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Chapter 2.8: The Battle for Narnia ( part 3 )


It was Nightfall, Rosie , David, Sarah, Blu, Sam, Petra, Ryan, and the Narnians were sitting in a nest made with twigs and hay underneath two giant branches which are from Elder Boren, luminous specks of light emits off from the tree so they could see Elder Boren as they were munching on apples from which the tree produced.

"I apologize for the misunderstanding from earlier, it was unacceptable the way i acted" said Elder Boren

David says, "we're sorry to, we didn't know about your laws"

Nightfly says, "the Responsibility should be aimed towards me, I should've warned you about the laws that we kept here in this sacred forest, but I figured it wouldn't matter, since I thought all of my people were dead, at least you survived Elder Boren"

Elder Boren starts coughing violently as ashes starts to come out of his mouth, everybody was extremely worried, especially Nightfly as they all began to get up.

"Sir?!" Nightfly asks

Elder Boren replies, "I'm alright young one, just a few burns on me"

Tom gets up while carrying the healing Cordial in his hand, opening the bottle.

"Here, this should heal your wounds, open your mouth" said Tom

Elder Boren opens his mouth wide, Tom tilts the bottle downwards and a drop of the juice goes into Elder Boren's mouth, taking a deep sigh, Elder Boren starts to heal as all the cracks in his wooden body begin to heal, everybody looked amazed by the healing.

"Mmmm, thank you little one, i'm feeling a lot better now" said Elder Boren

Blu asks, "what happened here? I mean who caused all of this destruction?"

Elder Boren replies, "it was...those ruffians from before, the traitors that nearly destroyed this very forest, they set a wildfire that killed most of my brothers and sisters, they nearly slaughtered every creature within this forest, some of them were even captured, never to be seen again"

Nightfly tried to look hopeful as he looks up to Elder Boren.

"Elder Boren? Please tell me that, Fiora, is she still alive?" Nightfly asks with some hope

Elder Boren looked regretful.

"I'm sorry Nightfly, but she was lost amongst the chaos, there was no trace of her there, I'm truly sorry" said Elder Boren

Nightfly looks down in defeat, as Meep goes to him trying to comfort his friend.

"Excuse me Elder Boren, if you don't mind me asking, was it always like this before we got here? I mean with all the war and the violence?" Petra asks with a curious look on her face

Elder Boren gives a soft sigh.

"A simple answer for a simple question little one…" said Elder Boren

An old picture of paintings showing the history of Narnia pictures it in their minds.

"...There were always times of peace, but that has not been the case, ever since the rule of Aslan and Jadis, there has always been conflict between light and dark, one side seeks to control the other, while the other seeks to destroy their enemies, in Narnia's darkest hours, there was a glimmer of hope…"

A picture of young humans around their age appeared in their minds, they appeared to be wearing crowns and royal robes as they were riding on their horses.

"...the Kings and Queens of Narnia, chosen by Aslan the Lion, they restored peace to Narnia time and time again, from the Downfall of the white witch, to the Battle of Aslan's How, and to the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, they are what bring all of Narnia to face against the evils that are cursed upon this kingdom"

All of them were into it as they continue to stare at Elder Boren.

"I've heard tales about them when i was younger, I always wondered if they would return to our world" said General Toril

Meep says, "I bet they would surely come help us now in these troubling times"

Nightfly says, "I doubt it, if they haven't showed up already when all of Narnia has gone to crap! Then i don't know when they will show up"

Petra looks at the team as she was pondering on her thoughts.


Lorik replies, "well that is entirely up to the King and Queen of this wasted trash of a Kingdom…"

Lorik turns over to Sam and Petra.

"...Wouldn't you two agree?"

Flashback ended

"King and Queen? What did he mean by that remark?" Petra thought in her mind

Ryan looks over to Rosie who has a worried expression on her face.

"Are you okay Mia? You seem distressed about something" Ryan asks with concern

Rosie looks back at Ryan as she was pulled away from her thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Isaiah and Mia have been gone for awhile checking up on Ethan, I should probably go check up on them and see if their alright" said Rosie

David says, "yeah we should"

Ryan gets up from the nest.

"I'll be the one to check on them, I would like to speak with Isaiah about something that has been on my mind for awhile" said Rosie

Rosie asks, "really? Are you sure?"

Ryan replies, "yes i am, there's something personal i need to get off my chest"

Rosie was flustered by this, but she looks accepting to it.

"Okay then, I trust you" said Rosie

Ryan says, "thank you"

Ryan then gets out of the nest as he begins to walk across a branch to get down from a pretty large height, Blu looks at Ryan with a bit of worry.

"Umm excuse me, i think i'll go make sure their alright, just in case" said Blu

David turns towards his son with concern.

"Are you sure son?" David asks

Blu replies, "yeah, I'll be fine, it'll just be a moment"

Blu then flies off and follows them, David then turns around and looks at Elder Boren with a concerning look in his eyes, Rosie turns to Elder Boren with a curious look on her face.

"So these Kings and Queens Elder Boren, what do you think of them?" Rosie asks with sincerity

Elder Boren replies, "I believe that they will come, I believe their among us now as we speak"

Sam and Petra take notice of this.


Isaiah and Mia were kneeling on the ground watching over Ethan with Rosie standing on his left shoulder, Ethan was laying on a bed of leaves as he was sleeping peacefully both of them were praying for him, as they finish their prayer, they look over him with worried expressions

"Do you think he's going to be okay?" Mia asks with a worried tone

Isaiah replies, "I'm not sure, all i can do is hope that he'll wake up soon, it's fortunate for us that it wasn't a serious blow, heck I'm just glad he'll be able to wake up soon enough"

"Yeah, I've never seen him like this, he used to be so cheerful and full of laughter"

"yeah...I guess somethings change when they are faced against adversity"

"Hey Guys!" Ryan shouts

Both Mia and Isaiah turn around, the two of them see Ryan and Blu walking up towards them.

"We're just checking up on the two of you, How's Ethan doing?" Blu asks

Isaiah replies, "he's doing alright, he's still asleep though, no telling when he'll wake up"

Ryan says, "well it's still better than those guys over there"

Ryan points at the Minotaur and the Hag from before with both of them having roots inside their bloodstream.

"Oh yeah, I forgot they were there" said Isaiah

Mia asks, "So what's gonna happen to them?"

Ryan replies, "You don't wanna know, anyway I was hoping that I would talk to Isaiah in privacy, there are a few things I need to get off my chest"

Isaiah looked a bit curious.

"Umm okay, can you guys please leave us be for a moment? It shouldn't take long" Isaiah asks in a polite tone

Blu replies, "Of course, come on Mia, we should probably join the others"

As the two walk/fly off, Isaiah and Ryan face each other with Isaiah wondering what's gonna happen.

"Okay Ryan, what is it you need to tell me, is there something on your mind?" Isaiah asks

Ryan looks at both Ethan and Isaiah, he gives off a smile.

"Now this brings back some memories, to the day that we first met each other" said Ryan

Isaiah looked confused.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Isaiah asks

Ryan replies, "when you brought your friend to our place to tend to his wound, a lot of things have changed since then, after so many months of being here, I never thought we would see each other again"

"Months? But it's only been 2 days since we lost you"

"Not to me, it felt like an eternity since we last saw each other, I never really apologized for everything that I did, I was such a jerk to everybody, being a constant burden to everyone around me"

"Perhaps so, but you were going through hard times, your home was going through a crisis with a tyrant running the place and your family in turmoil"

"That still doesn't excuse me for all the horrible things I did, I stranded everyone on that world, I almost got everyone killed, and I was gonna let another living being slowly die!..."

Isaiah looked surprised by this as Ryan looked very emotional.

"...you weren't there with us, he was a kid around our age, he was terrified as he begged for help, but since he was a soldier for the Everlasting Empire, I wanted him to die because of my desire for Vengeance, to where the point I tried to stop the others in doing so, I hated myself ever since then, everyone would have been better off without me, but I know now that's not the case, I now understand what it means to carry the burdens of protecting life, Because of how Precious it is and how easily it fades away"

Isaiah looks at him with sincerity.

"I know where you're coming from, because I've been there…" said Isaiah

Ryan gave an intrigued look at Isaiah

"...When I was younger, My Great Granddad died, everybody mourned for him, except me, I didn't understand the concept of death, it was all new to me, I wasn't very close to him so it didn't affect me as much, at one point in my life I hated what I was before, the death of my family fully opened my eyes of what loneliness feels like, and by the Grace of God, he showed me the light where I can find my happiness, through the people he put in my life"

Ryan asks, "You've been through a lot haven't you? Even with everything that's happened to you, you're still going?"

