The night gave the church an eerie light but that did not scare Lily. As Jeffray and Lily stepped into the church, a faint smell of frankincense met their noses and soft light of multiple candles lit the dark corners and the altar. The scent made Lily's nose itch and soon had to sneeze. Jeffray walked on and began to search for Father Matthew.

"Have you come here for a confession?" Wondered a man's voice behind Lily.

She slowly turned and blinked. Almost a head taller than her stood a middle-aged man with white temples, wearing a priest's dark frock and rosary beads around the neck. He looked down at her with a warming grin.

"No, are you Father Matthew?" Asked Lily cautiously while wondering why the priest has milky eyes.

"I am, what brings you here?" He answered calmly.

"Father Mathew, this is Lily Clearwater a police officer. She is investigating the resent incident with the violin as I am and knows a great deal of demons." Jeffray stepped in.

Father Matthew folded his hands behind his back and gave a nod. "I don't see why you need my help if Miss Clearwater knows a great deal of demons."

"She and I have different theories how to capture the demon and would like to hear your opinion to it." Explained Jeffray. "And I need a new bottle of holy water."

"I'd be interested to hear your theories in my office." He gestured a hand to the direction. Jeffray walked ahead and Lily followed. Lily is confused of Father Matthew's milky eyes. He led them without using the walking stick and walked on as if he can see instead of being blind. For a silent moment they walked down a dark corridor, the stone walls were chiseled to statues of knights in armor with swords and shields and other figures holding a book or holding up a hand. The other figures looked very human like but the knights were larger and along the walls, almost hidden, Lily spotted the large unfolded wings. "These knights are angels?" Whispered Lily under her breath.

"Oh yes, they are. An unknown French artist chiseled them nearly half a millennia ago and one of my predecessors had them brought here to this church."

"For what reason?" Asked Lily.

"I don't know it myself." Answered Father Matthew. He opened the door to his office and let them enter first. "Please take a seat and tell me what theories you have." After Jeffray and Lily were seated, so did Father Matthew.

"If I may quickly step in." Jeffray cleared his throat. "Just so you are on the same page too. The stolen violin is cursed as you've suspected but Lily and I are having troubles on agreeing how to rid the demon from the violin as well as from the possessed violinist."

"So, the demon got hold of an earthly body."

"I fear, it is so." Noted Lily before Jeffray could.

"You have my attention, Miss Clearwater." Father Matthew turned to her.

"From its flow of energy and scent it's a demon coming directly from hell that possessed the young violinist. What I know for certain is that exorcism is unreliable against those sorts of demons." Lily sneezed as she finished her sentence.

"Why do you think exorcism is unreliable?" Wondered Father Matthew curiously.

"Each demon has their own flow of energy, they are the strongest when they shortly left hell, made a bond with an object or a living being or are one of the Fallen. Exorcism has no effect on them, it barely scratches the surface, because it's a human invention."

Father Matthew stared at her amazed.

"I tried the exorcism with holy water and it didn't work." Noted Jeffray.

"It didn't work because this demon has a bond to the violin, the violin is like an anchor to secure it from returning to hell. As for how to rid it I lack on information but I suspect a mirroring action must be done to break the bond, meaning by playing the violin in that similar moment as the bond was created."

Jeffray blinked surprised. "Then it means the exact melody as the demon came must be played again? Doesn't that strengthen the bond or worse take possession of the player?"

"Only when you play without fear and doubt, then you're untouchable to them." Stepped in Father Matthew. "Miss Clearwater's theory sounds plausible, it's a risky move but worth a shot for the two of you."

"On second thought, that it has belonged to Paganini it would make sense to a certain point but how can we- how can she and I be sure it will work definitely?" Remarked Jeffray.

"I fear I have no book or scroll to confirm that." Sighed Father Matthew. "I fear time is of the essence. Both of you need to work together and confront this demon as soon as possible." Said Father Matthew concerned. "Jeffray, you noted the holy water had no effect on the demon?"

"No, it did as you've said." Jeffray looked down upon the table. The scenes of the sizzling flesh returned vividly in Jeffray's mind and it's cry in agony. Suddenly the firm sound of glass bottle being placed on the table pulled him out from the nightmarish memory. He found himself staring at a bottle of holy water.

"I know confronting demons is no easy task but it must be done, Jeffray." Spoke Father Matthew softly and looked him in the eyes. "Therefore, you're not alone in this."

Jeffray gave a nod and stood up.

"Godspeed to both of you." Bid Father Matthew as they walked out of the church but he quickly held Lily's arm and looked into her eyes. "I know how you got your intel about demons."


"I'll tell you when we meet again." Father Matthew cut into her question and grinned.

