OK so I previously established that this series is about Humanimals facing a classic Halloween Monster and so far the YouTubers that had been doing Monster Analysis don't seem to be doing anymore for the month but one did a video before the vampire video called 'The Symbolism of Halloween' so instead of being about a specific monster I could write another story about Planet Mizzer about Halloween Night, after straining to think of a new character for this story (Another 'rule' of this story is that Humanimal Characters must be created specifically for this story) but finally decided to make the protagonist an OC I had created for RP on the Stealthy Stories TMNT Forum Jenny Wapiti an American Elk Humanimal I established from Mizzer (While I did write in the last Humanimal Halloween Stories a different Mizzer Humanimal named Jenny, this Jenny is loosely based on the Jenny from Sabrina the Teenage Witch) Anyway after playing Jenny for a while on the forum I came to really like Jenny even though the story we created wasn't officially canon so here I'm making Jenny an officially official part of the Humanimal Canon though her story will be different than the RP

This is a story from Planet Mizzer, the planet where the Humanimals and Humans live as equals and the Humanimals live like 20th century Suburban Humans thus they knew all the pleasures of 20th century life including all the Holidays people celebrated back then. This is the story of Jenny Wapiti an American Elk (Cervus canadensis) Humanimal who lived in the town of Bluebell one of the oldest towns on Planet Mizzer on the Western Side the only landmass the Earthlings had colonized (They had sent explorers to the other even larger landmass and they found it was covered in toxic fungus forests that made it uninhabitable for Earthlings) anyway Jenny Wapiti was an eight year old Elk Fawn who had a reputation of being a bit…Odd. She was a chatterbox who often put her foot in her mouth so while other Cubs in the Woodland Mammal District of Bluebell would let Jenny hang out with them sometimes and sometimes she got invited to slumber parties none of the other Humanimal Cubs really liked Jenny, but Jenny didn't mind, she thought the other cubs were boring what she liked much more was to play by herself and dream of adventures in fantastic adventures in fantastic world like the kinds she read about in books.

She also liked to travel to the other districts in Bluebell which was seen as VERY unusual. Why would any creature want to see the creatures in other districts? But Jenny would travel to the just about every District she even peeked at the Domestic Dog and Cat Districts but she didn't enter them, but she explored the Tropical Mammal District and the Livestock District where the Barnyard Mammals lived, she traveled to the Bird District and Reptile/Amphibian Districts on the outskirts of Bluebell everything seemed more or less the same as the Woodland Mammal District. But to Jenny many of the people living in those Districts were more exotic and attractive than the People in her own district, she saw the bright eye-catching patterns of the Zebras, Giraffes and other Mammals of the Tropical Mammal District and all the rainbow colors of the Birds and the Reptiles and Amphibians and Jenny would think about her own plain brown coat, when she was born she had white speckles on her back but at eight years old her speckles had vanished, her 'head fur' was brown the same color as her coat (Having Head Fur was something every Humanimal not even every female Humanimal had but having Head Fur the same color as your natural coat was more common than having head fur of a different color like having tan fur but jet black Head Fur)

Anyway Jenny had gotten the reputation for being an oddball but Jenny didn't care she thought everyone else was a bunch dull and boring duds whose obsession with fitting in was making them miserable.

It was October Halloween would soon be here, Jenny loved Halloween, many Humanimal Cubs did, Nocturnal Humanimal loved being able to prowl the Neighborhoods at night admiring all the Halloween Decorations but even the Humanimals who weren't nocturnal species felt themselves invigorated by the Autumn nights, for Elk and other members of the Deer Family Autumn is typically the season of the rut when the Females come into estrus and Males particularly Teenage Males would clash antlers despite the fact that it was Barbaric display of 'primitive animal ways' they knew the Males couldn't help it and as long as no one was seriously hurt everyone simply sighed and let them clash antlers.

Jenny was too young to care about the rut yet all she was thinking about was Halloween, this year she was dressing as a witch! Her witch costume this year was perfect!