Isaiah replies, "and I'll keep doing it, even if it means pushing beyond my limits"

"Even if it means you die?"


Suddenly a powerful roar shakes up the forest, all of them were startled by it.

"That's not a good sign" said Blu with a frightened tone

Ryan says, "Come on!"

All of them began to rush towards the noise it was coming from.


Everybody looked horrified inside the nest, Lorik was standing underneath them as he was looking up at them with him being in his armor and was carrying a bag in his left hand, Elder Boren was filled with rage.

"Wow, when my men said they were chased off by a giant tree, I was kinda baffled about it, i was expecting something smaller and slimmer, wasn't expecting grandpa willow" said Lorik in a cocky tone

Elder Boren shouts, "Warlord! Your presence is a disturbance of the Kingdom of Narnia! I shall cleanse you from this world!"

Elder Boren shoots out one his roots towards Lorik in a blink of an eye, Lorik moves to the left side and dodges it without flinching, giving off a cocky smile.

"I can see why those Turncoats have cowered away before, your a surprisingly intimidating tree" said Lorik

Isaiah, Mia, Ryan, and Blu rush to the scene as they were confused with Blu going up to his parents.

"What's going on? We heard roaring!" Blu asks

The 4 of them looked at where the others were looking, they were in shock.

"LORIK?! What's he doing here?!" Isaiah asks

Tom replies, "We have no idea! He just appeared out of nowhere! And he seems to be by himself"

Ryan says, "as long as we're up here, he shouldn't be able to get us"

Lorik was standing in front of them in the nest, Ryan turns around and freaks out for a bit, all of them get ready for a fight, Lorik raises his hand as a gesture.

"Calm yourselves, I'm not here to fight you, I've come on peaceful terms" said Lorik

All of them looked angrily at him.

Isaiah shouts, "Peaceful terms?! Do you honestly think we would give into such Bullcrap?!"

Lorik replies, "well the laws of this forest requires me to, if you plan to attack an unarmed man on peaceful terms then go ahead, that is if your willing to pay the price for breaking such an honorable law"

Elder Boren moans.

"He is right, if any of us attack him, then we are the ones to be punished for our deeds" said Elder Boren

Sam says, "sir, he's trying to kill us!"

Lorik says, " well that doesn't mean we can't be so uncivilized about it, I came here to discuss something of importance"

General Toril gets in front of the children with a serious look in her eyes.

"And what exactly do you have in mind in particular?" General Toril asks

Lorik replies, "well first things first, I brought gifts for all of you"

Lorik tosses the bag towards them, General Toril kept her guard up as she approaches the bag, she opens it up and finds both telmarine and Narnian weapons inside it, all of them were surprised and confused by it, as they began to pull out the weapons from the bag, Ryan observes one of the sabers that came from the bag.

"These weapons, their the same ones that we saw with the dead soldiers earlier" said Ryan

General Toril turns to Lorik with an angry and stern look in her eyes.

"What is the meaning of this monster?!" General Toril asks

Lorik replies, "come now, your gonna need things to defend yourself, especially with the upcoming battle that is taking place"

Petra asks, "upcoming battle?"

Lorik replies, "yes, for you see i have come to the realization of the strength of this particular group, I see now that some of you are the finest warriors and survivors this world has to offer, and because of this I'm gonna give you all a chance to prove yourselves of how deserving you are of your home, it will be a battle that'll decide who will live...and who will perish"

Tom steps up to Lorik as he looks determined.

"Do you think of us daft? Like we're just gonna waltz right into whatever place and suddenly something goes wrong?" Tom asks with fire in his speaking

Lorik replies, "I'm not here to look for any deceiving, just a glorious battle, plain and simple, although i am bringing a friend in the mix, she'll be happy to see all of you"

Isaiah looks at Lorik in the eyes.

"And what if we refuse to take the challenge? Or fail to win this battle?" Isaiah asks

Lorik replies, "Simple my friend, the same thing I did to your home…"

He glares back at him menacingly.

"...only this time there won't be a single trace left"

The wind blows coldly into the night, Isaiah clenches his fist with sparks coming out of it, his eyes begin to glow blue while looking angrily at him, Mia walks up to him while putting her hand on his chest.

"Don't listen to him, he's trying to get under your skin" said Mia

Lorik says, "you should listen to her, you need to keep that temper in check, but don't worry boyo, there is a way for you to avoid all that, there is one thing and one thing only will assure victory...you must kill me"

All of them were surprised by this except for Isaiah and Mia.

"What?" General Toril asks

Lorik replies, "that's right, you must kill me in order to prevail, why do you think i brought you all these weapons in the first place? Now i know some of you have lofty morals that keep you from killing other people, but the thing about war is that you need to make a sacrifice, and that leaves you down to 3 choices, so what will you choose?..."

Lorik sticks his hand and raises his index finger.

"...your Beliefs?..."

He then raises his middle finger.

"...your Hatred?..."

He finally raises his ring finger.

"...or the lives of others?..."

All of them have intense glares on their faces.

"...Now then, you have 3 hours to prepare, that should give you enough time, no need to overthink it, I'll be waiting at the northside of the mountains, you know the consequences of not accepting it, now you must decide which action to take, good luck now, let's see who have what it takes to win this war"

Lorik then leaps out from the nest as he disappears into the forest without leaving a single trace.

A few minutes later

All of them were discussing the events elsewhere from Elder Boren

"What was that all about? What sort of scheme is he up to?" Rosie asks with confusion

Isaiah replies, "at this point, it's a game to him, whether we play or don't, he wins either way, and he knows that"

Sam says, "I don't see how any of this could be good for us"

Tom says, "well we can't just sit here and do nothing as he plans to kill us all, we gotta do something about it"

General Toril says, "it's obvious that he wants us to get sloppy and panic, this is definitely ought to be a trap that we're walking into"

Meep asks, "He also mentioned that he's bringing a friend along into the fight, what does that suppose to mean?"

Ryan replies, "I'm not sure, but it definitely can't be a good thing"

Tom says, "Alright then, we should come up with a plan of sorts, this battle isn't gonna be easy, the last time we faced him we were definitely unprepared and that almost costed us our lives, most of us kinda underestimated his abilities, any suggestions?"

Nightfly says, "well, I have one, it's the same tactic they've been using, we can turn the tide on them by ambushing them in their own territory, they'll panic with the ensuing chaos making them dysfunctional, while they are caught off guard, we sneak into the their fortress and take out their leaders"

All of them were feeling conflicted about the plan, Ryan goes up to him.

"Nightfly, as tempting as that sounds, but it wouldn't work, we don't have the numbers or fire power we need to take on such a huge army of that size" said Ryan with a concerned tone


Nightfly says, "we may be outnumbered and outgunned, but we saw what Isaiah and Ethan can do, if they can fully wreak havoc on Lorik's forces, we might have a chance on defeating them..."

Isaiah felt discomfort but tried his best to keep a normal look on his face.

"...we can sneak into their fortress earlier than they expect for us to arrive, that should give us another advantage in that matter"

Petra says, "well I'm all for it, those guys need to pay for what did to all of us, right Sam?"

Sam looks at her with reluctants in his eyes.

"Sorry Petra, but i'm not going, not this time" said Sam

Petra asks, "What? Oh come on Sam, your telling me that you would rather stay put here than to come help us in the fight?!"


"Come on Sam! This is no time for cowering! We need to-"

"To what?! Go and be some sort of nuisance to people that are fighting for their land? To get in their way of having their only chance to save their home? Or maybe we could just be used as bait because that's the only useful thing we could do throughout this entire experience!"

Petra seems irritated by his reaction as she approaches him.

"Samuel you have done nothing but whine throughout this entire trip, and I'm getting sick of it" said Petra

Sam shouts, "well maybe because of the way you guys treat me, you constantly ignore me! You go behind my back when it comes to decision making! And then you people lash out at me! For all your problems!"

General Toril was about to intervene between the two, but David flies in between those two.

"Enough! We are in a crisis right now! This is no time for childish bickering!" said David in a stern tone

General Toril says, "he's right, we have little time to prepare for this, so many lives have been lost to that Madman, and even more will die if we don't pull this off, so set aside whatever pitiful feelings you have and let's focus on the battle at hand right now"

Isaiah says, "actually, Sam has a point, I hate to say it, but they can't really do much in the fight against Lorik"

Petra looks at Isaiah with a mixture of shock and offense.

"What?! Look I know I'm not as experienced or super powered as you guys are, but I don't just wanna sit on the sidelines and do nothing" said Petra

Isaiah says, "I know Petra, but Lorik is a league above all of us, he'll kill anyone just to satisfy his bloodlust, you saw what happened to me when i faced him, if you face him head on, the only thing that will be Guaranteed is death, and that's the last thing I want for any of us…"

Petra calms down as she lowers her head in defeat, he turns towards General Toril.

