Author Notes: This is the final chapter for this story. Thanks for reading.

Christmas From The Heart

Chapter Four

The Seaview running at flank speed arrived at the Naval base at one of the islands to drop off the survivors in great shape. Naval personnel were waiting for them to take them to the medical center for a once over before the authorities were able to figure out what to do with them in the first place.

Radioman Geoffrey Gaines was sad with having to leave his two friends Tuni and Swanie. Though Geoffrey was getting married in two months to the woman Theresa Wright Communications specialist for the Navy. They had been thinking about having a child, even though there has been issues making it not possible at this time. Gaines once getting back to his work and his life. He was thinking about an idea with wanting to try and adopt Tuni and Swanie since the parents were dead.

He had thanks Captain Crane and his group with help getting them off the island before drowning. He went looking for the two to find them in the mist of playing with the other children in the day care center. Afterwards he went to make a call to his future wife Theresa.

As for the Seaview they were heading at flank speed to head back to Santa Barbara. Captain Lee Crane was tired and in need to rest. Otherwise making one last trip to check the submarine. He stopped off at the aft crew's quarters on deck C. He heard Kowalski talking to one of the crew members on asking..."Who do you think is going to play Santa Clause at the Institute?"

Patterson sitting next to him at the table drinking coffee with others listening on. "If I had to gather a guess Ski, it would be Admiral Nelson in spite the fact he hates it dressing up as Santa."

Lee had to chuckle outside of the crew's quarters. He walked off to head for his cabin with closing the door...


Christmas Eve...

All of the Institute personnel, children and Rose Marie with Christopher, James and Lee Jr. with the nanny were sitting in the audience waiting for Santa Clause to arrive with the gifts. Rose Marie was nervous that Admiral Nelson would change his mind about playing Santa Clause.

There was silence inside when the host of the evening to make the announcement. "Ladies and Gentleman including all of the children. Santa Clause has arrived..." As the curtain opens with Santa Clause in his sledge and filled with all kinds of presents.

"HO! HO!HO! Merry Christmas..." Santa says as three elves began taking the presents out asking the children to come up to the stage to receive their present.

There was so much excitement. Rose Marie and others were saddened in the fact that the Seaview so far hasn't arrived.


Matter in fact the Seaview did finally arrived into port. Captain Lee Crane being the last with Sharkey, Morton and Commander Adams rushed to leave the submarine to head for the celebration.

Lee had his red Cobra parked asking to drive Commander Morton and Sharkey, while Commander Adams had one of the security guards give him the jeep promising to return it after the evening was over.