2019 X 24

A smear in the puddle... Can you see?

It's been dying there choking beneath the sea.

Would you are pull it out? Stain your hands?

Decline the raging voice in the back of your head?


It's mingling, fading in your eyes, while you pretend

To search for a half-baked solution, for it to descend...

You're alone now and the crumbling sand won't pause.

Not favorable is the outcome, which you sought.


A tear rolls down, as it's heartbeat halts...

The pulse is lost, might as well bury in salt.

A funeral? A mourning? Don't make me laugh!

The one, who is responsible, won't pay the staff!


You'll run away? Yes, that's the peek of your worth...

I'll tun away? Shameful of me, to abandon mistakes...

I'll look in the mirror and blame in on you.

What a pitiful way to nail the guilt through.