Chapter 3 - The Triumph

George, still inside the robot's fist, was terrified upon seeing the ruins of his friend's house. His friend, on the other hand, was trapped. He couldn't climb a step without getting hurt at least once. The walls were crumbling down the stairs. Then, the ceiling began to drop lower and lower. Rocks and nails and screws were raining down on Brendan. Then, all of a sudden, the overwhelming terror came to an end.

The ceiling was so low that Brendan had to stoop very low so that he wouldn't bonk his head on all the cracked drywall and steel. The beams were broken, hanging from the cracked ceiling. The windows were shattered, the door was splintered to pieces, and the doorknob that looked like a combination lock was ripped apart, and George could see all the electronic circuits inside.

Brendan grabbed a laser gun, pointed it at the robot, and fired. The laser beam dented the robot's stomach. With a roar, the robot let go of George and clutched its stomach. George and Brendan ran out of the house as they escaped the robot. Then POW! Another robot appeared!

"Let's start defeating them," Brendan said.

"Good idea!" George said, doing a thumbs-up.