I had a slight dilemma. When was it too early to use those three little words? Thomas and I had known each other for quite a while but hadn't been dating for that long. Regardless, I did love him as a friend beforehand: was it safe for the feeling to evolve now that he was my boyfriend?

I had a feeling that I needed to wait until he told me that he loved me. I didn't want to make an ass out of myself… again.

I missed him whenever he went to film, something that I wasn't used to. It wasn't often because he only had a minor role but it put in perspective of how filming actually worked compared to what we saw on TV. It took almost a week to shoot one episode and the major actors could be away for at least three months at a time to film one season.

I had much more respect for actors after meeting Thomas.

It had been another rough week at work and I was doing what I did best: winding down at the bar. It gave me time to think about something Thomas put in my mind, that the ones I had called my friends for the longest, really weren't my friends. They were associates at best because friends would've been at the bar with me. Sure, we had our weekly get-togethers and would go out to the club every now and then. But I couldn't think of a time where any of them would join me at the bar after work. It wasn't like I never tried to invite them: I had pulled a Thomas plenty of times, shooting out a text to come join me because I had a rough day. But to be fair, they had families.

Thomas always said that was just an excuse…

So, yeah: I found myself alone as always at the bar, winding down. I never figured out why I didn't drink at home, maybe I just liked the atmosphere. Nevertheless, I wasn't letting it get me depressed and I found myself relaxing little by little. I damn near jumped out of my skin when a pair of arms wrapped around me tightly. I calmed down and smiled widely: Thomas had snuck into town.

But then I realized that it wasn't Thomas, their arms weren't large enough. I swung around and my eyes widened as Ryan smiled widely at me. "Hey, babe. Damn, I missed you," I was so glad that it seemed like he moved in slow motion: he was going in for a kiss. At the last second, I moved my head and he ended up kissing my cheek but a satisfied hum came out and he wrapped me in a tight hug.

I was confused. Even though I was with Thomas, I still texted Ryan. But, I didn't think he took those texts as me still wanting to sleep with him: I thought that was squashed when the guys won the championship game!

With the way he hugged me, and was still holding on to me, apparently not?

I looked and saw that there was a woman standing beside him, a smile on her face. It looked as though she had mixed feelings about her smile and I immediately caught on, prying myself away from his grasp. "Uh, your girlfriend might take you hugging me like this the wrong way…" I tried.

Ryan stopped hugging me and switched glances between me and the girl, finally laughing. "What? No, this is my sister. Savannah, this is Tamara." he introduced.

"Oh," I felt like shit but I shook her hand anyway. I saw the family resemblance then, the two had the same facial features, same color hair, and even eyes. They could've passed for twins had it not been that the two reminded me of how Charlie and I were, body shape-wise: he was lean and I was a pastry puff. But in their case, Savannah was a pretty pastry puff. "Sorry! He never told me he had a sister."

"It's okay, he doesn't really talk about family. You would think that having a twin sister would be something to talk about–" oh, they were twins. Yeah, Ryan: you should've mentioned that. "–meet you."

I blinked because I clearly missed something but I smiled anyway. "Same here. You wouldn't want to join me, would you?"

"Of course we're going to join you! I miss getting drunk with you." Ryan smiled.

This night wasn't going to end up well.

Or maybe I was paranoid? The three of us sat there and drank while I got to know Savannah better. There wasn't anything wrong with Ryan, overall: he really was someone I didn't mind hanging around. Savannah proved to be the same way, to the point that for the first time in my life, I felt that I wanted to be actual friends with someone first.

Ryan's hand on my knee took me off guard. I gave him a look and took his hand away. "You know, you've been really mean to me all night. What gives?" he asked and I sighed, more because I should've said something from the start.

"Ryan, I have a boyfriend."

"... And?"

"What do you mean, and?"

"You having a boyfriend has nothing to do with me being in between your legs." he smiled widely. Savannah sighed heavily while I just stared at him.

"You're, serious. What makes you think that I would cheat on him?"

"Because it's me, and we have history." he smiled at me and I sighed.

I was about to answer back until another pair of arms wrapped around me. Those arms I knew and I smiled, almost giggling. "Partying without me?" I could hear the smile in Thomas's voice. I turned around and gave him a wide smile but at the same time, a part of me felt a tinge of guilt because Ryan was with me.

Never mind the fact that I was doing nothing wrong.

Ryan gave Thomas a smile. "Tom! You're still– oh," he saw that Thomas wrapped his arm around my waist lovingly. "Tom is your boyfriend? Wow, okay."