"...hey General Toril, I know this isn't the time or place to say this, but I think I'll stay here until Ethan is awake"

Nightfly says, "But i just said that you are the key to ensuring this plan goes along just right"

Isaiah says, "I know Nightfly, but I'm not the only one who can these sorts of things, Mia and Tyler are fully capable of accomplishing these feats themselves, they can set the plans in motion, besides, if i snap again, that's the end of everything, and I don't wanna screw everything up all because i got emotional"

All of them paid attention to his words, Mia goes up to him with concern.

"A-are you sure?" Mia asks

Isaiah nods his head.

"Very well then, if that's what you think is right, then I can't stop you, in the meantime I have an alternate solution, we could spy on them, see what their up to and then we could see any weak points and sabotage them, once your friend Ethan wakes up, the rest of you can join the fight as well" said Ryan

General Toril says, "that's awfully risky, but I suppose it's a lot better than trying to initiate an ambush with little resources, alright then I'll escort the 4 of you there, I should be able to reach their within 45 minutes, there's no time to waste, come on now"

Ryan nods his head, Ryan grabs a saber and a new crossbow with 10 arrows from the bag, Tom grabs a glaive and General Toril grabs a long sword, Tom lowers his land towards Meep as Meep climbs up on him and Nightfly lands on Ryan's shoulder, General Toril helps Ryan and Tom onto her steed.

"Good luck to you guys, and may God be with you" said Mia

General Toril says, "may Aslan watch over us all"

Ryan says, "stay safe"

General Toril then begins running off, Isaiah begins walking away from the area, Mia and the birds look at Isaiah.

"Where are you going?" Mia asks

Isaiah replies, "to wake Ethan up"

The 5 of them look at each other confused as they look back at Isaiah.


Isaiah was standing before Ethan as he was still lying in the pile of leaves, Isaiah closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and lets out a big sigh.

"You can do this Isaiah, you need to…" said Isaiah

Isaiah then takes off his gloves and drops them on the floor.

"...if you don't, everyone you love and care will basically die, no pressure…"

He slaps his hands together and stretches them out, as streams of lightning pulse around his hands.

"...then again, dealing with a pissed off Best friend is no easy task either…"

He then kneels down and looks at him with slight hints of nervousness.

"...well I'm sorry for what I'm about to do, we can't wait any longer, it's time to show him what were capable of"

Just as when Isaiah was about to shock Ethan, but Ethan opens his eyes, Isaiah looks surprised, Ethan then sits up with his eyes had black sags underneath them as he begins to rub them, he turns to Isaiah with Isaiah just kneeling there just looking awkwardly at them.

"Were you about to Jolt me awake?" Ethan asks

Isaiah replies, "uhh, uhh...yes?"

Ethan begins to stand up to stretch his arms and legs.

"Come on Isaiah, you need to be more careful if your gonna pull something like that, especially on another living being like myself" said Ethan

Isaiah looks guilty as he looks down.

Isaiah says, "S-sorry, but I was only gonna do it because of the urgency we're in, it's-"

Ethan says, "Lorik, yeah I know"

Isaiah looked a bit shocked and confused that he knows what happened.

"How did you know?" Isaiah asks

Ethan replies, "it's a long story, but I was back in the garden where Jehovah resided, he showed me what was going on through the pond, I saw everything that was happening, even the part where you were about to shock me"

Isaiah looked even more guilty.

"I'm sorry" said Isaiah with a sad tone

Ethan says, "As I was saying, I wanted to say I'm sorry about everything that happened before…"

Isaiah then looks at him, seeing the sincerity on his face.

"...the anger that I had, it wasn't towards you or anyone else, it was at myself, I was furious of how weak willed I was when facing against Lorik before, you fought him without hesitation, even when you were on the brink of death I couldn't even bare to look you, I was a fool and a coward, when I came face to face with Jehovah I thought for sure I was gonna get my powers taken away, but he wasn't angry at all, instead he had this gentle smile on his face, he put his soft hand on my right cheek and told me 'you were filled with anger and pain, you desired justice onto those who do evil, you must let go of all your anguish and pour it onto me, for I love and care for you even when you were disobedient to me'"

Tears begin to fill Ethan's eyes as he had a smile on his face.

"Ethan? Are you alright?" Isaiah asks

Ethan then wipes away his tears.

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm just kinda overwhelmed at the moment, I also saw what was happening to you at the very moment when you confronted Lorik, those traumatizing memories flowing through your mind, I can only imagine what you were feeling at the moment" said Ethan in a somber tone

Isaiah looked a bit reluctant, he raised his right arm and looked directly at his hand.

"Honestly, I tried to get a hold of myself when i was fighting Lorik, but I couldn't control the violent feeling that was flowing in me, all that anger and hatred nearly blinded me, at that point I was mainly fighting myself instead of my opponent, everything was so dizzying, and I don't want that to happen again, we need to face him, the 3 of us, Together!" said Isaiah in a determined tone

Ethan looked admired by the display of determination, he places his left hand on Isaiah's right shoulder with a smile on his face.

"You got it" said Ethan

Isaiah smiles back at him, suddenly something was glowing behind them, Isaiah turns around and both of them see the Storm-blade stabbed into the ground, Isaiah approaches the sword in awe.

"The Storm-blade? Why is it here?" Isaiah asks

Ethan replies, "I dunno, I didn't even notice it was missing up until now"

Isaiah looks at the gem at the center of the crossguard, he grabs a hold of the handle, suddenly a light wave glistens all around him, he looks around and sees multiple people around him, those of which were Mia, another version of Ethan, Xander, Storm, and a younger version of Father Abraham, Isaiah begins to look around confused seeing all them around him, but then a man in a white coat approaches him, Isaiah looks in awe by this, the man whispers in his ears, as Isaiah's eyes are filled with adrenaline.

"Isaiah? Isaiah!" said Ethan with his voice reaching to Isaiah

Isaiah then snaps out of the trance he was in, Ethan looked concerned.

"Isaiah are you alright?" Ethn asks

Isaiah turns around and faces him with a determined look on his face.

"Yeah, better than ever" said Isaiah


Petra was walking back and forth impatiently while Sam was laying against the tree as he looks at her, she seemed to be frustrated.

"Petra, your doing it again" said Sam

Petra says, "I'm fully aware Sam, I'm just worried you know, about our friends, I feel like we should help them!"

"But what can we do? We're not as experienced as the others neither trained in this, even Meep is more capable of fighting, and he's a mouse!"

"Well what do you have us do? Sit here and do nothing while they fight for their lives?"

"Yes, it's their battle that we have nothing to do with, somethings are just out of our control, they need to do this in order to save their home without getting distracted by anybody"

Petra looks changes into hopelessness as she sits down on the ground and takes a deep sigh.

"I'm sorry, for dragging us into this mess, I guess it is my fault for all this" said Petra

Sam says, "I know you mean well, you were just curious this place, but I wished you would've just listened to me instead of just ignoring of what I am trying to say, It felt like I was just being cast aside and that what I said didn't matter"

"Your right, I should've at least heard you out, even though sometimes you can be a bit of a chicken"

"Yeah i know, I need to work on...you know"

"Not collapsing on the ground whenever something out of the ordinary appears?"


They begin to hear big footsteps coming towards them, they begin to feel a bit scared.

"Who's there?" Sam asks

Petra asks, "guys? Is that you...if you're playing a practical joke it's not funny!"

They continue to look around, but all they hear was the treading footsteps all around them.

"Come on! show yourself!" Sam shouts

As they continue to frantically look around the area, something was walking up behind them, they slowly turn around and see a Lion, the Lion was huge with light brown fur and Mane, his eyes were a Hazel color, he appeared to be majestic as the two cousins just stand there spooked, they have no idea on what to do but to just stand there.

"Greetings Son of Adam and Daughter of Eve, I figured the two of you would be here" said the mysterious Lion

Sam asks, "W-w-w-who are you?"

The Lion replies, "I am the Great Lion known as Aslan, I've been following you for sometime now"

Both of them were surprised by this.

"Aslan? you're the ruler over Narnia right? We've heard about you from our friends" said Petra

Aslan says, "I watch over my Kingdom with a watchful eye, I see everything that happens in it"

Sam asks, "sir, with all do respect, if you watch over your kingdom, then why haven't you done anything to stop this? Your people are suffering at the hands of a madman!"

Aslan replies, "My role here is different from the one the two of you have...why do you think I have brought both of you here?"

Both of them seemed to be confused.

