Christmas from the heart

Chapter Three

On board the Seaview...Sparks was receiving reports from the both FS-1 and Two, along with the Continental that they had found the survivors. One thing for sure, they will need to move quick with the storm getting much worst...

Executive Officer Stu Riley was advised from Sparks that the FS-1 and two were heading back with twelve survivors both children, parents and Naval personnel having gotten caught during the storm while on leave. "Sickbay please have everything ready for the survivors." Riley said over the intercom.

"This is Doctor Mantelli, we are ready Executive officer." He replied having to be new to the Seaview having transferred in from Washington,
state medical center Naval base. Turning 56 years of age decided to asked the Institute to come and work for them after ten years.

"Very well doctor. They will be arriving with-in the next few moments. At least for them they will have a safe Christmas." He responded with a tear falling from his right eye all choked up with emotion.

Everyone working the Control room were excited with the news of the survivors.


Tuni and Swanie were having a ball inside the Continental. Doctor Jamieson having checked them over. They were doing well considered the situation. He handed them both chocolate bars and a hot drink in the containers. Lee Crane had changed his course to head for the Seaview...The situation on the island had gotten worst as the waters from the ocean had over taken half the island killing what animals were still alive.

Geoffrey Gaines was sitting next to them in the back since additional seats were added for this rescue mission. He looked over at the two of them enjoying themselves. He had no idea what was going to happen to them, as with the other survivors. No doubt they will be placed elsewhere with the island partially under water.

"How's the chocolate?" He asked wanting just a little piece.

Tuni gives him a big piece of the chocolate bar as he takes a piece and places the treat into his mouth. "Thank you." Tuni said to him as with Swanie smiling for a change.

Captain Lee Crane looked back to see the three doing really well since they were taken off the island. "We will be back on board the Seaview in 15 minutes." He smiled as Chief Sharkey was glad in a big way that they were able to do something constructed with saving them during the Christmas season. He was thinking about his wife Shane having recently married. She was back at the Institute working in the Communication Center with Admiral Nelson's best friend nickname Tish.


The Seaview was filled with general excited from all of the crew members. Sickbay had set up a make shift sick bay down in the main cargo hold to have the doctors and corpsman check out the survivors and have them stay on the cots to sleep and be fed until they reach the Hawalian islands to drop them off at the Naval medical base and than head on home to Santa Barbara.

Once the Continental had landed in the cargo bay number three. Doctor Jamieson with another corpsman arriving to take the three to sickbay for a full check up of shots, hot soup and sleep. While Captain Lee Crane headed for the Control room to make a full report to ONI and other authorities and including Admiral Nelson at the Institute.

"Sparks get me, Admiral Nelson at the Institute." Lee said still in his green fatigues.

"Aye Captain." He went to work on his board to call the Institute...

Admiral Nelson was in his office three days before Christmas and the Seaview was involved in the rescue operation on the island. He had felt really bad with sending them in the first place. Finishing up reading a financial report for three up and coming projects for the Naval department. He removed his specks in order to rub his tired, red eyes. He needed a break very badly after spending all day in his office.

The buzzer sounded having to be Angie his long time secretary getting ready to go on home and have dinner with her husband Derrick a naval adviser. "Sir, I have Captain Lee Crane of the Seaview on line two. It's on scramble sir." She made the announcement over the intercom.

"I will take it Angie. Have a good evening, hopefully I will be able to do the same." He presses the line to begin speaking to his friend and Captain of the Seaview. "Lee how did it go with the rescue operation?"

"Very well sir. We were able to rescue 15 in all from the island before the waters over took the island. Everyone is in relative good shape Admiral. Once we are able to drop them off at the Hawaiian island Naval medical center, we will be than be heading home to Santa Barbara, California." Lee said with his tone of voice.

"Maybe you and the crew will be able to make it back in time for Christmas eve and the celebration at the Institute." Nelson responded.

"We will surely try Admiral. The crew is very anxious to get home to their families." Lee said with looking towards ahead of him and the Control room personnel no doubt listening into the conversation.

"Thank you, Captain and congrats on the rescue operation. It's just too bad about the damage of the island. No doubt those children found will be relocated elsewhere?" He stated with his question.

"No doubt sir. By the way is Rose Marie working at the Institute today?" He asked about his wife.

"She left hours ago to head back home to the beach house and get in more Christmas shopping. She mention that she was going to check into your present." Nelson smirked over the intercom knowing what the gift was going to be.

"I told her that I didn't need anything for Christmas accept to have her and my family alive and well for the holiday." Lee says...

"Very well Captain. Have a safe trip back to Santa Barbara. I am going to sign off and get out of here. It's been a long day for me over all. Transmission over and out." Nelson says with shutting down the communications, placing his paperwork into his brown attache case to bring home and keep in his library. Afterwards he made one quick call to Commander Rose Marie Crane at the Beach house.

A moment later...

"Harriman, is everything ok?" She was some what worried that he was going to give her bad news of sorts.

"Yeah. Everything is just fine. The Seaview should be home in three days. The rescue operation was successful Commander. And by the way how did buying the new Camaro for Lee go?" Admiral Nelson had to asked with his curiosity in tack.

"It's going to be delivered Christmas day. However the color is not red but rather a light blue. We can both use on occasions to take those solo rides."

"Just as long as the both of you are happy as with the boys for the holiday." Nelson said before saying good night to Rose Marie sitting in the back yard of the beach house watching the oldest play with his toy submarine in the sand with James...

"Good night sir." The connection ends with Admiral Nelson gets up slowly having been planted in his seat a long time.