Hey guys, i am back for my third and final installment to the trilogy, this is the moment you've all been waiting for, but before we begin, i would like to give a big shout out for Salamandra for the artwork she has drawn for me, she's available on Wattpad so go and find her after reading this,

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Recap: the journey began a few weeks back, when we were just having a fun, enjoying life, and living the best as we could, however though a friend of mine named Tyler was feeling down because he missed his parents, and I can't blame him, I know how he felt, so I came up with a solution on finding his parents, we were all full of hope on finding them, but we didn't realize that someone else had plans for us, the Phantom Menace trapped us in a labyrinth made out of our memories and he placed the people in our life in peril, we had no choice but to go along with this insanity of his, little did I know that he has plans for my friend Tyler, he believed that he was some sort of Guardian Bird, and he was right about it, we had to put a stop to his plan before he could harm anyone else, after rescuing Tyler, everything else kinda blacked out, I didn't know what was happening, but i assumed Tyler has saved all of us with his newly discovered powers, it wasn't before long we found ourselves at the hands of the Everlasting Empire, they wanted to take over the Universe under rule of Emperor Zion, but we refused to stand idly by while they subjugate our home or any others, along the way we made friends old and new, we even got to meet Tyler's parents, I mad a promise that I'll get their son back from the Empire, even though some of our friends were missing, but I'm sure they were fighting alongside us even if they were somewhere else, when we had to rescue Tyler yet again, I discovered some things that shocked me to my core, and it costed my friend's life, eventually we face Emperor Zion and we took down his Empire with the help of a special friend, and we finally got Tyler to reunite his parents, just when things were turning in our favor, things got worse, a lot worse, my name is Isaiah Lozano, and this is how it begins, the Fate of worlds rest in our hands, The Universal Knights


( In the imperial city of new Jerusalem, the dark beam gets shoot up into the sky, causing the sky's to go dark as it spreads across the city, inside the wreckage of the imperial mothership, the tanks filled with human beings were cracked and damaged, they open their eyes as they were glowing a purple color, a massive explosion bursts In the middle of the wrecked city, all of the citizens look in fright, giant human like monsters emerge of what's left of the ship, the civilians run from the monsters in panic, one of the monsters moves its arm to the right, as the debris flies everywhere, Abaslom and his family looks at the monsters outside the hospital, all of them look in fright )

Ebony asks, "Uncle Abby? What are those things?"

Abaslom replies, "come on! Let's get out of here!"


( Maria, Tiffany, and Robin Hood were watching from a distance, all of them looked horrified )

Robin Hood asks, "What sort of creatures are those?!"

Maria replies, "Rippers! There in the city!"

( Maria pulls out an arrow that looks like a twig and places it on her bow, her eyes glow yellow as a purple bud forms on the tip of the arrow, she fires the arrow into the air, the arrow explodes of purple spores )


( Wilfred and Mia looks over to dark skies, they also see the Rippers destroying the remains of the city )

Wilfred says, "This is not good at all"

Mia says, "come on, we better go find the others!"



( David and the team looks in shock and fright at the sight of the Rippers )

Jonny asks, "What?! Rippers?! Here?! Now?!"

Bia says, "this is impossible, I thought they only roam around in space"

( David looked nervous at the Rippers at the sight of the monsters )


( Emperor Zion stares down to the devastation of his city, hearing the screams and cries of his people, He looks in horror )

"No!" Said Emperor Zion in a quiet tone

( the cloaked old man walks past Emperor Zion, the cloaked old man was wearing a cloak over him with a hood over his head and armor over him, his armor was pure black that covered every inch of his body, he was also wearing a crow mask over his face, the old man approaches the ledge, he looks down upon New Jerusalem )

"And so it begins"

( Emperor Zion breaks his bonds with little effort, he grabs his sword and shield and looks at the cloaked figure )

"Ahh, so you could've easily broken out of those bonds, how interesting" said the cloaked figure

Emperor Zion asks, "who are you?"

"I am the Raven, but you already knew that don't you Baldrich, oh I'm sorry, Emperor Zion"

( Emperor Zion points his sword at the Raven )

"How dare you attack other worlds that had done nothing to you" said Emperor Zion

The Raven asks, "really? Weren't you the one that wanted to oppress the people under your rule?"

"I wanted to protect the people of every world from the likes of you"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't you have a spirit crest of a sort?"

"Your right, I should've, I lost it due to my sins, I have failed my people, I have failed my king, and I have failed everyone..."