"Brought us here? What do you mean?" Sam asks

Aslan gives a calming expression as he walks up to them, both of them began to step back, he then gives a powerful roar, both of them cover their ears as they couldn't withstand the roar, Aslan continues roaring until all the trees were blown away, as Aslan stops roaring, both of the cousins open their eyes and uncover their ears, they were on top of a mountain, both of them stare in awe as they gaze upon the sky, it was filled with clouds as the color was blue with a mixture of peach orange, both of them continue to walk forward and they see the entire kingdom of Narnia, they were astonished by the sight of it, with the trees being lush and the land clean of impurities, the Telmarines and Narnians lived in peace in their homes, the land expands from the forest, to Sea, to the Swamps, to the Deserts, and onto the Mountains where Sam and Petra continue to gaze upon the Kingdom of Narnia.

"Wow" said Petra in awe

Sam says, "I've never seen a place so beautiful"

Aslan walks up in between them.

"This is the Kingdom of Narnia in all of its glory, the very same Kingdom that the Kings and Queens once ruled before, they have fought hard to bring peace into this world, a world that was not theirs and yet still have fought for" said Aslan

Sam and Petra turns to Aslan as they were still confused.

"Wait hold on, none of this is making any sense, what are you trying to say here?" Sam asks

Aslan turns to Sam with a calming look in his eyes.

"What I'm saying here is little one, that you and your cousin...are the next King and Queen of Narnia" said Aslan in a calming tone

Sam and Petra at first didn't react at all as they just continued to stare at Aslan with Blank expressions, but their faces suddenly changed into shock as they were caught off guard by this.

Sam says, "WHAT?! No way! That can't be true! There's no way that me and Petra are gonna be Heirs to a throne that we don't belong! Seriously though we can't just-"

Aslan gently puts his paw on Sam's mouth.

"You doubt too much, can't you see that your calling is greater than you can imagine it to be…" said Aslan in a serious tone

Aslan then removes his paw off Sam as he was fully paying attention to him.

"...the people of Narnia have suffered long enough, it is time to start a new, it is time to bring healing to Narnia once more, and it is time to continue of what legacy that was left before you"

Petra says, "umm Aslan...with all due respect, we're just kids, we can't rule over a kingdom, we can't even defend ourselves, so how can we be of service to a place where we don't belong to?"

Aslan gives at first a serious look, but then he smiles and gives a gentle chuckle.

"You remind me of someone I once knew years ago, I can see him through you, after all, you are a descendant of Peter Pevensie" said Aslan

Petra looked a bit baffled.

"Peter?...Pevensie? Like my great grandpa?" Petra asks

Sam asks, "so wait, those stories of what our elders told us were true?"

Aslan replies, "They too have been to this world long ago, they didn't know how dangerous or how frightening this world maybe, they were just excited to be in a place different from their own, but they made it through this chaotic world with help by their side…"

Both of them seemed to be at ease.

"...Sam, Petra, your not alone in this, I will give both of you the strength you need to overcome this crisis, this fight is not only for the sake of my world, but as your world as well" said Aslan

Sam feels a bit wary of this.

"This is heavy" said Sam

Aslan then puts his right paw on his shoulder in a comforting way.

"I know it is, but you won't carry this burden alone, you have your friends and family to help you carry the burden you bare on your shoulders, Never forget that" said Aslan

Aslan then removes his paw from Sam's shoulder, as Sam continues to stare at him.

"Now then, we should get going now, your people need you" said Aslan

Aslan begins walking towards the edge of the mountain.

"Wait! Will we ever see you again?" Petra asks

Aslan turns around towards Petra, he then gives a big smile on his face.

"I'll be there when you call me" said Aslan in a calm tone

Suddenly a bright light emits off him, the light shines all around him, as everything turns back to the way it was with Sam and Petra back in the forest, they look all around them looking in awe, Sam had a tear going down his left eye.

"Wow, that was Phenomenal" said Sam

Petra continues to look around for Aslan.

"Where did he go?" Petra asks

But then a remaining glowing light appears on the ground, they look at it, the light fades away as it turns out to be a horn, the horn was made out of Ivory as the mouthpiece had a budding flower and the bell of the horn the head of a lion, both them were intrigued by the horn as Sam picks it up and inspects the horn.

"A horn? I guess this is what Aslan meant when we should call him" said Sam

Petra asks, "well? Should we get going?"

Sam looks up to Petra which she was giving a sincere look in her eyes, Sam glares at her for a moment, he then gives a big sigh.

"Alright fine, just so you know, you definitely owe me big time for this" said Sam

Petra gives a faint smile.

"Fine by me" said Petra


Near by Elder Boren, there was Mia, Blu, David, Sarah, and Rosie, all of them were waiting until Rosie spots Isaiah and Ethan ahead as she gets excited.

"Their back!" Rosie shouts

The 5 of them get up and they go towards them as they were relieved to see Ethan again with Mia hugging him.

"I'm so glad your alright, I was beginning to worry for a second there" said Mia

Mia then let's go of Ethan as he looks at all of them regretfully.

"Guys, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting before, It was unacceptable" said Ethan

Blu says, "it's okay Ethan, we all have our bad days where we want to blow off some steam"

Elder Boren says, "all is forgiven"

Mia looks over at Storm-blade that Isaiah was carrying.

"Hey Isaiah, you got your sword back, but how?" Mia asks

Isaiah replies, "well Let's just say a friend returned it to me"

David gives a light chuckle.

"You children are always full of surprises" said David

Mia asks, "So since Ethan is now up, and you say your not entering battle until he wakes up, is that what you are going to do?"

Isaiah gave a determined look on his face as he nods his head.

"Yes, it's time we finally end this once and for all, I refuse to dwell in suffering any longer, we're gonna be free from this pain, and nothing will stop us from what we need to do" said Isaiah with a determined tone

Ethan looks at Isaiah with a proud look in his eyes.

"I like the sound of that" said Ethan with a determined tone

Isaiah gives a smirk at Ethan.

"Hey don't forget us!" Petra shouts from the distance

The 8 of them turn their attention towards Sam and Petra as they were approaching them.

"You think you have any room for us?" Sam asks

The 8 of them seemed unsure of this, mainly Isaiah.

"I told you guys before it's not safe to come with us, you guys could seriously get yourselves hurt" said Isaiah in a serious tone

Sam says, "we're aware of that, but that doesn't mean your any different from us, I mean you guys get hurt like all the time, not too long ago you had all your bones shattered while he was stuck in a temporary coma"

Both Isaiah and Ethan were caught off guard by that.

"he does have a point boys" said David

Isaiah says, "that maybe true, But still we have more experience with things like these, we'll be fine on our own"

Petra says, "look I get it, you want your revenge on Lorik for all the crap he's done, but your not gonna leave us out of it"

Isaiah says, "now hold on, I never said I wanted revenge on Lorik"

Sam says, "but you look like you do from the way you acted before"

Isaiah shouts, "Look! As we addressed this before! We're not gonna send people's lives into danger or death! So please I need you to stay here and let us do our-"

Petra says, "-me and Sam are the King and Queen of this world"

Everyone aside from Sam and Petra were baffled by the words they just said.

"I'm sorry what?" Blu asks

Petra takes a deep sigh.

"This is gonna be hard to explain" said Petra in an unconfident tone

Isaiah pulls out his necklace.

"say no more, reading your memories" said Isaiah

Petra says, "What?"

Isaiah puts his hand on her head, his eyes and necklace instantly glow blue as he was receiving all the memories in her head, Isaiah stops as he looked happy while Petra was just flabbergasted.

"Whoa! I guess we're not the only ones that get crazy interventions, am I right?" said Isaiah

Petra just stares at him with a shocked expression.

"D-did you just read my mind?" Petra asks

Isaiah replies, "Sort of, I kinda read your memories"

Ethan says, "it's a cool power that he has which we still haven't figured out yet!"

Sam says, "But that's...you know what, I'm not even gonna bother"

Isaiah faces everyone with all of them looking befuddled.

"Alright guys, it looks like Petra and Sam are coming with us after all, as it turns out, Aslan A.K.A the ruler over Narnia has named them the next King and Queen of Narnia, and Aslan wants them to join in the fight with us" said Isaiah

David asks, "are you sure about this? Because I don't think it's the wisest decision bringing more children into the fray"

Mia says, "we can't just make last second decisions like these, it's really reckless"

Elder Boren says, "if Aslan deems them of being the next King and Queen, Then we must trust him, his word are law in this land"

Ethan says, "yeah but, if we're gonna head into danger, why did you suddenly changed your mind Isaiah? I mean your usually not okay with this"

Isaiah replies, "well, it's because it's there calling, it's something they need to do, and who are we to refuse it, I mean it happened to us many times before"

Ethan ponders a bit as he thinks about all the past events that has happened to them before.

