Chapter 12th

Rose Marie had driven the boys home to the beach house, while the nannies followed behind since they will take over watching them. Even though Rose Marie was going to try and tell them the news that there father won't be coming home for awhile.

Christopher and James ran into the back of the house to work on their home work from the teachers. Only Lee Jr.
was too young at age nine months. One of the nannies took Lee Jr. upstairs to his crib to be placed down his his usual nap. While the other would be downstairs keeping an eye on Christopher and James.

Rose Marie didn't know how to tell them. Either she would just say the truth or just sugar coat it until she knows for sure that Lee Crane won't be staying long in the Medical center. However with both Christopher and James were both smart and they can figure it out quickly.

She watched Christopher work on his history studies, while James was having a hard time with his math. "Boys, do you need help?" She asked with concern for the both of them. In unison..."We will be fine Mommy. And besides Daddy is going to be home soon." They said to have Rose Marie deciding not to say anything for the time being.


Chief Sharkey was pushing the FS-1 to the limit in order to reach the Institute medical center with Captain Lee Crane on board. Doctor Jamieson was keeping a close eye on his patient placed tightly in the seat behind Chief Sharkey, while Commander Adams was on the radio calling for landing clearance at the heliport.

"Roger...over and out." Commander Adams replied. He turned to face Chief Sharkey to let him know that the FS-1 has landing clearance. "The ambulance and corpsmen will be waiting doctor once the FS-1 lands."

"Thanks Commander Adams. Captain Lee Crane is going to have the best possible medical care while he's staying in the medical center." Doc said with looking over at the sleeping captain and his face looking so ashen.

Twenty five minutes later...

Chief Sharkey landed with the stretcher being brought up to the hatchway to place the captain on it. Sharkey asked Commander Adams to send a message to the Seaview to let them know they have arrived at the Institute.

"Right away Chief." Adams replied with going to work to send a coded message to Sparks.

Meanwhile Doctor Jamieson followed behind the stretcher into the medical center in order to have his patient settled. It was going to take some time with all of the additional tests, shots, blood and cultures to be sure he was going to be just fine after spending time on the island.


Admiral Nelson came to the Control room asking Commander Morton just how much longer it was going to be be before the Seaview arrives into Santa Barbara. He was very much anxious to spend time visiting his friend and captain in the hospital. No doubt just about everyone and including Kowalski and Patterson will need to know as well.

"Ten hours further sir before we arrive home. Commander Adams sent a coded message to let us know they have arrived safe and sound." Morton announced to see that the Admiral was able to relax further with the news.

"What about Captain Tellus?" Nelson needed to ask the question.

"Captain Tellus has been in contact with ONI about the spy that is locked up. He had found out that the agent on the island that helped Lee has disappeared and gone into hiding for the time being until new orders are received. Otherwise he will be leaving the Seaview once we dock."

"I had feeling he was going back to his office in San Francisco, while ONI no doubt will be needing a full report." Nelson says with telling Morton that he will be going to his cabin finally for some sleep having to caught up to him.

"Very well sir, I will be sure to let everyone else know you're not to be disturbed." Morton responded with checking in with each station before his own watch will be over in an hour and Executive officer Stu Riley takes over.