Christmas from the heart

Chapter Two

It was getting worst outside of the cave. Tuni and Swanie never liked thunder and lightening for there early years. The radioman Geoffrey Gaines had made a fire with the brush that was inside the cave. There were no animals of any kind. Since he had scoped it out a number of times during his visit.

"Try and sleep the both of you. Hopefully soon the thunder and lightening is going to end soon." He said with placing more dry twigs into the flames bringing up the heat sensation.

Closing there eyes. He felt better that they were here and not in that storm. Even though the parents were dead being killed by the blowing winds to knock them both into the river.

He was able to fall asleep himself with the last sounds of the two boys asleep and snoring.

Captain Lee Crane had gathered all of the rescue teams into the cargo bay to discuss the options. He was restless in a way that it was able to be picked up by those attending. "I will be in charge of the teams. We will need to check every inch of the island to see if we are able to find the children and the Naval personnel."

"And what about the Tsunami sir?' Kowalski dressed in his green fatigues asked the question standing next to his friend Patterson.

"It's why we need to be quick about it everyone. Reports tell us it can happen at any time. So we need to move out quick with the Continental and other rescue vehicles. I will pilot the Continental, while Kowalski, Commander Adams will take out the FS1 and FS-2. So stand by now with getting the teams ready." Lee said with moving away to head on over to the Continental to check the controls. Doctor Jamieson and a corpsman will be carrying medical supplies in case they find the children.

Everyone broke up to head towards the destination. The Control room was going to be very busy in a few moments with all of the traffic. Radar and sonar men Phil Simpson and Ron Hanson will be in charge to keep track of the storm and the Tsunami.

Commander Morton already had a headache just thinking what can happen with the rescue operation during the holiday season. Even his own wife Connie was planning something special. However now on this particular cruise really messed things up for everyone.

On board the Continental...

Captain Lee Crane placing the ear phones over his head in order to speak with the other vessels and Sparks. He was anxious to get onto the island to begin the search. Sitting next to him was Chief Francis Sharkey in the co-pilot's seat, and behind him was a team that was basically new to the Seaview, even though they had experience in the Navy seals.

"Continental to Seaview we are ready to take off." Lee said with his request over the mike in his hand.

"Roger Continental and good luck Skipper." Morton replied from the plotting table.

As they take off from the hatchway of the cargo bay. The Continental flew up into the sky after breaking the surface. They were able to be seen over the radar and sonar systems of the Control room.

Lee Crane once again had butterflies in his stomach with the power of the new vessel developed by the Institute and his wife Commander Rose Marie Crane.

He looked back at the rest of the group anxious to get started with the search of the island. The situation was not getting any easier for those on the island. The rain and wind had picked up a great deal making it hard for the rest of the personnel.

Twenty minutes later the Continental and the combat/rescue group flew over the island with the howling wind, rains and the thunder and lightening was giving Captain Lee Crane trouble with the controls, otherwise he made a course change to head for the beach. While everyone was getting ready as well with the weather gear.

"We will land on the beach before the waves and tide begin to erode." Crane ordered exhaling into the lungs. He was trying to relieved some of the tension building in his bones.

Moments later...

Chief Sharkey opened up the hatchway to have the group move out of the vessel to begin looking for the children and Naval personnel...