"Okay fair enough" said Ethan in a casual tone

Elder Boren says, "this battle will determine the fate of Narnia as we stand, I pray with all of my heart that all of you will overcome Lorik and his army, please, win this battle, fight the enemy that my people can't defeat alone, and hope that Aslan shall be with us"

Isaiah turns towards his friends.

"Well guys, let's lend our swords once more" said Isaiah in a determined tone

Ethan says, "Wouldn't have it in any other way"

Isaiah, Ethan, Mia, and Petra draw their swords as they put their tips at the center.


Near the mountain top side, lies a castle made of ice, it was gigantic as there were statues made of stone surrounding it, the subordinates were guarding the entryway to the castle with Archers at the top and footmen down at the bottom, little do they know about Ryan and the other Narnians spying on them, they observe closely behind the trees.

Ryan whispers, "well guys, we're here, anyone got any ideas?"

Meep and Nightfly goes up to Ryan.

"Since me and Nightfly are the smaller animals of the group, both of us can spy on them, we can see what they have planned and how many troops they have" said Meep in a determined tone

General Toril whispers, "alright then, Nightfly should be able to fly over and see the many troops there are, while Meep will sneak into where Lorik is and see what is he up to?"

Meep whispers, "not that I'm complaining, but why me?"

General Toril replies, "because you're harder to spot, Nightfly can be easily spotted due to his colorful feathers, and even if he covers himself in mud, he can still be easily spotted in the ice castle, no offense"

Nightfly whispers, "none taken"

Ryan kneels down to Meep's level.

"You can do this Meep, your the only one that can do this, all of us believe in you, just keep focus and pay close attention to what their planning" Ryan whispers

Another voice whispers, "well ain't that the just the plan, but it's gonna backfire, because we already know"

All of them were in shock, as they turn around to see Lorik with his pack of wolves as he faces them with a smile on his face and the wolves growling, Ryan and the others pull out their weapons and look at him with anger and determination.

"You knew that we were coming earlier!" Ryan shouts

Lorik replies, "why yes, come now do you really think you're the first people to ever try a surprise attack? I will admit I didn't think you would come this early, I guess you people are more eager to jump to your deaths, can't say I blame you though"

General Toril shouts, "So what now? Are you gonna kill us right here and right now?"

Lorik replies, "Me, no, Them, Yes, I think I'm gonna save my strength for your brave knights that you rely on, but hey if you can manage to beat all my soldiers and my special guest, than I'll deal with you, In the meantime, they will be your opponents"

The word "Opponent" echoes through Tom's ear, he looks at them from a calm look to a wild gaze.

"Well now, if your so desperate for a fight, then come over here so I can hand you...your…Bottoms" said Tom with an aggressive tone

Ryan looked extremely worried.

"Oh No" said Ryan in a worried tone

Lorik says, "there see, that's more like it"

Lorik begins to walk away as he signals his hand.

"Have fun" said Lorik

The Wolves lunge towards their prey.


The Guardian Bird was flying over above the clouds soaring through the clouds with Storm knight, Power knight, Diamond light, Sam, Petra, his parents and Rosie on his back, they were holding on as hard as they could so they didn't fall off.

"How long will it take for us to get there?" Petra shouts

Storm knight shouts, "I'm not sure, We've never been there"

Sam asks, "quick question, why are we bringing the birds along with us?"

David replies, " We're gonna make sure you kids don't get into any sort of trouble while cheering you on as you guys kick their butts"

Sam says, "umm thank you...I guess?"

Diamond Light looks all around the lower area, she then sees something off in the distance.

"GUYS! LOOK!" Diamond Light shouts

All of them look to where she was pointing at, near the mountain side lies the giant ice castle, all of them looked in awe.

"Whoa!" all of them said it at the same time

Sam says, "That's a giant Ice castle"

As they continue to gaze upon the majestic yet frightening castle, The Guardian Bird looks down on the fighting that was taking place, the Guardian Bird Squawks at the team.

"What is it Tyler?" Isaiah asks

The Guardian Bird points his head towards the fighting down below.

"There in trouble! We've got to help!" Rosie shouts

Storm knight says, "no time for a landing, come on Ethan let's go"

Power knight asks, "where?"

Storm knight replies, "Down"

Power Knight realizes what he meant.

"Oh boy" said Power knight with an annoyed tone

As both of them jump off the bird, David, Sarah, Rosie, Sam, and Petra got scared.

"Oh my Goodness!" Said Sarah with complete fright

Diamond Light says, "here we go again"


( Ryan strikes down a wolf with his saber, another one pounces on his arm but he then flings his right arm to throw the wolf off him, General Toril guards Ryan's blindspot to which she slashes at two wolves that tried to pounce on her, another wolf lunges towards Ryan which he kicks the wolf in the face with his left foot, more wolves came, Nightfly and Meep charges at them with their smaller blades, both of them begin to slash at the legs of the wolves while continuing to run through the pack as some of them fall over due to the injuries the two small ones have inflicted, one of the wolves tries to bite Meep, but Meep jumps on his head and thrusts his rapier into the Wolf's head, the Wolf cries in pain as he begins to shake his head all over the place, he manages to fling off Meep as the mouse manages to land on his feet, Meep looks up to see the wolf snarling at him with small amounts of blood sliding down his face, Meep does his best to stand his ground, suddenly Tom goes towards them and kicks the Wolf in the guts, sending him hurling at a tree, another wolf lunges at the back of Tom, but Tom then turns around and smacks him with the butt of his glaive following it up with a vertical slash, Tom Horizontally twirls his glaive with the weapon hitting 5 wolves, Tom then follows the attack up with a back kick which hits another wolf in the face, 5 more wolves try pouncing on him, but then he leaps back, he grabs the end of his glaive, and then swings it across their faces, whacking all of them in the process, another Wolf charges behind Tom, Ryan spots the wolf )

" Thomas, Look Out!" Ryan shouts

( as the Wolf lunges towards Tom, but Tom immediately turns around and punches the wolf downward which also slams the wolf into the ground, the Wolf lies on the ground with a severe concussion, the majority of the wolves were severely injured as they were laying on the ground, Storm knight and Power knight free falls from the sky with Power knight breaking the fall )

Storm knight says, "Okay guys We're here, we came as soon as…"

( both of them look in shock as they see the injured wolves )

"...What has happened here?"

Ryan says, "oh hey guys, glad that you could join us, nice to see you recovered from that sap poisoning Ethan"

Power knight says, "Thanks, it looks like you guys had this all under control"

Meep says, "well Tom mainly dealt with most of the wolves"

Tom says, "it's a shame there weren't more of them, these wolves break too easily"

( Both Storm knight and Power knight stare at him uncomfortably )

"Uhhh" both of them said it in an uncomfortable manner

( The Guardian bird lands on the ground, Diamond light and the others get off the Guardian bird as it reverts back from his transformation )

"Are you boys hurt?" Sarah asks

Storm knight replies, "We're alright, no harm done"

David asks, "could you two give us a warning next time when your about to do something that reckless?!"

Storm knight replies, "sorry"

General Toril says, "hello children, glad that you could join us, it seems as though you've changed your minds on bringing along those two"

Storm knight looked a bit sheepish.

"Yeah, that kind of was a last minute decision" said Storm knight

Power knight looked annoyed.

"Which reminds me, we need to have talk about that" said Power knight

General Toril says, "well, I'm glad you're here, I may be a little late for saying this, but I thank you for everything you have done for us, none of us could have been alive if it weren't for your sacrifice, you Have my Gratitude as well as the Kingdom of Narnia"

They slightly smile while maintaining a serious look.

"Thank you, but it's not over yet, we still have a battle to win, we have to infiltrate that Ice castle over there, and I'm guessing they already know we're here, so Let's get started" said Diamond Light

"Right!" all of them say it


The subordinates were standing at the gate waiting, a young giant sharpened his weapon while the old Dwarf eats his soup.

"FOR NARNIA!" multiple individuals shout from a distance

( the subordinates look up and sees the Narnians charging towards them, so the soldiers stand up with vigorance as they face the enemy up ahead with the old dwarf tossing his soup )

"Here they come!" the Old Dwarf shouts

The Young giant shouts, "Stand your ground soldiers! Don't break from your formation!"