( Emperor Zion clenches his sword, he looks at the Raven straight in the eye )

"...I may never atone for them, but I won't let you fulfill your evil desire, I won't let you destroy everything our worlds!"

( Emperor Zion then charges at the Raven with full force while shouting, the Raven lifts up his right hand, Emperor Zion strikes down on the Raven, but a shield made out of darkness blocks the attack )

"Really? Is that the best you could do oh Emperor Zion" said the Raven in a mocking tone

Emperor Zion replies, "not a chance"

( Emperor Zion pulls his sword back and bashes his shield with shield, pushing Him against the ledge, as the Raven falls off the ledge, he then suddenly disappears, Emperor Zion looked confused, as the Raven teleports in the air, he forms a spear from the darkness, he dives down towards Emperor Zion, Emperor Zion bashes the spear away with his shield, as the Raven gets knocked back but then backflips through the air and lands on the ground, Emperor Zion lunges his sword towards Raven, but the Raven manages to teleport before he could get the chance to stab him, the Raven was flash stepping all over the palace )

"He's moving at fast speeds, I can't catch up with him, I'm gonna have to lose some weight"

( the Raven continues to flash step all around him, the Raven was behind him, Emperor Zion then ejects his shield towards the Raven as it fly's towards him, the Raven creates an axe from darkness and slices the shield in half, Emperor Zion charges at the Raven with both of his hands on his sword, the Raven transforms the axe into a single edged sword, Emperor Zion begins swinging his sword at all directions 15 times, the Raven parry's all the attacks with one hand, Emperor Zion does a vertical strike, the Raven dodges to the right and slides Emperor Zion's blade against his, before the blade touches the ground, Emperor Zion lets go of his sword and grabs onto the Raven's neck and right arm )

"Got you!" Said Emperor Zion

( the Raven then teleports out of Emperor Zion's Grasp, Emperor Zion looked baffled, a dagger lunges into his chest, Emperor Zion looks in shock and pain as he hisses from the pain he's experiencing, the Raven was behind him while he thrusted the dark blade into him, Emperor Zion turns around to delivers a power punch, the Raven dodges the blow as the darkness forms around his arm making a giant arm, he grabs onto Emperor Zion's arm and throws him against the wall, Emperor Zion crashes into 5 walls as he screams out in pain, Emperor Zion crashes to the final wall as he was outside, his body was torn up with multiple bruises and flesh wounds everywhere, Emperor Zion vomits out blood as he puts his hand on the gapping wound in his chest, the Raven flash steps to his right side as he walks towards him with his hands behind his back )

"Tsk tsk tsk, this is very disappointing, you had 70 years to prepare for this moment and yet the results are a failure as can be, that is quite pathetic"

( the Raven kicks over Emperor Zion as he was severely wounded, the Raven creates a blade out of darkness )

"Now then, so you want to pay for your sins, this is the only way to do so, only in death you shall be set free"

( a glowing orange light reflects off his helmet, a sudden fire ball hits him in the face, the Raven falls down to the ground, the Raven gets up from the attack, someone was walking out from the smoke, it appeared to be the Flame Walker with his eyes glowing a fiery orange and his hands coming out smoke, he looks at Emperor Zion with a stern look, Emperor Zion looks at the Flame Walker with him gritting his teeth, the Flame Walker then looks at the Raven )

"Hey! Are you the one that's causing all this darkness?" The Flame Walker asks vigilantly

The Raven replies, "yes that is true, but what made you draw from that conclusion"

"When The Rippers showed up out of nowhere, I spotted you overhead and I figured it could've been someone that just came out of nowhere, plus I can sense unrealamounts of darkness from within you"

"I see, so what are you going to do? Are you gonna save the helpless Emperor, or do you hope that you could defeat me?"

"I can't really do much about him, even if I tried to save him you would just tried to kill us both"

"Heh, very smart of you to say, so now, do you wish to fight me?"

