A/N: Hey all. This is a short little fic written for venting and that's it. inspired a bit by Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead.


Summary: She meant everything to him. She was his world. Pity she didn't see just how much she hurt him.

First thing I remembered after I read the message the second time was the anger. The anger that I had been led on for so fucking long like a fool, thinking I meant a damn thing to her. Five years.

Five long, painful years. I had been with her through both good and bad times, yet she turns around and does this? After I fucking proposed to her a few months ago?

The anger at being thrown aside like I didn't matter made me shake. My blood thundered in my ears and my fist clenched into a tight ball.

I flung my phone into the wall, not even caring as the screen shattered from the impact. I was just too livid to care. Livid at her for breaking my heart after I poured it out to her, for just tossing me aside as if our relationship didn't mean a thing.

I don't remember how long I stayed that way, bottling in my anger. It boiled to dangerous levels at the mere thought of her for weeks.

After the anger eventually subsided, it was replaced by the pain. The grief.

I remember once how I was happy. Lovestruck when I thought of her.

Now? Now I'm just fucked up. She hurt me in more ways than just one.

If one pulled up my sleeves, they'd see the pattern of my cuts.

Such is the fate of one who is loveless.

A/N: Thank you for reading.