Bullshit Ejector

A little realism never hurt anybody


I've never met a more difficult case

Of one resisting love's embrace

I shower you with love and affection

And you cannot bother to

Give me any sort of attention


I like the way you make me

Try so hard

You're cold, not calculated

Sometimes I cannot even believe

That we're friends.


I ask myself, why

Do you even care about him

Well the answer is obvious

Because nobody does


And I'm right there with you,

Knowing exactly how it feels

To be so angsty and alone

All you give people are chills


So buck up, kid, I say

Even though I know you won't.

But I might as well try because

If nobody did that for me

I'd never learn how to fly.


But you're not at all pointless, really

I need my alarm

A good bullshit detector

Wouldn't do me no harm


You make me laugh when it's wrong

Just to see it like this

That something, somewhere

In fact, everything's a miss


You make the worst things seem funny

And you don't rely just on puns

You pretend to always be grumpy

But you're really just having fun


Some people confuse you

For a certain body part

But I know what you do is more like a work of art


You take in the shit, and then you correct it.

You're a kind soul, though you object

You're the best kind of protector

Also a marvelous tool that I call

The old bullshit ejector.