Hey guys, it's finally here, the contest is finally over, i hope you're all ready to see who won the contest

As everybody gathered inside the big theater, Isaiah and his friends were behind the curtains while wearing Tuxedos and dresses, Isaiah faces Ethan, Mia, David, Isaac, Jonny, and Violet.

Isaiah says, "okay guys, it's almost time, this is it!"

Ethan says, "you seem excited"

"I've been waiting for months for this since day one! The day is almost here for 'Fate of Worlds' to come out!"

Isaiah begins jumping up and down in excitement.

David says, "tone it down Isaiah, you're getting too excited, we have an announcement to make, remember?"

Isaiah then stops.

"Sorry, I guess I am getting carried away" said Isaiah

Jonny says, "hey I'm just as pumped up as you are, this is gonna be it, the final battle"

Mia says, "of this trilogy, there are more yet to come"

Jonny asks, "wait? There's more?!"

Isaac replies, "yup, with me and David having our own spinoff story"

Jonny says, "aww no fair"

Violet says, "hey, at least you're somewhat of a protagonist, but what about me? Do I get a spinoff story? No! Do you see me complaining about it? No! So please keep calm and..."

David says, "actually Violet, you're in my spinoff story"

Violet looks in realization while Jonny looks dumbfounded.

"Oh really I am? well that's nice" said Violet while blushing pulling her hair back

Jonny shouts, "OH COME ON!"

Isaiah looks out of the curtain.

"It's time, places everyone"

As the crowd claps and cheers on, Isaiah exits from the curtains.

Isaiah says, "Hello everybody..."

The crowd then tones down.

"...how y'all been?.."

"Good" the audience replies back

"...that's great to hear, today is an exciting day, because today is the day to announce the winners for the OC contest..."

The crowd then cheers on once more, Isaiah then lowers his hand to lower their volumes down.

"...but before we get started to call out our winners, let's give a warm welcome to our special guest tonight, Garrett made by T8ECR34T0R!"

The crowds cheer once more as Garrett enters the stage with a tuxedo, Garrett walks up to Isaiah.

Isaiah says, "hello Garrett, welcome to the show"

Garrett says, "it's great to be here"

"So how does it feel to be part of our adventure?"

Isaiah puts the microphone near him.

"Well I'm kinda excited about this, my friend C told me about the crazy things you guys do in your story, and it seems pretty exciting"

"I'm glad to hear that"

"Also he'll be leaving soon, so it's gonna be a bit sad for a little while"

The crowd goes "aww".

"As will it be for us, but don't worry bud we'll be praying for him"

"Thanks, he would appreciate that very much"

"No problem, so would you like to meet our contest winners who will be taking place in the story?"

"Yes sir"

"Alright our first winner is..."

As the drum rolls, everybody looked tense and excited.

"...is Sierra Anderson made by Atarya QueenOfEgypt from FanFiction!"

As Sierra walks on stage, everybody cheers on to her, as she walks up on stage.

Isaiah says, "hello there Sierra"

Sierra replies, "hi"

"How do you feel about winning this contest?"

Isaiah puts the microphone up to her.

"I feel good and honored to be part of this adventure, it'll be an exciting new experience for me"

Garrett says, "same here, I'm sure we'll become good friends"

Sierra says, "yeah same here"

The crowd goes "aww" once more.

Isaiah says, "aww, this is beautiful"

Ethan then walks up on stage.

"Well guys we have another contestant to introduce" said Ethan

Isaiah asks, "Ethan? What are you doing?"

Ethan replies, "what you think you get to have all the fun? I want action in on this"

The crowd laughs a bit.

Isaiah says, "sure, by all means, help yourself"

Isaiah lends the microphone to Ethan.

Ethan says, "thanks bud, alright folks, drum roll please..."

As the drum rolls, everybody looked tense and excited.

"...say Hola to Jaime K. Otis made by Jaime64Games from FanFiction!"

Jaime the blue jay flies in, everybody gives an applause to him, Jaime goes up to Ethan.

Jaime says, "hello everyone"

Ethan asks, "hey Jaime, how've you been?"

"I've been alright, it's been kinda busy then and there, but it's been going pretty good"

"so how do you feel about being in this story?"

"honestly I don't know what'll happen, so it's kinda neutral for me"

"Jaime, let me be honest with you, none of us know what the heck will happen next, just YOLO it!"

The crowd begins to laugh as well as the people stage, Isaiah walks up to Ethan.

"Thank you for that, can I have microphone back now?" Isaiah asks politely

"Okay bud here you go" said Ethan while still laughing

Isaiah grabs the microphone, as Mia, David, Violet, and Jony enter the stage.

"We also like to thank Nightfly123, Sorrelwing, and Alexriolover95 for lending us their OC's, well guys I guess that's all for now-"

Mimi the blue macaw flies up on stage squawking at Isaiah and the team.

Isaiah says, "not now Mimi, were in the middle of an announcement"

Mimi starts squawking aggressively, Isaiah and the others look in shock.

Isaiah says, "what?! You're telling us that a villain is attacking FanFiction and is wiping out author's?!"

Mimi then squawks affirmed.

Jaime says, "oh yeah, I forgot about that"

Sierra says, "oh right"

Isaiah shouts, "Oh crap! Ah fudge this! Come on guys we gotta go now!"

Isaiah immediately starts taking off his tuxedo as well as the others with their dresses and Tuxedos, as the crowd looked confused, concerned and worried.

Ethan asks, "Crap! Crap! Crap!"

Mia says, "has anyone seen my rapier?"

Jonny asks, "hey whose is this?"

Jonny accidentally fires a firearm which startles everyone.

David replies, "that'll be mine"

Jonny says, "oops sorry"

The team was fully geared up.

Isaiah says, "okay guys lets go!"

The team runs off the stage, Garrett and the contest winners awkwardly looks back at the audience.

Garrett say, "well, I guess that's all, have a good day and Godbless you all?"

The crowd then claps.

Well guys it's finally over, also if you want to see the alternate verison of this, you can go to FanFiction to see it

Whelp that's all for now have a good day and Godbless you all