Like a River


My mind is like a river ~

My life is like the shore.

Sometimes, it is calm in the sun

Other times, it rages and roars even through the night.


When it freezes, its hard to imagine a time

That the spring brings, softening the rigidity

Of my tense mind

Like ice shards clinging to the bank,

Wishing it would expand.


I cannot control the weather of my thoughts,

Or cease the harsh whipping

Of waves hitting the rocks.

But I can watch, as a bystander

While I experience with it


My eyes as it sees the shift in light and color

My ears as it hears the soft echo and thunder

I feel the movement of the wind on my skin

The crisp humidity is what I slowly breathe in


I sit neatly as I withstand

A firm separation of myself and nature

Which will detoxify these dark thoughts inside

Until it flows cleanly again.