Author's Note: I wrote this in 2012. Like my last piece I put up, Lukewarm Coffee, there is nothing technically correct about this. Just raw, scribbled down notes in a notepad, collecting dust.

I don't dismiss the power of words,
As a writer I understand the full weight of them
How they strike faster and harder
Than a world class boxer.
But I think they are overrated,
And actions overlooked;
Like how everyone thinks, "I'm sorry"
Will get them off the hook.

Truth is with every action the foundation's been laid
And the path toward your fate has been paved.
We are taught that words don't hurt
But then we rely on them to do our work.
Promises made for friendship, yet nothing to prove it;
Corporate buzzwords but still there is no improvement.

Cut and paste quotes for status updates,
Everyone will click like even if
They don't truly understand it.
Agree all they want, but refuse to ponder it;
Worse yet, agree to live up to it
But never get around to it.

If you want to make your mark, don't just say you will.
If you want to live a good life, don't just claim you will.
If you want to think for yourself, you better get to it.
If you want to live for yourself, don't fall victim to "it.:

And by "it," I mean all of their bullshit.
Honestly, they're all cowards,
Too afraid to make a move so
They hide behind slogans and catchphrases
Thinking you'll play along, too.

They want you to obey because THEY obey.
But all they got is words, nothing to prove it.
No strength, no truth, no justice.
With nothing but words, there's nothing to it.