Heart breaking attraction

The feeling of embarrassment, and the plunging cascade of heart-breaking attraction. It's the snarky thief of confidence, this attraction. slowly chipping away the walls of your castle. The very same castle you built exceedingly high, so high that its towers whisper to the blackened sky.

For whom do you long, girl of the night? For a boy who never stopped to gaze at you? A foolish boy who looked down at you so very often. It hurt like the kiss of a blade across your chest, didn't it? Oh, how naive you were to think that he'd protect you from the horrors of the worlds.

For whom do you care, girl of the night? For a boy you've known for an entire lifetime but remains an enigma of mystery. For the same boy that loiters at the edge of your thinning walls? Tears roll down your cheek, dragging streaks of black kohl in its wake. He brushes past your small shoulder, barely stealing a glance at your starless dress. Only to hold a gloved hand of the stranger dressed in the deepest shade of crimson.

For whom do you weep, girl of the night? For the boy of the night? But he chose his mate. Yet this beating organ in its cage will not be pacified to forget. The reckoning of your soul, that's what the heart is, yet it's funny how you cannot survive without it. It suffocates you pleading to stop the boy with fiery eyes, for death is what the crimson lady will gift him.

Now you're nothing but a stranger, to the only boy you ever loved. You have failed girl of the night. But you are not fickle and weak for loving with a wounded heart. No, no, no. You are salient, benevolent and remarkable. But not weak, never weak. You are a starless sky, subtle yet powerful. This heart-breaking attraction will never harm you again, girl of the night.