Lily looked at him amazed but soon blinked and caught up with Jeffray by the gate. She has a feeling that Father Matthew was talking of that what she thought exactly. What gave it away? How did he know? Did he experience something similar like her? No matter, the demon with cursed violin is of higher priority than the later. Lily noticed how Jeffray kept sighing, run a hand through his stylish hair or ball those hands into fists as they headed back into the city by tube. Lily saw it clearly that Jeffray was nervous but of what? Confronting anew the demon? "Jeffray?" She wondered. He turned and looked her in the eyes. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." He gave calmly and sighed deeply as he looked away.

"Your hands tell me something different."

"Alright, I'm nervous. To be exactly I'm scared of facing that demon again, although it had the look of Victor Rohan the moment the bottle smashed and the clothes were soaked with holy water-" He swallowed and faced the floor. "That moment is now branded in my mind and its icy inhuman voice."

"Demons have that effect to the innocent and pure souls." Sighed Lily. "So, it is your first encounter?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Jeffray gave a wry laugh. "How do you handle it so well?"

"I was trained for it." Lily gave hesitantly. "Before you and I encounter the demon anew I need to see the violin again."


"I fear to have overseen another detail and before you take it into your hands to play it I want to be sure it is safe."

Jeffray groaned annoyed. "Can't you play the violin while you're at it?"

"I never learned how to play any instrument."

"Oh Christ!" He sighed.

Lily had to grin briefly to Jeffray's reaction. Seeing within his actions and words how innocent and pure his soul is for a human, a kind person and one Lily can trust.

Together they went directly to Victor Rohan's flat but the flash of blue light on the street was not a good sign to encounter. The police was there. Quickly Lily walked into a small alley, Jeffray followed her. "Are you and I going to enter through the fire escape?"

"No, the police are here and I'm not in uniform nor do I have my badge with me. I think it's best you and I split and come back here another time."

"Alright but remember what Father Matthew said. Wait, here's my number. Keep me up to date." Jeffray handed to Lily a piece of paper with his mobile phone number.

Lily gave a nod while looking at the piece of paper, as she looked up Jeffray was gone.

A few hours later Lily was in her uniform at the district and learned that one of the neighbors heard struggling and screams from Mr. Rohan's flat, from the details she recognized it was back then as she and Jeffray fought it with holy water. A faint scent of brimstone was still there as Lily entered the flat, searching for the violin. She remembered seeing it in the bedroom but she couldn't find it anywhere.

"Looking for something?" Asked a man's voice from behind her and the smell of strong cigarettes was in the air.

Rapidly Lily turned around to see and blinked. "Detective Buchanan." She saluted him calmly. "I was hoping to find the stolen violin, detective."

He laughed. "If it were found it would have been announced now wouldn't it?"

"I just wanted to be utmost sure."

"So it seems. Any news about this case?" He walked around the room while puffing on his cigarette.

"Nothing new to report at the moment, the investigation is still on going."

He sighed. "You know, if you're hiding something from me. I suggest you lay it on the table now." He looked at Lily directly in the eye. "For someone as young as you and fresh from the academy you keep yourself remarkably calm and if you had hit a dead-end you would have turned to me but you haven't."

"Well, my life hasn't been a bed of roses and losing someone dear does give you a different aspect to life and certain situations." Lily paused. "As for the case, you will hear from me when I need your help or once the facts are clear, detective Buchanan."

Buchanan blinked at her surprised of her confidence and cool manner as she walked out.

While inspecting the neighborhood Lily pondered of the possibilities where the violin could be but she couldn't think of any. If only she had a sharper sense of smell to track the demon- That's it! Her friend Vlad can surely help her track the demon in no time. Quickly She headed to her friend's location, a luxurious penthouse in west end and pressed the doorbell.

Not very long a young man with shoulder long dark hair opened the door. "Hello Lily." He grinned and let her in.

"Hello Vlad, I've come for your help." Responded Lily as she entered. "As you know I am now a police officer and am working on my first case. Out of all possibilities it has to be involved with demon possession and in order to catch the demon I need your sharp senses to trace it. It is connected to the stolen violin of Niccolo Paganini from the exhibition. The longer I hesitate the stronger the demon gets and then soon it will be impossible to rid the demon without killing the host. Please help me catch that damnable demon, Vlad."

Vlad crossed his arms. "No."

Lily blinked at him bewildered. "Why not?"

"Your case doesn't interest me."

"But the victim, the host may be lost! Time is of the essence!"

Vlad grinned to Lily's remark. "You should know me that remark won't change my mind."

Lily sighed, regretting to have asked for his help. She paced out and while walking and retracing her facts on the street, she dug her hands into her coat pockets. Suddenly Lily halted and pulled out the piece of paper Jeffray gave her. Maybe he can help her? Hesitantly she pulled out her mobile phone and dialed his number.