( the Flame Walker gets into his fighting stance )

"I'm not the kind of person who asks for a fight, but something tells me your too dangerous to be let loose around here, as a matter a fact, I won't hold back, not even for a bit, I'm gonna bring an end to what your doing before you cause anymore damage, and I hope you know, you brought his upon yourself"

( the Flame Walker takes off the ring on his right hand, he then drops it on the ground, his entire body begins to emit this flaming aura as he begins to groan, but then a flame pillar shoots up into the sky while he screams from the top of his lungs, Emperor Zion stares at the Flaming pillar with amazement in his eyes, the Raven stares at it not even being phased by it )

The Raven says, "that's some intense power he has there, fine then, I'll just play along then"

( dark aura begins to emit off his body, a pillar of darkness shoots up into the air as well, Emperor Zion gets up from the ground while putting his hand on his chest, both of them stop charging up, the Flame Walker's body was completely covered in flames, he opens his eyes as they were completely glowing fiery orange, the Raven's goggles were glowing yellow, both of them stare at each other for a bit, both of them lunge towards each other, as they move at fast speed they clash against each other, a massive explosion with a mixture of fire and darkness, Emperor Zion gets knocked back by the shockwave before the explosion hits him, Emperor Zion begins to fall down, Sir Benzion jumps in the air and catches him, Sir Benzion pulls out a short sword and stabs it into the wall, both of them slide down the wall, Sir Benzion lands on the ground, the soldiers were around him )

Sir Benzion shouts, "your Emperor is wounded! Go and get medical aid"

( Grand Admiral Talia and a Doctor comes towards them, she kneels down and adjusts his head )

"Emperor! What has happened to you?!" Grand Admiral Talia asks in a scared tone

( all of them look in the air, as the Flame Walker and the Raven fly out of the explosion, Emperor Zion points his hand upward )

"No!" Said Emperor Zion


( the Flame Walker flies after the Raven as he flies through the city, the Flame Walker throws fire balls towards the Raven, the Raven maneuvers through the fireballs, he then creates a dark giant bow and arrow and shoots it at the Flame Walker, the Flame Walker dodges the arrow and comes flying at him faster, he begins punching at the Raven, the Raven blocks the punches with his arms, the Flame Walker then enflames his entire left fist and thrusts it forward, the Raven flash steps from the attack, the Flame Walker looked confused, as the Raven double kicks him from behind, sending him crashing into the concrete road, the Raven then pushes him through the concrete, the Flame Walker then punches him and sends him flying in the air, the Raven then recovers from the attack, the Flame Walker shoots out multiple amounts of fire balls at the Raven, the Raven flash steps every attack the Flame Walker throws at him, the Flame Walker then creates a bigger fire ball and throws at the Raven, the Raven gets hit by the fire ball which creates a massive explosion, the Flame Walker pants, the Raven then flash steps in front of him, he then pushes the Flame Walker, sending him flying through the air, the Flame Walker then recovers, however though the Raven flys at him and pushes him through the air )


( Abaslom and his family were rushing through the hospital, Eliana was in bed holding the baby was in bed as the nurse was pushing her, Abaslom was holding onto his niece and nephew )

"Come guys, we gotta go faster! there's no telling when those things might come after us"

The nurse says, "I'm moving as fast as I can! I'm pushing two people here!"

"Just move as fast as you can before-"

( in slow motion, the Raven pushes the Flame Walker through the walls, all of them look in shock, as time resumes, the Raven continues to push the Flame Walker through walls, the floor begins to crumble, everyone begins to fall down as the building collapses while they scream, Captain Universe teleports right beside them, he then teleports all of them out of there, they were outside the city )

"Are you okay?" Captain Universe asks in a concern tone

Abaslom replies, "yeah we're okay, thank you so much"

( Captain Universe looks up, seeing both the Raven and the Flame Walker fighting in the sky )

"This looks bad, if this battle keeps up, more and more people will be endangered, but what can I do? In a situation like this?" Captain Universe thought

( he begins clenching his hands )

"I have to do something"


( the Flame Walker and the Raven were flying through the air, clashing against each other 5 times, the Raven creates 5 spikes out of darkness and shoots them at the Flame Walker, the Flame Walker his wings in and creates a heatwave , incinerating the spikes, the Flame Walker then flies towards the Raven, the Raven sticks his hands out )

"Come forth being of Darkness!" The Raven shouts

( all 5 Rippers come after the Flame Walker )

"He's using the Rippers, looks like I was right!" The Flame Walker thought

( the first Ripper reaches out it's hand towards the Flame Walker, the Flame Walker spins its arm while leaving a flaming trail on its arm, the fire trail eradicates the Ripper's arm, another Ripper tries to grab a hold in him, the Flame Walker flies over head and shoots a fire ball at the Ripper, another Ripper throws a punch, the Flame Walker dodges the attack, enflames his right fist and punches through the Ripper, blowing it's head off in the process, two more Rippers collide their hands together and traps the Flame Walker in it, the Flame Walker struggles to push the hands back, his body begins to glow brighter and brighter as his entire body gets hotter and hotter, the Ripper's hand's begin to glow )


