I've been ranting about how the world began. Nobody will probably believe me if I told them. Probably for the best too. If the Allfather and the Allmother...the dragons and their history...if they're the beginning, then I suppose this is the end. The result. But I guess it's not about believing, it's not like the war will end if I were to publish a fucking book. Regardless, it's important to remember the past.

After the Dragon's hid themselves, only one really remained. The Heir. Let's call him... the Nameless King. The only egg out of 5 that hatched. For the longest of time he had a name. Even a wife. He saw his mother and father murdered as a young boy by northerner dragon slayer, and had one of the dragons that served directly under his mother raise him. A blue water dragon with no wings arms or legs for that matter, who ruled the seas. They say he could foresee the future...maybe he saw this coming. The Dragonknight Priesthood call him Orcus, The Wingless Wise. Orcus taught the King to speak, science, art, be said set music and paintings or deception and arcane powers. What he couldn't teach because of his wounded physique, he had someone else do it. Swordsmanship, hunting, stealth, amongst other things.

During this time, the first "pure" beastmen would start arising. Part men part beasts. Nobody really knows how they game to be back then. Maybe magic, mutation...or maybe someone decided to fuck a cat. Point is they were out there, and Orcus had an... acolyte of sorts. Was more like a maid, but I suppose tending to a limbless dragon warrants you other titles. The Nameless King began to fancy this acolyte. He wedded her even. She was expecting a child when it happened. A northerner Dragonslayer would hear of the King's name, and as soon as he did, he had a mission. To exterminate. He sent his men to Orcus' temple, who had it destroyed. As he bled, Orcus sent the King one last message. "Come back not, for my future has been fulfilled, yet yours lies ahead". The king would feel pain and agony. Dragons are very... connected in a way. When one dies, they all feel it, regardless of where they are. Even the Betrayer feels it. However they can connect to mortals too in the same way. The Dragonslayer wasn't in Orcus' temple however. He was in a shack, hidden in the middle of the forest... where the King's Wife lived. He had his way with her, before plunging his sword into her gut, and with it taking two lives. The Nameless King fell to the ground, crying out in pain and agony as he felt both the life of his wife and his unborn son as if they were his own, being ripped out of his chest.

But the pain wouldn't last. No. It was just temporary, quickly shadowed by anger and the sheer desire to kill. In the following years, the love he felt for all his kind had created ceased to exist, fading neath the crimson of anger and revenge, and driven to the darkest pits of the Void by hatred...then again he wasn't a pure dragon either, so perhaps that was normal. He raised an army. Cities and countries burned, plagues spread across the world as a result of the corpses he and his army left behind, and nobody was safe, regardless of age, gender or social status. Once again the church wouldn't tell you this, but I can't blame them. They only know what's written. With the dragonslayers all gone or retired, the King too laid down his arms. He considered death, but it wasn't like old age would catch up with him. That was the first of his names. The only real one. Every other was fake, but the only ones who know are the dragons themselves.

Fast forward hundreds of years, and the Nameless King is still alive in the wake of World War 2. He's been Fighting ever since he left his real name behind. Countless wars... battles... maybe he feels like it's the only thing he knows...maybe he's still looking for the sword his wife's soul is trapped in...or maybe he still lusts for battle, to have blood running down his face and his sword. He tried settling down. He really did, but it simply didn't work. He entered the war fighting for the US. It was just another war. Kill the head, and the body dies...he was considered a war hero. One of many. You see your brothers die and they give you a fucking medal.

This seemed like the end. The last war. So at last he tried to once more settle down, but once again it wouldn't work. However this time it wouldn't be his fault. It'd be the humans'. After WW2, the destructive power of the atom was realized, and after many summits, it was promptly outlawed. Global nuclear disarmament in 1949 and further use of nuclear materials in whatever it may be, was also outlawed. But the cold war raged, fear instilled into every man and woman, only this time the fear wasn't for nuclear fire, but for supersoldiers. The war wouldn't be fought with the threats of lobbing nukes at each other, but with the threat of soldiers so advanced and powerful, they could take on 5 of the enemy's. It was under this context that the US created the American Defense and Research Force, or ADRF, led by one William T. Patterson. Patterson's men would kidnap the Nameless King, to use him in their new 'Janus' program. They intended to use his DNA as an "enabler" of sorts. The theory was that with that, they'd be able to give US troops characteristics of other animals. Just imagine, a marine being able to carry 6 times his weight, or able to run as fast as a cheetah. These experiments were painful, but the Nameless King, or "Janus 001A1", due to his own genetics couldn't be put under the influence of anesthetics, meaning he was awake through it all. It'd be 40 years before the research got any yield, a blue fluid, but by then, the project was cancelled, and the underground facility was to be shut down, and all evidence terminated. This included Janus 001A1, who had just broken containment. All personnel tried to evacuate, but many still fell to his savagery, and despite the base being locked down, it still suffered considerable damage. It was clear why all evidence was to be terminated. They were using radiation based tech on 001A1's DNA. Everything was locked down there, for 10 years. No power, nothing. Just the little bits of air coming in from the ventilation. In the meantime, the radiation had leaked out of its containment, and contaminated the blue fluid. It became airborne. Evaporated and turned into a mutagen. After the 10 years, the lockdown was lifted, and mutagen spread out and into the atmosphere, and Janus 001A1 escaped. This mutagen had... specific characteristics. It affected everyone, injecting a specific gene into everyone's genetic code, but it wasn't... active. It needed to meet specific conditions to activitivate. If a subject was of blood type O-, he'd begin to suffer extensive mutations, turning into what was and would be known as a beastman. Part man, part beast. The US government, knowing that they'd receive the heat for using radioactive materials, since there was a witness...Janus himself. So they bribed him. How much it bit them in the ass later.

The state of Texas was made into sovereign territories, and given to Janus, who made it into a safe haven for all the beastmen. A Homeland. That's the name it took. Beastmen, suffering prejudice everywhere, would flock there and while humanity was squabbling like children, Homeland was making scientific breakthrough after breakthrough, namely in the field of armaments. The UN and NATO wanted to give them shit for it...but Homeland never signed any conventions or treaties limiting their development. This caused the UN to dissolve, as well as the NATO later on, and in the meantime, Homeland continued preparing. It had its own military, the Homeland Defense Department, armed with powerful energy weapons that made short work of human body armor, but no hostile action had been done.

Unhappy with the state of the government, William Patterson staged a coup, allied with a southern American coalition, and performed a successful takeover, and the US was added to the American Defense Force...but it wasn't really the American Defense force, now was it. There was one tiny spot that still wasn't part of the coalition...and they weren't joining. They attacked the city, and declared war...they...they killed the queen...and began the war...the war that never ended...