Farming Case

It is harvest time

Just hear them tractors whine

As they go

Up and down the fields all day long

I am one of those

Combine driving fools

A farmer to the bone

No doubt about it

Sometimes I give myself the creeps

Massey fergerson's the one for me

The fields I'm ploughing up

My tractor's cracking up

Am I just sowing corn or am I stoned

I went to see a shrink

To analyse my dreams

She said its lack of scrump

Bringing me down

I went down the dog and duck

And drank til I was wrecked

And got kicked out

For bringing everyone down

I spend my days in those great fields

The rural life is my big deal

The fields I'm ploughing up

The sheep dip's full of muck

Am I just growing crops or am I stoned?

Pitchfork in the hay

Rural all the way

Ooh arrrr

Tomorrow I'll be herding sheep

My collie's real quick on her feet

One man is just wrong

Good job I've got my dog

Am I a shepherd god or am I stoned