she was only making conversation, and was curious about my life and wanting to help, but I really didn't want to answer this.

"Stupid things. I forget now." Lies.

"Oh okay. Can I style your hair for school today?" My mom asked. This was a more normal question, wanting to style my hair for school or events was a normal occurrence in our house.

"Yeah. I'm going to go shower first, though." I said and left to go shower.

My mom had the idea of curling my hair today, so as I settled into my vanity mirror, my mom got to work on my hair, and I quickly applied some concealer to look less tired and like I didn't spend a little bit of last night crying, and some mascara. I was settled into the chair, eyes closed as my mom was working, when my phone vibrated on my vanity. I grabbed it quickly, concealing the screen my my mom, who was nosy, and opened the message I had received.


'Coming to school today?'


I was a little confused on this exchange. Who flipped a switch and made Kyle tolerable?

"And done!" My mom cheered as she admired her work. My hair was curly and bouncy. I think my mom only styled my hair as she knew I had a pretty shitty day at school yesterday and wanted me to feel better today. I thanked her and packed my bag for the day and went downstairs, waiting for my dad to call me to the car, for a full day of school, and detention. Lucky me!

As soon as my dad parked the car, I took out my headphones and reality came crashing down. After my little blow up yesterday, I had to face everyone today. I knew I had Sinead's support, although I didn't want to put her in an awkward situation and have her choose between David and I. I slumped back into the leather car seats, and sighed loudly. My dad opened his car door.

"Coming?" He asked before stepping out.

"Yeah." I replied. I was mentally preparing myself for the events of today. Usually I would go find David and Sinead before school, but now I really wanted to just stay in the car until the bell rang, and go to my classes. Hesitating, I grabbed my bag and opened the door, closing it and looking around as my dad walked into the office.

"Don't forget, detention today." He called back to me, and I nodded, great, I had forgotten about it but now, I'll need to go. Today was going to be fun.

I walked straight towards the bathroom and into a cubicle, lifting my feet up and grabbing my phone from my jean pocket. No new messages, ugh.

'Where are you?'

I sent to Sinead.

'I'm with Emma and Mark, we're at the bleachers. Come to us.'

Thank you Sinead! I grabbed my back and went to the bleachers. Head down, walk fast, no one will say anything, everything will be fine. As I walked past a few groups of people, I could hear whispering. I wasn't sure if it was about me or not, but I assumed it was, I was paranoid. Getting to the bleachers, I spotted Sinead with Emma and Mark, and went over.

Seemed like they were talking about something another girl here did, something about a cheer leader flashing during a football game a week ago.

"You have a lot to tell us." Sinead teased as soon as I sat down.

I rolled my eyes.

"What happened yesterday?" Emma asked.

"David's dating Mya." I told.

"We know, but, you left right after that."

"I just wanted to be distracted."

"By Kyle?" Sinead interrupted.

Emma's mouth hung open "What!"

I thought the same thing.

"Why Kyle?" Sinead had asked.

"I don't know, I wasn't really thinking yesterday." That was the truth, I wasn't.

"It's just so random."

I agreed with that, it was random to skip school, and then go out with the guy you despise the most, who your own father despises.

"He was nice last night."

"Do you have a crush on him now?" Sinead asked, at first I thought she was joking, and I laughed, until I looked her way and saw her stern expression.

"No. Way." I said, to put it bluntly, after his years of tormenting, I wasn't going to suddenly go all Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love with him.

"Good. I think you're just vulnerable after the whole... David thing." Sinead was probably right, I was definitely just seeking some attention after that, any male attention would be good. "Do you know what you're going to do about David?" Sinead asked.

"Hadn't thought that far, I guess pretend he doesn't exist?"

With that, the bell had rang and I had my first class of the day, all of them would be pretty easy to get through. The only class I wasn't looking forward to was Art class, and my class with David and Mya.

Things went pretty fast and easy, there were a few random students who I had barely spoken to asking about what happened between David and I, and me, being me, had answered as I was too shy to tell them I didn't want to talk about it, that was a fail on my part. But, as soon as lunch came, I was lost. Usually Sinead, David and I would all sit together and chat, but now David was seeing Mya, so he would probably sit outside with her from now on, my question was, would Sinead still sit with me? I hoped so.

I walked into the cafeteria alone, it filled me with dread honestly. I spotted Sinead standing near a table talking to some students, and as soon as she spotted me she walked towards me.

"You didn't think I'd ditch you, did you?" She gave me a reassuring smile, and that's what I needed.

"Can we sit somewhere else? I need a change from the cafeteria, and that table." I said and pointed at the table David and I would sit at, it felt disgusting to sit there.

"Yeah, where?"


"Okay, but we aren't going to be staring at David and Mya, right?"

"No, preferably on the complete other side where he is."

Sinead and I walked out of the school, and into the fields. People were playing sports on the fields, sitting on the bleachers, under the bleachers, eating, normal. It felt good to be outside and in the sun.

"Oh, your hair looks nice today, to." Sinead said, I almost forgot about my curled hair. I instinctively touched it, feeling more exposed. That was the thing when receiving compliments, I got got more insecure.

"Thanks. I think my mom knew that I wasn't feel the best so she wanted me to at least look somewhat decent."

"Maybe I could come over and get my hair done, I want it to be blonde." Sinead said, and looked at her dark brown hair. "Not all of it, just the ends."

"I think she could do that, for sure." Oh the perks of having a beautician mother.

Lunch was almost over, and I'd have to go to art next, which meant time with Mya, who wasn't my favorite person right now. I would occasionally look at my phone, and see the minutes ticking down, closer to art, which use to be one of my favorite classes, now, I was dreading it.

"Hey!" Sinead and I heard, and looked down at the fields. A boy with brown hair was jogging towards us, I don't recall ever having spoken to him.

"Yeah?" Sinead called out.

"You're Sinead, right?" He asked as he got closer, and started walking up the bleachers.

Sinead and I glanced at each other, confused. "Yeah?" Sinead repeated.

"Cool. And you're Erika." He didn't ask, he stated.

"Yeah?" I copied Sinead.

"Well, Kyle's been looking for you two, more so you, Erika, but did mention you, Sinead." This random boy said.


"Sorry, I'm Logan." He let out a little laugh.

"Why was Kyle looking for me?" I questioned.

"No clue, I didn't ask." Okay Logan.

usually Kyle would try to find me to pester me, but after last night, I wasn't sure what he had in mind. I was curious.

"I guess I'll try to find him on break next." I told Logan.

"Yeah, cool. He seemed like he wanted to talk." And with that, Logan left.

"What a weird kid." Sinead said, and we both laughed.

"I have art with Mya next. Not sure if I should skip, pretend to be sick or jump off the schools roof. Which one sounds best to you?" I joked.

Sinead shook her head. "I'm going to go with jumping off the school roof, get everyone out of class, don't be so selfish." She joked.

"You're right." And with that, the bell had rang, and I was walking to art class, not to the schools roof.

Someone out there, please help me survive Art.