War. It coats the world these days. It's everywhere. Humanity fights. Beasts fight. Even "demons" have come into the fold again, only this time they're nothing like what the priests told people. And amidst it all, the Dragons haven't even showed a sign of life or death for that matter. To think they once ruled the Skies and Seas, and offered man the Land. I guess we have to go back to the beginning, the past... if we want to look at the present.

Our story begins billions of years ago. Back then there was only the Void. A place devoid of life or death, light or dark, love or hate. There was nothing, but there was everything. I guess records are fuzzy, since the only two entities that know about it don't speak to us. Maybe to their sons, but not to us. What the Dragons told us, was that there only existed two beings, whom they call the Allfather and the Allmother. THEIR mother and their father. They would create all the dragons, who spread out across the endless void, and by doing that, they created life and death, they created the soul. But nothing could exist in the Void…so that's not where that ended up in.

The Void now found itself in a position that was unfamiliar to it and it's denizens. There was...something...beyond it, which neither the Allmother, Allfather or their children knew. This was the Soul Realm and the Physical Realm, where life waited to begin, like a bomb waiting for the detonator to trigger it. This intrigued the Allfather, and frightened the Allmother, but neither of them really understood what fear and curiosity were. The dragons saw everything differently from anyone or anything else, because while one either saw the soul or the physical, dragons saw it all. They saw both the soul and the body, but because of their existence in the void, they were never quite sure of what they saw. This was the root of the conflict that followed…

After millions of years, the Allfather came to the Allmother, and expressed his wish to leave the Void, to see what was out there. "Rhek tiil Ko dhat ker" - We don't know what is out there… The Allmother, protective as ever and fearing, not for herself, but for her children. Their children were divided. Some wished what their father did, whilst others agreed with their mother, be it due to motherly love or by seeing the point she wanted to make. Soon there was war. Brother fought brother, and Father fought Mother. Roars filled the void, blood stained the areas where there was fighting, and claws and fangs ripped into flesh and tendon, and this resonated within both realms. Fire and blood...this went on for thousands of years, but for the Dragons, it felt like much less. I suppose that not aging can cause that.

At the end of it all, the Mother and the Father had one final confrontation, and with it, an explosion of energy came to be in the physical realm...the Big Bang. In the Void, a blinding light flashed, and when it faded, the Allmother laid dead, and the Allfather alive. He made his first born daughter Queen, and exiled himself to the soul realm, where he created Oblivion-a place where souls that ended up there would endure eternal punishment, to atone for killing his love and to punish himself. Meanwhile, the other Dragons left the Void and went into the Physical Realm, as per their fathers wishes and settled there, just as life was beginning

Millions of years would pass, as the end of the Cretaceous Period was coming, and everything was peaceful...as peaceful as it could be. Dinosaurs had roamed the earth for millions of years, as did Lizardmen, an ancient race of intelligent beings who hunted dinosaurs. The Dragons presided over life, never really getting involved, just...watching. And watch they did, but as life went on, conflict stirred about. A dragon, who's scales were blacker than the night and his eyes a fiery red. He craves for the throne that his sister held. He was the other First Born, and after what he did, his name was struck from the dragon's history. He'd later on be known as The Betrayer, as his lust drove him to turn against his own kind. But I'm getting ahead of myself. As it happened before, history repeats itself, but this time it wasn't war. It was a challenge. These were common amongst dragons now, as the most powerful one would have the final say. If two dragons disagreed on something, a duel would be called upon, and as such, the betrayer challenged the Queen, Nova, for her crown, and lost, despite his use of forbidden power. Their battle was fierce, and from it came the end of the Mesozoic Era, with an extinction scale event that wiped out almost all life on Earth. This, once again, shamed the dragons who saw all they had created, all life as if it were their offspring. Other dragons would have executed the Betrayer, but Nova, merciful as she was, spared his life, and instead exiled him...this would come to bite them in the ass later on.

From what was left of the world, life began a new. The last Lizardmen died out, humanity rose, and the first early religions. And dragons remained more or less hidden. They watched over life, as they always did...just...from the shadows. It was amidst this that the Betrayer would take advantage of humans, spreading his seeds of corruption within them. He convinced them to join his dark crusade. To kill all dragons, more specifically, his sister, so that he may rule, and they may avoid another extinction. He armed them with the tools they'd need, the steel to kill the winged beasts and capture their everlasting souls, he allowed them to truly kill a dragon...and as they dwindled, dragons fell into obscurity, hiding from man, not out of fear, but because they did not want to harm them. Alas, the Betrayers crusade had failed, as despite the Queen having been killed, she and the last Lizardman left an heir, whom he had to challenge for the throne. With dragons having fallen to obscurity, so did magic. Its users still exist, albeit they are rare. It's one of many lost arts. Funny to think about how the ambition of one dragon led to war...and said war still goes on today, albeit different….

After a nation was created...after all that has happened...war is where it all ended up on. The new Queen was assassinated, and the beastmen took up arms with their Lord General. And now they wage war. And they have for almost 200 years. Guns speaking louder than words ever could. But that's a story for another day...