"What did I miss?" Thomas asked with a smirk but gave me a loving kiss. "Is it a problem that I'm her boyfriend?"

"No, no problem. Wait, yes there is! You told me you didn't want her!" he actually laughed. It was Savannah that actually moved down so that Thomas could sit beside me.

"Perhaps I lied." he shrugged and then looked at Savannah. "You must be Ryan's sister," he said and introduced himself.

The four of us were stupidly drunk by the time we decided to call it a night. Savannah and I actually got each other's phone numbers and Thomas walked me to his car, hand-in-hand.

"Where are we going?"

"Home?" he gave me a look and laughed a bit.

"Not driving we are!" I pulled him close to me and put my hands in his pockets. I fished out his keys and stepped away as he laughed.

"You're right." he approached me and before I knew it, I was pinned to his car. He smiled before he gave me a smoldering kiss. "I'm a bit upset with you,"


"I come into town, trying to surprise you, and I find you sitting by Ryan of all people." he kept his smile and I laughed.

"It's not like I invited him, he snuck up on me," I smirked. "You don't have to be jealous of him, you should know that."

"I know. It's just a bit nerve-racking, pet. Maybe you should just travel with me when I go film."

"I think I like this level of possessiveness." I smiled widely and he laughed.

It didn't freak me out, honestly. I thought that it was cute that Thomas was jealous enough to basically want to superglue me to his hip. I didn't tell him that Ryan didn't even care that I had a boyfriend in the first place: he probably would've strangled him on sight!

Savannah proved to be a good friend already in such little time and I was thankful for that. She was the total opposite of her brother, not sex-craved at all and just, reserved. Before I knew it, I told her about my life, from how I met Thomas to how my other friends reacted when he came to the house.

I didn't expect her to be so, lively about the situation.

She would only be in town for a little while so I tried to take her around as much as possible. Because Thomas was on a small break from filming, I had expected for him to tag along as much as he could but that wasn't the case. I found out that he had absolutely no problem with me being around Savannah: it was only her brother.

Regardless, I found myself for the first time meeting her at the AirB&B the two were renting while they were in town: Ryan was still in the process of moving altogether but he wasn't too keen on staying in a hotel the whole time.

I had to look twice at the place, it wasn't what I had expected for either of them to rent. It wasn't run down but it had seen better days. The grass was overgrown too much for my liking and I found myself looking down to make sure I didn't step on any hidden snakes. The awning was chipped awfully and the brick on the side looked as though someone carelessly took a powerwasher to it.

It was the beginning of a full mess.

I was about to knock on the door until it swung open and a very leggy and tan blonde walked out. She stopped only for a second and gave me a look before she turned and faced Ryan with a smile. "See you tomorrow?" her voice way too bubbly for my liking and it took all I had to not cringe: she thought that I was there for him.

To make matters worse, Ryan shrugged but gave her a smile. "I'm going to be pretty busy tomorrow. I'll call you. Princess," he damn near purred and put all of his attention on me. The woman narrowed her eyes at me before leaving in a huff. "You look good enough to eat." he made it a point to say it loud enough for the blonde to hear and I rolled my eyes with a chuckle.

"You're terrible." I shook my head and went inside.

"What? You're my number one and you know that." again, he showed off. I turned to look at him but I caught a glimpse of the woman slamming her car door and peeling away from the driveway. I finally laughed.

"What was that all about?"

"Eh. She thought I was joking about not having an actual relationship with her. You have great timing; she actually thinks I'm going to invite her to move in with me!"

"How long have you known her?"

"... hard to tell, really," he made his way into the kitchen. I had to admit that while the outside of the house wasn't all that, inside was nice. "The unimportant ones are well, unimportant." he went into the fridge and pulled out a water.

"Oh my God…" I laughed. "You really are terrible!"

"So, are you still with Tom?"

"Of course. Why would that change in what, two weeks?"

"You never know." he looked at me and I just huffed. I did take the water that he gave me and went into the living room. Savannah came through and gave us a smile.

"Is she gone?" she eyed her brother and he nodded. "Ugh, I didn't like that one."

"Me neither," I laughed. "But your brother has weird taste so…"

"Excuse you? I have excellent taste in women," he said with a lot of dignity. "Am I allowed to join you two this time?"

"Nope. Girls' night only." Savannah stuck her tongue out. I downed half of my water and got up.

"Don't wait up." I joked and the two of us left.