Chapter 3

With my probation over – I could make more use of my connections from prison. I did mention a team earlier, right?

My cell mate was this wolf, that's right THE big bad wolf from all the stories. Did they really only have to tell the stories from the "victims" point of view? Helloooo, we have our side too. Our side is much more enlightening. He was there for eating pigs. They don't know a serious crime at all. It's literally his nature – his survival instinct. They treated him like a criminal for not wanting to starve!

In the cell across from us were these 7 dwarves. Now – in my culture dwarves are full of wisdom – they're known for smithing, mining, and crafting. At first, I wondered how they were all in prison with me. They would make very useful members of the team. We got to talking and they had connections. It was abundantly clear that they were in the system of their own volition, most of their customers were here after all.

Instead of mining useless minerals for a minor profit, this group used their skills for a more profitable business – drugs. Dwarves are smart, they know an opportunity when they see one. They run the biggest drug cartel known to creatures, even getting some mortals hooked on their product. I was surprised we hadn't crossed paths before. They decided to get caught on purpose – like me. They allowed their new recruit, Dopey, to start doing the inventory and led a trail of breadcrumbs that would only lead a small portion of the cartel to get caught.

You wouldn't believe how excited the leaders of the group got for this opportunity to expand their distribution. Doc and Grumpy were more than amenable to a partnership with me. I did have royal connections they could exploit.

That's how we all met. To continue on with my tale, we met up after my probation and plotted. First, I needed one of my crew to become my new host, so that we could use my magic. Wolf volunteered – which was fine by me as he is easily manipulated into going along with my plans. With that settled, we continued on with making chaos.

Wolf scouted the woods for victims. Once he found one, I made the plan. I am the true brains of the operation. Though the victim that Wolf pointed out was one that was resistant to the short-term magic I had utilized previously to keep hidden. The girl wore a red hood that protected her from it – I needed to be stronger. I didn't want to risk Jupiter finding me just yet, so we got a little creative.

We observed her from afar. Every day she would walk to and from her granny's using the same trail. We tried trapping her before her granny's house, but somehow she always avoided it. It was like she was trained by Robin Hood or something. Though…thinking back on it now…their hoods were a little too similar. I wonder how that came to be… After a little recon we discovered that habits, but we still couldn't get her. This was supposed to be the easy target! She wasn't supposed to be outsmarting us, it made me want to make her suffer. After all – we knew her patterns! Our frustration made us finally realize our mistake. We were focused too much on outsmarting her and not on making her vulnerable.

Her patterns! – Where did she go to every day?! Who did she care the most about?! We were fools to have missed it for so long – the target shouldn't have been aimed at her, but her grandmother. That was how finally did it.

After our novice blunders, Wolf ate the granny. Couldn't let him starve for the mission, could we? I used my magic to transfigure his form into the old woman's. The plan was perfect, but like my magic always does since it was bound. It wore off.

"Oh Granny, what big eyes you have…" "All the better to see you with, my dear!"

"Oh Granny, what big ears you've got…" "All the better to hear you with, my dear!"

"Oh Granny, what big teeth you've got…" "All the better to eat you with, my dear!"

By the time she recognized him, it was too late. My magic had fully worn off just in time for her to claw at the door. She was inside his stomach before she could even scream. We'd gotten ourselves a new cabin to use as our headquarters with minor difficulties. I had wanted to make her suffer after all the time she had cost us! I was mad at the Wolf, my so-called host. So I arranged for a little accident to befall him…

For the next target, I had planned to bring in the DOA Dwarves cartel anyway. It all lined up. We were on stakeout watching our latest mark when it happened. Wolf and I were split on either side of the clearing watching a girl singing with the birds. I caught a glimpse of silver near Wolf's side of the clearing. It was happening. The Queen and I shared a common target – the girl in the clearing – so she loaned me the Huntsmen to do my dirty work. Wolf never knew it was coming. The Dwarves didn't question my story and seeing as Wolf was only on recon this mission – we continued on our plan with no mourning. It was only nature taking its course after all…

The only downside was now I was magic-less as I no longer had a host, but I knew more opportunities would present themselves.