The Wicked Oak Tree and the Child Molester

Chapter 1

By Shadowgate


18 year old Matthew Bon Foster was in his room one night and he was reflecting on the summer that was long over with. It was the summer of his lifetime as well as the summer that changed the lives of his three young friends. He got on his Facebook Account.

"It was early June when my parents and I moved from Houston here to Alvin TX. It's now mid-September and I've started community college. I graduated high school in May and I was fucking glad to get out of the Alief School District in Houston. They didn't prepare me for college. As for preparing me for the real world they didn't do that either. Then again nothing could prepare me for what happened this past summer. A registered sex offender moved into the neighborhood just after the July 4'Th Holiday. The majority were furious."


10 year old Zachary Bell Hines got out of bed. He showered and then had his toast and coco puffs. After that he jumped on his bicycle and soon met up with Matthew Bon Foster. Matthew became his mentor and good friend shortly after moving into the neighborhood in June.

Zachary and Matthew scored a friendship as soon they met. When he found out Matthew was into heavy metal he was pleased. He knew about some groups but not a lot. Matthew promised to introduce him to much more since he could see Zachary was one of those kids who didn't want to listen to modern pop music like most kids at his school. He introduced him to the 1990 classic album Souls of Black by Testament along with every Cradle of Filth album.

Zachary saw Matthew in his driveway and ran up to him. He asked "when does school start for you?"

Matthew answered "eight more weeks, same as you."

Zachary went on to ask a second question "are Jason and Helen at home jacking off?"

Matthew answered "I don't know how to answer that one."

Zachary introduced Matthew to Jason Cane Cotter and Helen Denise Claire soon after he moved into the neighborhood. Helen and Jason had been Zack's friends since first grade and they immediately took a liking to Matthew.

Zachary went on to say "I heard the registered sex offender finally moved in."

Matthew said firmly "yes a few days ago he moved in."

Zachary giggled and said "so now we know it's not a she after all."

Matthew replied "this isn't funny."

Zachary immediately stopped laughing.

Matthew added "I've no doubt your parents talked to you about this issue and I feel it's a must that I advise you as well."

Soon Helen Denise Claire and Jason Cane Cotter came up behind Matthew.

Matthew turned around and said "well how are you all this morning?"

Jason replied "I'm alright."

Helen answered "I am great and there's only two months of summer left so I want to make the most of it. I don't want to go back to school."

Matthew said "I have to go back considering I want to be a lawyer."

Jason said "I'm not worried about going back to school. I'm worried my parents are going to have heart attacks because that convicted child molester moved in."

Matthew nodded and Zachary said "he lives beside Mister Henderson just beyond that oak tree."

Helen said nervously "that old oak tree always gave me the willies."

Jason pointed his finger ahead and said "there's Mister Henderson in his driveway. Let's go see if he knows anything new."

All three children take off running toward Frank Henderson's house. Matthew smiles and soon catches up with his three young friends to see the Henderson's.

54 year old Frank Henderson and his wife Martha aged 52 had lived in Alvin all their lives. They never had kids but kids sure took a liking to them.

All four greet Mister Henderson and then Helen asked him "did you meet the son of a bitch yet?"

Frank was taken by surprise by her question and replied "did I meet whom?"

Zachary laughed and Jason verified Helen's question by saying "she means your new next door neighbor with the criminal record."

Frank answered "no I haven't met him but he's living there now. I don't really want to meet him and you kids might not even be legally allowed to be on my driveway due to that sign and the registered sex offender laws. At least don't come near my driveway anymore unless you see me out here because it's too close for comfort."

Matthew added "that's a good point. I'm 18 but I don't want to meet the newest neighbor either."

Frank gave Matthew a nod.

Helen asked "what happens if we're standing here and he comes out his front door? We're just visiting you and there's no cops around. How do they enforce that law?"

Frank answered "always be vigilant that's the best thing you can do and for generations the rule that has been taught to children is never get into a car with a stranger."

Jason said "yes sir and we'll remind the Danforth Brothers of that rule. Their mom sets a bad example by getting in the backseat of cars with men she doesn't even know."

Matthew and Zachary laugh and Helen is disgusted.

Helen scolded Jason by saying "don't even mention her name or her stupid kids."

Frank shakes his head in disbelief.

Matthew exhaled in frustration and said "there's another Goddamn adult in this neighborhood you three need to stay away from. Her fucking husband wants to kick my ass for wearing a Slayer t-shirt. But hey anytime that coward wants a throw down it's on."

Frank just smiled and then Matthew continued "I'd love to see that coward come at me. I'd love to bust in his motherfucking rib cage. Fuck that dumb motherfucker!"

Frank yelled "Matthew please! That's enough."

Matthew replied back "oh I'm sorry Mister Henderson I got carried away."

Zachary said "keep going, keep going."

Matthew shook his finger at Zachary.

Jason's cellphone rang and he answered it.

"Hello mom."

Jason said to Mister Henderson "it's my mom."

Mister Henderson commented "well I figured that out by the way you answered the phone I knew it sure wasn't the local plumbing service calling you."

Jason hangs up and he along with his three friends start laughing.

When Zachary stopped laughing he said "Jason you really had to verify it was your mom to Mister Henderson after answering 'hello mom.' Goddamn it Jason you're such a stupid clown."

Zachary and his three friends continue laughing and Mister Henderson says "alright everyone I'm getting a headache now Matthew please take your young friends and run along."

Right after Frank finished speaking a red car pulled up into the drive way of the house just beyond the old oak tree.

Jason freaked out and said "holy shit it's him."

Zachary whispered "holy shit is that really him?"

Right after Zachary whispered his one million dollar question he grabbed Matthew's arm causing Matthew to groan.

After letting out a groan Matthew said "I hope that's just a visitor."

Frank replied "no that's him I know his car."

Helen said "let's go stare him down."

Jason had a bright smile on his face and said "yeah" in a deep voice.

Mister Henderson said firmly "that's a bad idea."

Matthew added "seriously don't toy with him."

Helen and Jason both felt a rush of adrenaline shoot through them. Jason said "what the hell can he do let's fuck with him!"

Helen smiled at Jason and said "I dare you!"