The Wicked Oak Tree And The Child Molester

Chapter 21

By Shadowgate


It was 9:30 AM when Matthew woke up. He saw text messages and two missed calls on his phone. He got up to check on all three of the children. He was glad to see they were all fast asleep.

He then went back into the master bedroom and hit the bathroom for morning grooming. After that he tended to the text messages and missed phone calls. Upon calling his mom back he confirmed he did not need her to come back despite what happened.

"Mom of course I know you worry but we're all fine. The kids are asleep and I'm starving for breakfast so I must go now."

After that the phone conversation ended.

The second missed phone call was from Frank Henderson.

When he called back Frank answered and said "hello Matthew I just woke up 30 minutes ago. I heard what happened yesterday and I just can't believe Thelma Danforth was really that bad."

Matthew exhaled and replied "I'm glad I sent her ass to prison let me tell you. Furthermore I never thought it would be so hard to look after three kids. Let me tell you Thelma Danforth and her husband aren't the only loud mouth parents around here. I am betting that before the two-week period is over, I will deal with more parents who don't care if children are strip searched in school just so long as they can complain about their neighbor's way of parenting."

Frank spoke back "well in your case a criminal who was a parent made it hard to look after three innocent children."

"No shit" Matthew responded.

Frank went on "speaking of criminals a certain neighbor of mine has been seen throughout the community. Who knows where he might be next?"

Matthew pointed out "how can he afford to live in this neighborhood? When you're convicted of a felony there are so few jobs available, but he's got a fucking two story house."

Frank's response was "well I spoke to him briefly last week and the only reason I happen to speak to him is because we are neighbors. Anyhow he told me he has two jobs. He works construction and he works at a restaurant."

Matthew nodded and then his phone rang.

"It's Helen" he said before answering it.


Helen responded "I saw your text to me that you are out with Mister Henderson eating at the new restaurant. We are all jealous."

Matthew told her he was sorry but he wanted a little grown up time with Mister Henderson. The phone call soon ended.

Matthew told Mister Henderson "the kids are definitely awake. I'd better hurry up and eat."

Mister Henderson pointed out "the waitress is coming" to which Matthew said "good."

They soon began eating their eggs, sausage, and bacon.

"Aside from having a big appetite this morning I also have a big desire to tell you about the old oak tree that was wiped out by the tornado."

Matthew smirked and replied "what about it?"

Frank answered "well here it is 2015 and this neighborhood we both live in was built in 1955. Of course the tree that once stood in my front yard was said to be much older."

Matthew commented "Zachary took a wild guess that it was 100 years old."

Frank nodded and said "he could have been right."

Matthew asked "well what on earth was it about that tree aside from looking spooky in the dark?"

Frank answered "well they didn't call it the old wicked oak tree for nothing. In 1975 the house I live in now was left vacant for a year. As a result of the owner moving out that tree was left for any kid to play on."

"Okay" Matthew responded before guzzling down his orange juice.

Frank stated "during the spring of 1975 three children were seen playing on it. Two of them were eight-year-old twin boys and the third was a girl aged nine."

Mister Henderson went on to explain "the two boys allegedly pointed out the house I currently live in was vacant. They both ran up to the tree and started climbing it. One of the boys said he thought the tree was haunted because as you pointed out it looks creepy to some at night. The other twin boy responded, 'let's chant bloody Mary."

Matthew giggled and Mister Henderson told him "don't laugh for they did that and it's said that after five times they saw a yellow flash. The nine-year-old girl screamed 'oh my God you both have done it this time."

Matthew asked, "so what happened after that?"

Mister Henderson answered "well later that night the girl told her parents about what had happened. They of course blew it off like you're doing now. As I mentioned this took place in spring. Shortly before that school year ended the two boys and their parents were killed on the road when an 18-wheeler lost control. As for the girl well the next school year shortly before her tenth birthday she died a horrible way."

Matthew asked, "how did she die?"

Mister Wilson answered "she was in her school library one afternoon and she threw up suddenly. Her teacher yelled at her for not asking to go to the school clinic. Then right after her teacher yelled at her she started throwing up blood and collapsed. She died in that school library."

Matthew said to Mister Henderson "for some reason I am starting to believe the wicked tale you're telling me."

Mister Henderson stated firmly "that's the tale of the wicked oak tree in this community. Thanks to a tornado it's no more."

Soon the waitress brought them the bill which Mister Henderson paid. Matthew rushed back to the three kids he was in charge of. He was not eager to tell them the tale Mister Henderson told him.

When he got back to the house, he found Jason and Zachary irritated because Helen beat them at Mario Cart.

The rest of the day flew by fast, and Matthew was in the kitchen doing dishes after dinner when he heard Helen scream "oh my God you guys got through the parental controls."

Matthew marched straight from the kitchen into the living room.

"Check it out Matthew we're watching The High School Massacre Show."

Matthew replied, "I've heard about that show it just started a few months ago and at the end of every episode there's supposed to be a bloody murder."

Jason stated, "we're at the end of this episode."

The screen shows an angry man with a shotgun who yells "you bullied my daughter!"

Then the man fires the shotgun and blood flies everywhere.

Helen yelled "I'm not allowed to watch that show and my parents have that whole channel blocked. How'd you get it unblocked? When they get back, I'm not taking the fall for you two!"

Matthew yelled "holy shit I can't let the two of you watch this if Helen's parents had it blocked. Helen if your parents have bad memories like mine there's no way they'd remember that code without writing it down so where did you two find it?"

Zachary blurted out "Jason guessed it was the date of the Claire's wedding anniversary."

Jason exhaled and gave Zachary a look of irritation before saying "thanks a lot Zachary."

Matthew firmly insisted "if all our parents find out about this which they will I'm not getting in trouble over this shit. Jason you're not getting out of this."

Helen suggested she text her parents and let them know what happened. Five minutes after she did Jason's phone and Zachary's phones rang.

They both answered at the same time and then they both told Matthew at the same time "they want to talk to you."

Matthew moaned and stated "you both got me in trouble, well one at a time. Jason I'll talk to your parents first."

Matthew took Jason's phone and said "hello."

A few seconds later Matthew replied, "hello Mister Harris Cotter."

Then 15 seconds later he shouted "you want me to do that? You're actually granting me permission to do that?"

Then Matthew said, "okay well first let me talk to Zachary's parents and then I'll go from there."

After Matthew talked to Blake Hines looked at both boys and said "you two aren't going to believe what your punishment is. Talk to your dads both of you."

Both boys were shocked to find out Matthew was told by their dads to get a belt and give them three strikes a piece on their asses. Before Matthew marched them upstairs, he got a phone call from his mom saying she heard what happened but expressed her disapproval.

Matthew responded "well you and the other sets of parents put me in charge mom, and you're outvoted two to one. Goodbye!"

When they both got upstairs to the master bedroom Matthew said, "consider yourselves my little bros and I hate to have to do this but if I don't you know your parents would once, they got home."

Jason and Zachary both nodded and were clearly resigned to fate. Helen stayed downstairs in the living room.

After she heard six whacks and two boys screaming for their lives from upstairs, she started to cry as she felt bad about getting them in trouble.

To Be Continued