( those who were charging at them was General Toril, Tom, Nightfly, Meep, and Petra as they continue to run straight ahead, the old Dwarf looked suspicious )

"Hold on, there were more of them, Where's the rest?" the Old Dwarf thought

( Within an instant, Storm knight was hovering over their heads as his body covers the light of the moon, he looks down upon them with his eyes glowing blue as he raises the Storm-blade high in the air, he then slashes down on the giant, as he lands on the ground, the old dwarf thrusts his small sword towards Storm knight, Storm knight parry's the attack while shattering the blade, he then kicks the old dwarf in the face, archers start firing down on him, as Storm knight deflects the arrows with his sword, Power knight soars in the air, he draws his katana from his sheath and creates a strong wind current to propel the arrows back at the Archers, the Archers find cover as the arrows come down upon them, however they find their limbs entrapped by ice )

"What the?! ICE!" one of the soldiers remark

( from a distance, there was a trail of Ice leading from the forest, there lies Blu as his eyes glowed light blue with his left talon ensnared with Ice, the Attackers finally clash with the Subordinates, Storm knight and Power Knight joins into the Battle that was ensuing, 10 Harpies soar over the sky )

"Their here for our Queen!" one of the Harpies shout

Another one shouts, "We Musn't let them Disturb the Ritual!"

( the Harpies Dive down towards the Attackers, Petra looks up and sees the Harpies going towards General Toril who was busy dealing with multiple foot soldiers )

"General! Above you!" Petra shouts

( General Toril looks up and sees the Harpies coming down on her, as the first one was about to strike her, suddenly two arrows and multiple light beams strike the Harpies out of the sky, General Toril turns around to see that Ryan, Sam, and Diamond Light were the ones that did that, she nods at both the group and at Petra as they continue the battle, an Ogre charges at Diamond light, Diamond light tries to flip over the Ogre, however though the Ogre grabs her body and slams her into the ground, Storm knight and Power knight looks over to Diamond light who was on the ground )

"MIA!" Storm knight shouts

( both of them try to go over to her, but they were overwhelmed by enemies, as Diamond Light looks up and sees the Ogre about to swat her down )

"HEY! Short eyes!" an older male voice shouts from the distance

( suddenly David flies up and scratches the Ogre in the face with his talons, the Ogre gets distracted by the scratch while he tries to swat away David, by the time the Ogre recovers, Diamond Light was charging up her Rapier with gleaming light as her eyes glow pink, the Ogre looked stunned )

"Guys Get out of the way! I don't want to end up hitting you as well!"

( Storm knight and Power knight look over towards Diamond light as they jump in the air, the Rapier was fully charged as she shouts while thrusting her Rapier towards him, shooting out a giant beam of light, blasting through the Ogre along with any enemy that gets in the way of the blast, Storm knight and Power knight sees the beam coming towards them, the beam hits the Entry, making a giant explosion in the process, as the dust blows away, almost all of the soldiers were hit by the blast from the beam as most of them were lying on the ground unconscious with steam the subordinates decide to retreat from the battle, Storm knight and Power knight glides down near Diamond light with the help of Power knight bending the air )

"WOW! That was probably the most powerful attack you've done yet in your base form" said Storm knight in an amazed tone

( David lands on her shoulder )

Diamond light says, "thank you, but if it weren't for David, I Would've gotten hurt tremendously, and I owe him for that"

David says, "think nothing of it sweetie, we're all in this together"

Rosie shouts, "Look!"

( up ahead, the entrance was destroyed, it had a giant hole in it, the team gathers around )

"Now's our chance! Let's go!" said Power knight

Blu says, "Mom, Dad, please stay out here with Rosie until it's safe"

Sarah says, "we will honey, now go and kick some booty"

David says, "and stay safe son"

Blu says, "I will"

( Blu then kisses his mother's left cheek as he joins the others )

General Toril shouts, "Charge Ahead!"

( the team charges fully ahead into the castle, when they got inside there were dozens of stone statues all around them, the Ice illuminates the room, they slow down as they look around the castle )

"Well this is quite Odd" said Sam

General Toril says, "be on your guard, this is a trap!"

Power knight looks all around the Ice castle.

"Umm does anyone else have a feeling of Deja Vu? Or is it just me?" Storm knight asks

Power knight replies, "the feeling of being inside a giant fortress made of ice with any second knowing that you're about to be jumped by armored monsters that could cut me down with just a single swing? Yeah I know what you mean"

Ryan says, "oddly specific but okay"

Diamond light says, "You have no idea"

( suddenly an armored hand emerges from the Ice, all of them were alarmed by the sudden movement, a dark knight emerges from the encased Ice, dark matter emits from the casing of the armor, more knights emerge from the Ice down below them, the dark knights pull out their swords and spears, they surrounded them as the team get ready for another fight )

"I'm starting to think that we should've went a different route" said Petra with an alert tone

General Toril says, "you 5 go on ahead, we can handle them ourselves"

Diamond light says, "but you can't take them all on!"

Nightfly says, "there's no time! Just go! We'll be fine"

Tom says, "Trust me, there won't be one left standing once I'm done with them"

At first they were unsure about this, but they look at them with acceptance.

"Alright then, in that case, hey Blu, can you stand behind and make sure things don't get out of hand?"Diamond light asks with a firm tone

Blu replies, "umm okay, I'll do my best"

Power knight uses the wind to repulse all the dark knights around them, the 5 humans runs past the stone statues and towards the entry into the throne room, the Narnians face off with the dark knights.

"Alright now, Tom, Ryan, Blu, you three take the ones on the right, the rest of us will take the ones on the left" said General Toril

Tom says, "Screw that! I'm Taking the entire half!"

Ryan says, "That's the spirit"

The Narnians get into their fighting stances as Blu's eyes begin to glow.


In the throne room, Lorik was at the center of the throne room, the entire room was made out of Ice including the throne itself, another Hag, a cyclops with a giant axe and silver armor, and a Goblin with a jagged curved blade with dark silver armor were accompanying him.

"Are you ready My Lord?" the Hag asks in a revered tone

Lorik replies, "as ready as I can be"

The Hag says, "Let the Circle be drawn"

( Author's Notes: what's happening right now, is basically the same scene in prince Caspian where 3 traitors we're trying to summon the white witch, so imagine that )

The Goblin was drag his blade on the ground all around Lorik, the Hag was chanting an unknown language, the Cyclops just stood there while the ritual was in place, the Goblin stops drawing the line, the Hag then draws out the Ice Wand from before, the Hag shouts out the last of the chants as she thrusts the wand into the ground, a stronger Ice surrounds the floors, as the Ice creates a wall, when the Ice was fully created, there appeared to be the White Witch, she had long blond hair with a white dress and a really white skin color and black pupils for her eyes, Lorik looks at her in the eye.

"One drop of Adam's blood, and you'll free me…" said the White Witch

The Hag draws out the dagger that had a slimmer of blood on it.

"...then I am yours, My lord"

The Hag kneels down to Lorik and lends him the dagger, Lorik grabs the dagger and smooths out the blood onto his thumb and finger, the White Witch kisses her hand and she reaches it out as the hand hatches out of the Ice, Lorik reaches out his hand and grabs a hold of her hand, Lorik then pulls her out of the Ice, The White Witch was so happy at that moment.

"Finally, after so many years, I'm finally free from that accursed place" said the White Witch

Lorik says, "welcome back, your majesty"

"Now then, I shall claim the kingdom of Narnia once more, and I will rule once more as the Queen of Narnia!"

"Long Live the Queen! Long Live the Queen! Long Live the Queen!" the Narnians shouted

Lorik says, "of course, but first I need you to do me a favor"

The White Witch turns to Lorik.

"Ah yes, of course I am in your debt, what is it you ask of me to do?" the White Witch asks

Lorik replies, "you see, I am looking for someone, someone that I once knew a lifetime ago, and I need you to tell me where he is, or in the least bit help me find him"

"Someone that you're looking for? And who would that be?"

"His name is-"

Suddenly behind him was glowing blue, the Cyclops gets behind Lorik.

"MY LORD!" The cyclops shout

( A lightning bolt hits the Cyclops in the chest, shocking him entirely, everybody looked in shock at the sudden attack except for Lorik who just smirked, the Cyclops falls to the ground unconscious with smoke coming from his chest, Storm knight was behind Lorik as he raises his sword, But Lorik moves swiftly and blocks the incoming sword attack as both of them enter in a clash, Storm knight looks at him with a serious and stern look on his faces while Lorik just grins at him )

"Well you came earlier than I thought, a bit reckless but I like it" said Lorik With an excited tone

( Lorik then pushes Storm knight back as he lands on the ground, Diamond light, Power knight, Sam and Petra show up into the throne room, Lorik places his hammer on the ground as the Goblin and the Hag ready's their weapons, as the White Witch approaches them )

"You Dare attack in my own palace?! Who do you think you are?!" the White Witch demands

Power knight replies, "just a bunch of kids who are fed up with Lorik's crap"

Diamond light asks, "so Lorik, is this what you meant by bringing a friend into the fight? I'm guessing that's the White Witch"

Lorik replies, "Why yes my Dear Diamond, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for her, and thanks to your friend's blood donation, we now have her here with us in the flesh"

Storm knight asks, "Blood donation? What are you talking about?"

