Psalm 45:1

"My tongue is the pen of a ready writer, as I recite my verses for the King." (Psalm 45:1) As I extol His beauty, its diamantine facets more numerous than the sand of the seashore.

"My tongue is the pen of a skilful writer, as I present my praises for the King." (Psalm 45:1) For the One exceeding all others, the One radiant as the sun, adorned with gentle, shimmering beauty like soft starlight, shining like the moon, the beacon of the night. For the One above all others, the One closer to me than all others, the One always between me and others. The pure One, beautiful One, Beloved, whose lips drip the honey dew of healing, whose words pour their balm on wounds like shade in the desert, like a veil between His holy temple and evil. The One who arises alive one with those once dead, causing beauty to grow out of ashes. The One who has won, who enthralls, who will own my heart forever.