Chapter 4

The Queen, Doc, and I have taken to calling this next target Snow White. Whenever she wanders in the woods she looks desperately lost and vulnerable. She's an easy target. I still don't understand how The Queen sees her as a threat, but…it helps my plans, so who am I to point it out?

Snow White seems like she would be willing to trust anyone she crosses paths with in the woods, especially one with a place to stay. It was convenient that we knew just the cottage to use that was recently vacated. Granny's cottage already had the dwarves staying there, it was the perfect trap. All I had to do was get her close enough to the cottage to see that there's life in it that can help.

Snow White was in the woods alone, who were we to ask why? Eventually we learned that we should've asked why…

Well anyway, she was in the woods alone and stumbled along a little cottage in the woods accidentally. I will admit to a little magic being involved, but she didn't know that. In fact, she still doesn't know I was involved. In the cottage she found the Seven Dwarves. Each of their names describing the drug they were in charge of at the cartel. Doc – Prescription Meds, Grumpy - Meth, Sneezy – Cocaine, Bashful - Ecstasy, Happy – Crack, Sleepy - Heroin, and Dopey - Marijuana.

However, Snow White did not know this, so they all acted the way their names described. Every day they'd go off to work singing and Snow White was none the wiser…

We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig in your mind the whole day through

To dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig is what we really like to do

We like to trick, to get rich quick

If you dig dig dig with a needle or a clip

In your mind! In your mind! In your mind!

Where a million addictions shine!

You stick, prick, smoke, snort from early morn till night

You stick, prick, smoke, snort up anything'll light

We dig up eight balls by the score

A thousand dimes, sometimes more

We know why you come back for more

We dig dig dig a-dig dig your hole a little deeper

High-hoe, High-hoe

High-hoe, High-hoe, High-hoe

High-hoe, High-hoe, off to work she goes

High-hoe, High-hoe, High-hoe

High-hoe, High-hoe…

Now you see…the Dwarves were getting Snow White to trust them. They helped her cook, clean, and relax. It started with a simple joint to get her to relax – who knew she would be okay with that? Slowly, they started introducing her to harder stuff, like acid. She had already sung with the birds, but now she could talk to the birds!

Fittingly, they got her to try cocaine and she spiraled. Suddenly, we no longer had a job to do. Though I wasn't satisfied with that just being the end of it, no matter what The Queen or Dwarves said. Cocaine addiction took away her beauty and left The Queen to be the fairest of them all. While the Dwarves had a new customer that was willing to introduce their products to her friends.

I wasn't satisfied with her new life – the drugs made her happy despite losing her beauty! I don't like when my targets are still happy! My partner's goals were met, but they had left mine by the wayside!

I kept meddling… One day, the Prince came into the woods looking for me. He had gotten my notice to be rid of his second wife – remember the Stepmother? – and had come to me looking for the third that I had promised. After our reunion, I explained to him my new plan to throw both of my partner's plans out of whack. We would flip the tables on them. After all – the Prince would need to become King eventually and would need my help to dethrone his mother The Queen.