But two weeks before Halloween she got a stomach virus! As she was exploring and people watching the Tropical Mammal District she suddenly felt a great pain in her four chambered stomach she vomited.
And the Tropical Mammals who for the most part were content to just leave the strange Elk Fawn alone, had become quite accustomed to seeing her they simply didn't interact with her because they believed that was 'Proper'
But when she wretched the Tropical Mammals, who had cubs of their own ran forward immediately concerned about her.
Multiple hands felt her forehead and checked her pulse. Multiple questions of "Where are your parents?" and "Where do you live?"
Jenny began to attempt to answer but she vomited again, and someone decided the wisest thing to just call the hospital.

So Jenny was taken to the hospital where she was examined by a Human Doctor, she told him where she lived and he called her parents.

She has a stomach virus." He told her parents "Nothing out of the ordinary."

"Will I miss Halloween?" Jenny asked

The Doctor chuckled "This things often last only 24 to 48 Hours, you should be fine when Halloween comes."

So Jenny was taken home and was given only plain white rice for supper in hopes of soothing her stomach. As she slept she dreamed strange dreams…She dreamed of flying saucers coming to Planet Mizzer and hideous Aliens with giant heads coming out of the Flying Saucers and killing all the Humanimals and Humans! She woke up in a cold sweat.

"It was only a dream." Jenny said to herself as she flopped back down onto her pillow.

As the Doctor predicted she recovered in 48 hours but she couldn't stop thinking about that strange dream she had, she told her parents about it and her Mom said "That Dream sounds like that Mars Attacks movie, remember it was on the TV one night and you ran out of the living room because the Aliens were too scary?"

"Yeah…" Jenny said "…But that was a long while ago…"

"Don't worry about it!" Her Mom laughed "Dreams are strange things."

But still that dream haunted Jenny in the back of her mind on the night of Halloween as she put on her witch costume and checked her reflection in the mirror there was still a feeling of dread she couldn't shake as she left to Trick or Treat, she scanned the night sky, anything that moved in the sky caused her to jump but someone else would say "That was just an airplane." Or "Oh! A shooting star! Let's make a wish!" But Jenny was never sure if it really was just a shooting star…

Finally after much Trick or Treating, Jenny left she didn't feel like Trick or Treating anymore.

She went to a park that divided the Woodland Mammal District from the Domestic Cat District. The branches of the trees obstructing the night sky from view she opened her bag to scan the night's stash, she had gotten a lot of candy, much of it chocolate. She pulled out a chocolate bar and slowly opened it as she did a sweet scent began to fill the park, Jenny nibbled on her chocolate bar and her ears perked…She heard the sounds of…Music…It was unlike any music she had ever heard! She quickly gulped down the rest of her chocolate bar and turned her head, the bushes and trees of the park were glowing and changing colors to blue and purple. Jenny picked up her bag and followed the sounds of the Music, peeling back some blue and purple willow vines, she gasped to find…Fairies…Like the kind in Fairy Tales and Disney Movies, although these Fairies weren't tiny they were as tall as normal humans but thinner and more delicate aside from having insectoid wings on their backs they also had hair colored green and purple.

The Fairies turned to her and at first Jenny took a step back about to flee but one green haired Fairy approached her "We don't mean you any harm, we love Humanimals! But so rarely to any Humanimals ever find us during our Halloween Dance, you must be very special."

"I…I am?" Jenny stammered
"Yes." The Green Haired Fairy sighed "So many Humanimals of this planet cease being able to see us after a certain age, normally after toddlerhood do we become invisible to them, but you Elk Fawn are still able to see us and hear our music…That is a sign you are destined for great things."

"I am?!" Jenny exclaimed
"Yes." Said the Green Haired Fairy "Would you like to join our dance? We will soon have to return to the Fairy Realm after it's over…"

"I'd love to!" Exclaimed Jenny "Oh and my name is Jenny by the way."

"Jenny, that's a pretty name." Said the Green Haired Fairy.
And so Jenny spent the rest of the night dancing with the Fairies she had so much fun, the sense of dread she felt left her…She went home tired but very happy

There are certain bits from my own childhood I threw in, the trailer just the TRAILER for Mars Attacks made me terrified of UFOs for years and there was one unfortunate year I couldn't go Trick or Treating on account of vomiting