Chapter 1


Tick. Waiting… Tock. Watching… Tick. I wonder… Tock. I swish my hand…left "Bibbity..." right "boppity…" stab "boo!" Time pauses. It worked…those fools! "Let's rewind a bit, shall we?"

As we wait for that…let me introduce myself - the name is Laverna. What? Never heard of me? I guess I have been in disguise for a while. You see, I had to get Jupiter off my back. But that's a story for another time.

Now – my disguise. Have you ever heard of the story Cinderella…? Well meet THE Fairy Godmother. – What? I had to explain the magic somehow. And anyways - you might know Cinderella's story, but you don't know mine.

I've always had a criminal record, one that my so-called peers like to remind me of all too often, but that's not the important part. The important part is that about a year ago, I was finally held accountable for my actions, which is what got me into these…peculiar... circumstances. Jupiter and the others caught me on something minor, but it was the final straw for them. They put me in this…for lack of a better phrase – rehabilitation program. They bound my magic, so that it only works if I have a host. They tossed me down with the mortals and creatures! I had no other choice.

Everyone who doesn't know me thinks I'm just a fairy godmother, leading people to their "happily ever after's" by choice. I'm a slave! I was bound this hell! One too many tricks the others said. They'll see! I'll show them! But again, I'm getting off track. We have to hurry – despite the spell, I don't have much time. I must get my story out there.

I've been…let's say tampering with their rules a bit. I'm known for messing with the rules, am I not? The answer was simple – since I need a host to be able to use my magic – the first thing I did was not use my magic. I would not be the fairy godmother they want me to be! They're so arrogant. They forget that I'm not like them – I know how to go without. Once they tossed me down here I didn't desperately beg for a host like they thought I would. I built a life – one without magic. Without it they can't track me, but they forgot about that. They did this to themselves!

Yes – I was technically a "fairy godmother", but the mortals didn't know that. The creatures on the other hand… well, they could tell. And they were useful for me to continue creating chaos sans magic, eventually. The others couldn't stop me from doing what I was born to do.

I acquired a place to live from this witch I had run into previously on my travels, Maleficent. However, the place was lacking a torture chamber, um I mean "guest bedroom", so I had gone to a bank to trick someone into giving me a loan. To my surprise they were resistant due to some spell, so I decided to pull a one-woman heist. After all, it wasn't a big deal if I got caught – it was my plan. The local police had no idea what was about to hit them.

Finally, I racked up enough crimes to warrant myself a stay in the prison. This is where I could build my team. After all – I did miss getting to USE my magic. After a few months in prison, I was up for parole. Keeping the details vague, I told them who I truly was and of my punishment. They fell for my tragic tale and offered me a chance at redemption. All I had to do for my probation was truly earn my wings as a fairy godmother by helping at least one person. Hence the story of Cinderella. Though they really should have thought about the fact that I was a criminal. They knew my true identity – they shouldn't have trusted me or underestimated my power.

Of course, this whole plan would lead up to this moment that we're paused in.