Lorik lifts up the dagger.

"Doesn't this look familiar?" Lorik asks

He then tosses the dagger at their feet, Power knight inspects it at first, but he immediately recognizes as he sees a flashback of the Hag cutting his cheek with the blade.

"That's the blade which that creature cut me with!" Power knight shouts

Lorik says, "indeed, and thanks to you, the White Witch is alive once more"

Power knight says, "Well, it doesn't matter if you brought your side chick or not, we're still gonna beat you!"

The White Witch was enraged by his words.

"You dare speak to me that way you wretched child?! I could Kill you right here and now!" the White Witch shouts at him

Lorik replies, "Now now, don't be too furious at them, If anything I would be more concerned about those two over there"

Lorik points at Sam and Petra who were flustered about being called out.

"And why would I be worried about them? What kind of Threat can those two impose on m…" said the White Witch

The White Witch notices the weapons they were carrying in their hands, she recognizes the sword in Petra's hand.

"...That sword of yours? Where did you get it?"

Petra replies, "I'm not gonna tell you"

Lorik says, "Believe it or not, those two are the descendants of the Kings and Queens of old, so as long as they live, you will never be able to rule your Kingdom"

The White Witch says, "I'm aware, but they won't be standing for long"

The White Witch begins to approach them, Storm knight, Power knight, and Diamond light get in front of them.

"You're not getting your hands on Them!" said Storm knight in a firm tone

The White Witch asks, "do you really think Mere force can stop me from getting what I want, Son of Adam?"

Lorik says, "With all due Respect your Majesty, but those 3 aren't weaklings, you saw what the boy did to one of your soldiers, he made your best soldier look like cannon fodder in comparison, I fought them before, and they are a force to reckoned with, for they are Humanity's Strongest!"

The 3 knights still stand firm against the evil ahead of them.

"Now then, let's go to a more elevated setting" said Lorik in a calm tone

Lorik sets his hammer in the center of the throne room, within it a pedestal was there, as the floor glows with a shape of a snowflake showing, Lorik continues to rotate the platform as all of them go up on the platform, they were confused and scared to what was gonna happen the ceiling reshapes itself.

"What's going on?" Sam asks

They made it to the top, they were inside a giant tower that reaches all the way to the top, it was a lot bigger on the inside with a balcony behind the 5 children, and so they made eye contact with each other.

"So? Is this where you want our battle to begin?" Storm knight asks in a calm and yet fierce tone

Lorik replies, "yes, We're gonna need a lot of room, now let's get rid of the distractions that might get in our way"

An Ice Wall begins to freeze behind them, they turn around to see Sam and Petra about to be sealed on the other side.

"Quick take my hand!" Power knight shouts

As he grabs onto Sam, but it was too late as the Ice wall closes them off and Power knight's arm gets trapped in the ice.

"Aw Crap!" Storm knight shouts

Power knight tries to free his arm, but it wouldn't budge.

"You have got to be kidding me! It's stuck!" Power knight shouts

The 3 of them face Lorik, the White Witch, and the two other soldiers.

"Now that's been taken care of, we can finally get started on our battle" said Lorik

Storm knight and Diamond Light turns to Power knight.

"Don't worry about me guys, just go on ahead and fight em" said Power knight

Storm knight says, "Fat Chance, we're gonna face them together!"

Storm knight lunges his sword into the ice as it begins to crack, but the Ice begins to reseal itself, to which Storm knight was shocked, they turn around to see the White Witch sealing it with her wand.

"I refuse to be defeated once more by you pitiful children, I will claim my Kingdom and none of you will get in my way!" the White Witch shouts

( the White Witch thrusts her wand into the ground, multiple Ice pillars shoot out towards them, Storm knight runs towards them while raising his blade as he cuts through the Ice pillars, Diamond Light and Storm knight jumps over them as they get into their fighting stances, Lorik begins laughing )

"Nice try your majesty, but I'm afraid it'll take more than that to take them down" said Lorik

Storm knight says, "He's right you know, and we're done messing around, this is where it all ends"

( Storm knight swings his sword as he plunges it into the ground, everyone looks at him with confusion )

"SwordMaster Form" Storm knight mutters

( suddenly 5 different mirages of individuals appear around them in the same stance he was in with their swords in the ground, each of them being a younger Father Abraham with his claymore, Ethan with his Katana, Mia with her Rapier, a young boy in a black coat with his Lion heart keyblade, and a Young Blue Macaw with his lightsaber, all of these beings fuse into Storm knight, as a powerful Blue aura bursts from Storm knight, Storm knight's Coat turns Black with the outlines and the symbol on his back remaining to glow blue, as his hair changes into a blue color and it glows brightly as well, Storm knight opens his eyes as they were fierce, Diamond Light and Power knight were amazed by the transformation )

"That Transformation, it's the same one he used when we fought Emperor Zion, but It wasn't very effective when we fought him, so why is he using it now?" Power knight thought

Lorik says, "Ooh! Impressive display of power!"

The Goblin shouts, "So What? All he did was just change his hair color and outfit! How can he be any different than from be…"

( within an instant Storm knight flash steps, as he was moving all over the place, Lorik grabs the White Witch and shields her as multiple slashes cuts through the air, both the Goblin and the Hag were cut down by the multiple slashes, Storm knight appears in front of them once more, he had a sheathed katana in his left hand with his right hand on the, Lorik stops shielding the White Witch and the two of them look at Storm knight with an alarmed look on their faces, Storm knight let's go of the handle as he turns around and faces them with a calm and fierce look in his eyes much to their shock )

"That attack, it just came out of nowhere, he was all over the place, I wasn't able anticipate it, to where the point I had to act out of pure instinct in order to protect me and the Queen" Lorik thought

( Lorik then gives a grin on his face )

"Your Majesty, I've got this handled, go take care of the other two children" said Lorik in a calm tone

The White Witch says, "very well than, do as you wish with them"

( the White Witch begins walking the other way, she walks towards the icy wall and a secret door opens for her, she walks in and it closes behind her, it was just Lorik and Storm knight with Power knight watching to the side )

"Come on now, we both know you want to" said Storm knight with a calm tone

Lorik says, "You got that Right"

( Both of them charge at each while raising their weapons in the air )

"AAAHH!" Lorik shouts



Sam and Petra were stranded on the other side, Power knight's arm was sticking out from their side, Petra kept striking the Ice with her sword while Sam as well was stabbing it with his arrow, Sam however stops and faces Petra.

"It's no use Petra, there's no way we could break through this Ice" said Sam

Petra says, "well we gotta try something, maybe try the Balcony, there's gotta be some steps we could escape from"

"Petra, even if we do find a few steps, there's a high probability that we'll probably slip on the Ice and break our backs when we hit the floor, and then die as a result"

Petra looked a bit peeved by his statement.

"You could be a little bit more Optimistic" said Petra

Sam says, "I'm trying to be Logical, I don't see how blind Optimism is gonna help"

The White Witch enters the room.

"He's right you know, there isn't a thing you can do at the moment" said the White Witch

Both of them were Startled, as they turned around and saw the White Witch in front of them as she had the wand in her hand.

"OH Bollocks!" Sam shouts

The White Witch says, "So what are you gonna do now? If you surrender to me I'll make your death's painless, but if you resist, then I'll make you both suffer"

Petra looked at her sterned.

"Not in your life Witch! We'll fight you even if it kills us!" Petra shouts with Determination




"SILENCE!" the White Witch shouts

Both of the cousins shut their mouths as they faced the White Witch with terrified expressions.