( an explosion comes out of the hand, completely obliterating the entire area, as the light of the explosion lights up the sky and everything around the city, everybody looks in fright at the explosion, Wilfred, Mia, Maria, Robin Hood, and Tiffany looked terrified From the sudden explosion, the Raven stares at the explosion from a far distance not even phased by it, he looks up into the sky, a flaming object comes crashing down near him, the Raven looks into the smoke, the Flame Walker was panting as the flaming aura has violently increased )

The Raven says, "you surely took care of those monsters rather quickly"

The Flame Walker says, "that's nothing compared what I'm about to do to you"

( the Flame Walker puts his hands together, he begins creating a giant fire ball )

"Now it's time to bring an end to this! I shall eradicate every inch of darkness in your being!"

"By all means, make my day"


( the fire ball gets bigger, the Raven just stares at the Flame Walker, he pulls out a small knife from behind )


( the Flame Walker shoots out a giant flaming beam, the Raven creates a shield of darkness around him as it completely protected him from the attack, as the Raven gets closer, the Raven pulls out his knife and cuts the Flame Walker's upper part of the face, as the Flame Walker cries out in pain, the Flame Walker falls to the ground as blood begins to drop on the floor, the Flame Walker was covering his eyes )

"Well that was entertaining, but I'm afraid our little game is over"

( the Raven drops his knife, as there was blood coming from Isaac's hands, his face had a deep cut across it, his eyes were completely colorless, Isaac looked completely scared, he couldn't see his hands

The Raven says, "ahh so it did work, for a moment there I was a bit worried it would've been a total bust"

( Isaac gets angry, he then sticks out his hand, but it did nothing, Isaac was in complete shock )

"What?" Said Isaac completely confused

The Raven replies, "you can no longer can use your powers, I have stripped them from you, but Don't worry, it'll all end soon"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well then, I wish you a farewell my friend, the time of this world is finally over, it's time to return it from whence it came"

( the Flame Walker stands up and turns his eyes at the Raven )

"You won't get away with this! Mark my words, I will make you pay for everything your doing, your not getting away with killing innocent lives!"

( the Raven immediately turns around towards the Flame Walker )

"Innocent? You believe that you are innocent because you have done no wrong in you're life, you think you have a choice to be free from you're sin, and you hope to cherish those you love so dearly, no, you are sin, and I am here to be you're salvation, fight or flight, it doesn't matter, in the end, you'll receive you're fate, you're Eternal Fate"

( The Raven flash steps out of there, the Flame Walker falls on his knees and looks down on the ground )

"ISAAAC!" Meili shouts

( Meili rushes to him )

"Meili? Is that you?" Isaac asks with an exhausted tone

( Meili goes to her knees, she lifts up his hand, she then gasps, seeing his eyes, her eyes begin to water up )

"What has he done to you?"

( Both of them hear a roaring noise echoing through the sky, everybody looks up into the sky, a giant beam made out of dark matter collides with the world, setting a giant explosion of dark matter as it begins to consume the entire city, all begin to scream in horror, as husbands and wives hold onto each other, mothers and fathers hold onto their children, Emperor Zion stares down at the dark matter with acceptance )

"Meili? What's going on?" Isaac asks

"It's okay Isaac, don't worry about it, I'm here for you"

( Meili holds Isaac as she puts her head onto his and holds him tightly, but then all of a sudden both disappears, the dark matter continues to spread, the world begins to crack, as it itself explodes with pieces scattering everywhere )


The Raven was watching the destruction of the world through his globe while he was sitting on his throne, he then sets down the globe, he then takes off his mask, he was an old man with wrinkles everywhere, he has a scraggy beard with no mustache, his hair was grey but also short and pointy.

"It has come, the end of everything you know, is here"

He opens his yellow eyes with a grin on his face.

The Chronicles of the Universal Knights: Fate of Worlds

Well guys looks this is the beginning for a brand new story, i know some of you may notice that i don't have an intro song, well you'll see it in the next chapter.

another thing i would like to pull out is that this story is gonna be different then most of the stories i've already made, for this one are gonna have 3 story arcs each with 10 chapters ( not including the prologue, the Epilogue, the secret ending, and a special event for later ).

the chapters will also be longer then my usual chapters i write, each chapter are gonna be like mini stories with each a unique experience, i hope you guys enjoy it, there will also be featuring some other stories that include special characters from these authors; Alexriolover95, T8ECR34T0R, Nightfly123, and Sorrellwing, including contests winners Atarya QueenOfEgypt and Jaime64games.

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