Chapter 2 - What it Takes to be a Robot Fighter

George's Lamborghini was speeding down the road at over one-hundred miles per hour. In two minutes, George finally reached Brendan's house. It was an old-looking house, but it had been renovated a month ago. It may look ultramodern on the inside, but on the outside, it looked fifty years old. The house was really only twenty years old.

George checked his watch again. It was 1:57 pm, so George started walking down the path that led to Brendan's house. It snaked through his garden and led to a small porch. George walked up the steps and reached for the front door. It was a large, brown steel door with an oval-shaped window in it. George knocked on the door. No one came. George tried the doorbell. Still no one came. So George just opened the door, but it was a little difficult to get in because Brendan's "doorknob" was like a combination lock! He turned it right. Then left. Then left again. Then right. Then left. He spun it like a Beyblade. When it reached the number 36, George touched a fingerprint scanner in the middle of the lock. Then, a ding was heard, and the door finally opened!

Brendan was downstairs playing on his GameCube.

"What are you playing on there?" George asked him.

"Mario Kart," Brendan said. He exited his game, grabbed another controller, and switched it to multiplayer. George held his controller on his lap, as if it were a lap bar on a roller coaster. While the two friends played their game, Brendan told George what it takes to be a robot fighter.

"First, you need a spacesuit without an oxygen tank," he said.

"Why a spacesuit? Why not a muscle shirt?" George asked. "And why without an oxygen tank?"

"Well," Brendan said, "because those robots you're going to be fighting with can spit out sparks. If you weren't wearing a spacesuit, you'd be roasted to a pile of bones. And if there was oxygen in the tank and you catch fire...KABOOM! You'll die."

George began to feel afraid. "Are these robots going to be dangerous?"

"Yes," a robotic voice said from behind them. George and Brendan dropped their controllers and looked over their shoulders. A fifteen-foot tall robot towered behind them. The robot grabbed George in its humongous fist.

"HEEEEELP! Brendan!" George screamed. The robot punched its way through the walls of Brendan's house. Brendan, who was just standing still, was watching everything crumble down in horror. He tried climbing the stairs, but massive chunks of drywall and cinder blocks were tumbling down the stairs like an avalanche.