2019 III 21

Should I miss you that much?

Ten years seemed to fly in my eyes,

Now, when I recall those little sparks of trust,

Now, that my mind seems to echo in cries.


I miss you. But should I cry?

Should I waste my time in this pitiful mourning?

Yes, I won't see you, but that's not an alibi...

I'm already a mess, should I indulge in this crawling?


Should I nurture my past, or look at the future?

It's bleak, let's go back.

Put it on repeat... But I hate this suture!

It's clutches me, keeps me in a sack!


And it's dark here, it's quiet, it's lonely -

There is not a single speck of air to plead!

And I'm overthinking, careless, eyes sewn wholly -

There is no light, that could grow this seed!


So it will rot, along with the one you know...

Along with the faith and dreams.

Don't lie to yourself, the past was eaten by a jealous crow.

So there was nothing to protect it seems...


Then should I take another route?

The one, where I turn into statue?

Cement's murmurs aren't rude,

their displayed, unashamed and in fatigue...


So should I?...