I sat on a cafe to drink a special offer specialty coffee while complete reading Game of Thrones season 1, I sat outside due to the annoying music inside, there was only table & 2 chairs.

An old guy came, say hello & sat next to me.

I replied to him by the same.

Then I start thinking'is he gonna ask me for a financial help?'

You see the beggars right now came to the cafes, restaurants...& even works to ask for a money.

I stand & went to cafe clerk to see why he is late, even everyone knows that specialty coffee take more time to be prepared, but I did it to avoid the beggar.

But I told myself 'Even if I didn't wanna give him anything, at least I can order him a cup of coffee or tea or a cold drink'.

So I looked at him & asked "wanna drink?"

He said "thanks but no need to, I only came here to smoke." Then he pulled a cigarette & start smoking.

"I couldn't smoked inside because it's forbidden & my family is inside." He continued to smoke.

I told him it's OK to smoke outside, since it's an open area.

Then the clerk bring the coffee in the paper cup, I asked why not the porcelain cup, he said that they don't have these cups yet.

I felt disappointed, paper cups are for hurry people who have no time to relax, unlike porcelain or glass cups who force you to wait & enjoy the time.

I hummed to open cup cover, but stopped after the guy told me not to do it, to protect the coffee from the smokes & dust.

Then a woman & little girl came out from the inside, the girl came to hug the guy, he was her Dad.

& then the guy went to a bigger car than mine, which approved one thing in my mind 'he wasn't a beggar.'

After that the clerk brought the invoice & I shocked because it was more than I ordered, he said the offer was for specialty coffee includes cappuccino, latte...etc but not a plain one.

I paid quickly & didn't wait & lose more time & patience in arguing with him about coffee.

The final lessons in the end is don't ever sit in a cafe that put coffee in a paper cups only.