The Poppy


All the words in the world

Are at my command

You inject me with knowledge

My mind continues to expand


All I seek is the simplicity

And the silence of nature

I want to be free to play ignorant

And turn down this aperture


I've never seen your beautiful colors, I lie

I was never tempted at all

To breathe you in and recline

I just want to sit here, sleeping soundly

Perfectly content

Without your whispers speaking profoundly

In my ears so loud and proudly.


It's too great, this injection

Why make me compose

I don't want this collection

Of self-reflection and prose


My head won't stop buzzing

These words are like knives

I can hear everyone discussing

Yet nobody arrives


A string of words like a dagger

Cuts straight into my heart

I have to write it down, I've got to

Or these drugs will overwhelm


My brain, it surges, itching for relief

No sauna can purify me of these

Bewitching retreats

To a land I know well, just out of sight

It's only in my head, but I

Want it out here instead


Black ink fills my veins

Garnered and ready to ignite

Millions and thousands of seeds

Straight from within these red pedals of light


I'll never let you sleep if you don't

Do what I say

Figure it out, write about

The things in which dreams are made


I'm so tired, goddess. No excuse

I'll torture you if I must

I'll wipe away all sense of memory

And the sunlight will turn you to dust


I give you beauty and euphoria

Have some gratitude

That I get under your skin, what an honor

It was my plan all along.

You gotta admit it, this is way better

Than your sad little birdsong


Now that I'm in, hold my hand

Build your life around this wall

The more you fly the higher it gets

A black castle of organized thoughts


I'll try not to get you seasick

As we climb ever higher

You'll need thick skin to prevent the aching

So keep on piping. Breathe me in.

You know I'm so intoxicating.