Broken, battered—
—dried up, my youth taken away
My youth once so exotic
Now left in the ruins.

Then from the corner above the moonlight
I see a streak spark
Stark in the pitch black—
—carrying heavy clouds overhead

A trickle, a dribble, a hit and a splatter
I was about to shatter; but I felt something—
—over my naked skin
A breath of fresh air, a zephyr

Once again, I felt alive—
—reunited with a long lost friend
Together once again with a gone lover
—one that I had forgotten.

Then it happened; nothing ever like before
My friend joined by one, a few, some more
All alike, warm and welcoming—
—and numbing all my anger and…..pain.

Pain… pain had driven me insane—
—Inane and left alone with a mane
One drop later I felt free, alive
And off went my pain flying with my pride

Slow & fast, under the moonlight
For the first time in years—
—I breathed a long breath
Thanked the One above, with no regret.

Look at me now, o' landwalkers
Once broke and left for dead now—
—i boast all my colours, and all my songs in choir
I smell of petrichor…