Ghostly monsters in the dark, chasing children in the park,

one falls down and a monster shouts, points at the kid and calls him out,

Children screaming running inside, as monsters jump on their best friend Clyde,

Eating things I won't mention in a poem, their friend was no more, with nothing to show them,

The kids were pissed they lost their friend, now it's time to bring this to an end,

They gather together with tools and supplies, this is how all the monsters die,

Bats, shovels, rakes and nail guns, things are starting to look fun,

With all the preparation done they start the plan immediately,

While Little Suzy lies in the street, she screams "oh no I'm wounded, please don't eat me like meat"

Beasts begin to lurk from the dark, making fun of the girl, she's not very smart,

As they gather round, laughing in unison, she pulls out her mace and shouts, lets do this kids,

Monsters baffled and confused, burning eyes, beaten and bruised,

Now they try to run away but that's not going to happen this day,

Using bats to break their legs, they tie them up and begin to pray,

Forgive us lord for what we're about to do, holy retribution delivered by the chosen few,

The monsters scream and start to beg, but no one cares what they have to say,

They killed their friend, their neighbor, their brother,

one was too much, there won't be another,

So they ready their axes, machetes and swords,

and chopped the beasts until they were no more