( suddenly Diamond light was behind the White Witch as her eyes and rapier glowed a pink light, the White Witch turns around, Diamond light swings her Rapier Horizontally while the White Witch blocks the attack with her wand but she gets knocked to the side by the attack, Diamond Light's eyes and rapier stopped glowing, the White Witch faces her )

"Daughter of Eve, why come between me and my enemies? Why protect people that have nothing to do with you?" the White Witch asks

Diamond Light asks, "That's something you wouldn't understand, it's true that I don't know you, but I can see it in your cold dead eyes, you lack the Empathy of a true ruler, you'll do anything to get what you want even killing children"

"Impressive observation skills, I guess I couldn't fool you even if I brought the Turkish delights"

( the White Witch places her palm on the ice, as it began to glow with a piece of it shaped like a sword handle forms, she then draws it out the rest of it as the Ice was reformed and refined into a long sword, the White Witch points her sword towards them, Petra and Sam stands by Diamond Light's side )

"Well then, Shall we begin?" said the White Witch


( Storm knight spins in the air with the Storm-blade in his hands and comes down on Lorik with a Vertical slash which Lorik blocked with his hammer, Lorik then pushes Storm knight off as the latter does a backflip, Lorik swings his hammer 3 times diagonally, Storm knight blocks all 3 of the attacks, Lorik then spins around and swings Horizontally, Storm knight ducks down to dodge the attack and then rises up with a diagonally slash, Lorik blocks the attack with his right gauntlet as he counter attacks by swinging his hammer horizontally, Storm knight leaps back to dodge the attack, he then transforms Storm-blade into a keyblade and summons a lightsaber in his left hand as he throws the two weapons at Lorik, Lorik deflects the weapons away from him, Storm knight charges towards as he summons his rapier and thrusts it at Lorik, he uses lightning to reinforce the blade and blasts Lorik back into the Ice wall as the wall cracks, Lorik recovers immediately as he smashes his hammer into the ground with a chunk of ice coming out of the ground and into the air, he then swings his hammer and flings it at Storm knight, Storm knight transforms the Rapier into the Storm-blade and vertical slashes, not only slicing through the giant chunk of ice in half but also firing an electric wave at Lorik, suddenly an electric explosion occurs causing debris clouds forming all around that area, Storm knight tries to look through the debris, suddenly Lorik comes out of the debris cloud and behind Storm knight with both of his hands on his hammer )

"ISAIAH BEHIND YOU!" Power knight shouts

( As Lorik swings his hammer towards him, suddenly a katana in a sheath appears on Storm knight's right side of the hip, he grabs handle with his left hand, immediately unsheathes it and parry's the attack, Storm knight then swings his 2 swords from every direction Lorik continuously blocks the attack as he as well makes some exchanges of attacks, as the two constantly block and attack each other Power knight watches from the sidelines as he seemed aggravated )

"Dang it! I should be helping him right now! Instead I'm just stuck here with my arm trapped! Even if I tried to use projectile based attacks, I would just be getting the way" Power knight thought

( Lorik swings his hammer upward u and knocks the swords out of Storm knight's hands, he then raises his hammer In the air, Storm knight immediately summons his claymore and reinforces it with lightning as both of them swing their weapons at each other, when the two weapons clashed, a bigger electric explosion occurred, blasting debris clouds and small chunks of ice everywhere, Power knight shields his eyes from the debris with his left arm, when the dust settles, Lorik had his hammer in the ground as he was panting, Storm knight was standing on his right side with the lightsaber in his right and a stern look on his face, Lorik lifts his hammer up, suddenly the head of his hammer fell, leading to the surprise of the Lorik and Power knight, Storm knight stands there with still the same facial expression as Lorik raises the remainder of the hammer towards his face and looks at it while looking at Storm knight )

"Huh? Well that's new" said Lorik with a casual tone

Storm knight asks, "Not so tough without your hammer are you?"

"By a long run no, but overall impressive, this weapon has clashed over a billion weapons and yet not one has been able to surpass it, and yet you did the impossible, I knew this was all worth it, setting you all up here just us battling each other to the death with no interruptions, come on now, I'm not done yet" said Lorik

"Sorry, but I'm done fighting you" said Storm knight

Storm knight raises his hand and closes it, suddenly Lorik's limbs shut tight together as Lorik looks down on it unphased as Power knight looks in shock, Storm knight raises Lorik in the air as Lorik doesn't even try to struggle.

"Seriously? This is how you want things to end?" Lorik asks

Storm knight replies, "yes, this battle, all this death and destruction caused by your hands must end, I'm not happy about this either, but it must be done, I refuse to play your game any further, the King will decide your fate"

Lorik clenches his hands as he begins shaking.

"You say that, like you have a choice?" Lorik mumble

( Storm knight notices the strangeness in his position, Dark matter begins leaking out of Lorik's armor, Lorik begins struggling, and with little time he manages to break free as a shockwave occurs, knocking Storm knight away from Lorik and falling onto the floor while sliding, as he begins to recover suddenly a sense of dread and anxiety fills the atmosphere with little lighting in the room, both Storm knight and Power knight feel it as the shock of fear fills their eyes )

"W-what? What is this?!" said Power knight in a fearful tone

( both of them look ahead, they see Lorik as his armor was taken off, he was just wearing his remaining clothing as dark matter steams off certain parts of his body including the scar on his face, his entire body was partially silhouetted while his eyes glow yellow, Lorik picks up the handle to his hammer, he then uses the dark matter to not only enhance it, but making energy-like double sided spears on each side as Lorik gives a menacing look )

"I refuse to let it end the way you want it, I will give all my power, all of my rage, to kill you, and in return you mustn't hesitate even the slightest bit, I won't give you any breathe to spare, you must kill me, or I'll kill you" said Lorik in a menacing tone

( within an instant Lorik lunges towards him )


( the White Witch plunges her wand into the ground, giant shards of ice emerge and comes towards Diamond light, Diamond light uses light speed to maneuver through the shards, she then jumps onto shard and comes down from above onto the White Witch, Petra was running behind the White Witch as she lifts her sword in the air, both of them swing their weapons and the White Witch blocks both of the attack, she then pushes both of them back, the two of continuously swing their swords at her while the White Witch continues to block the attacks, the White Witch then escapes from the flurry of attacks, Petra charges at the White Witch with aggression, the White goes behind Petra and hits her with the blunt part of her long sword, making her fall to the floor, Sam fires an arrow from his bow, the White Witch knocks the arrow away from with her wand, Diamond light gets in front of her and thrusts her rapier, the White Witch crosses both of her weapons to block the attack, she then uncrosses them to push back the rapier, the White Witch fluidly swings her sword Horizontally, Vertically, Horizontally, and Vertically once more, Diamond Light blocks the attacks, the White Witch then thrusts her wand at her, Diamond light dodges the attack and grabs it by the blunt part as she strikes her rapier down unto the White Witch but the Witch blocks the attack with her Ice sword, both of them struggle to fight each other off )

"Sam! If your gonna have your shot? Do it now!" Diamond Light shouts

( Sam grabs an arrow and pulls it back they look at each other with determination in their eyes, the ice from both the sword and wand begin to freeze over Diamond Light's, Diamond Light begins to cry out in pain as the ice freezes over her left hand, Sam gets nervous as he begins to shake his hands out of fear, she begins to lose her grip, but then her eyes began to glow pink once more as light begins to emit off her, melting the ice from her hands and her rapier )

"Come on Sam! I can't hold it on much longer!" Diamond light cries out

Sam shouts, "I'm trying!"

( Sam tries to keep his hands steady with him aiming for the White WItch's head, the White Witch turns around and sees Sam aiming for her, the White Witch then cuts her left arm really deep with the Ice sword as she falls to the floor and yelps in agony, she then plunges her wand into the ground and more Ice shards keeps erupting from the ground )

"OH Crap!" Sam shouts

( Sam then jumps out of the way, he dodges the majority of the shards, but one of them impales him in his left leg as he cries out in pain, all 3 of them were gravely injured, the White Witch approaches Sam as he was helpless, Sam reaches for his bow but the White Witch puts her foot on it, Sam looks up and sees the White Witch glaring at him as he looks at her with fear )

"You know you remind me of another boy I once knew, his name was Edmund, and you look like the spitting image of him now that I got a closer look of you, maybe i could spare your lives, I could let you rule by my side, yes, I think that would make everybody happy, wouldn't you agree?" said the White Witch

( Sam continues to pant as his expression turns from scared into anger )

"Piss off!" Sam shouts

The White Witch says, "that's no way to talk to your Queen"

( suddenly Petra charges towards her while screaming, Petra swings her sword only for the White Witch to dodge the attack, the White Witch faces her and sees only the rage in her eyes, she was bleeding at the back of her head as her hair was soaked in her own blood, Petra charges at her once more, swinging her sword at her in a blind rage, the White Witch Continues to dodge the attacks effortlessly, the White Witch then cuts Petra's leg and she collapses to the floor, unable to get up due to the heavy amounts of blood loss, she begins to lose her conscious but continues to keep fighting to remain conscious as the White Witch looks down upon her )

"So much for Humanity's strongest warriors, and to think any of you posed any real threat to my Kingdom, you're nothing more than just a bunch of children trying to play hero, no one can save you now, It's time for the rule of Aslan to die!" said the White Witch

( as she was about to thrust her wand onto Petra, suddenly a beam of light cuts her the Cheek as she shouts shortly due to the shock from the sudden attack, she turns around to see Diamond light was back on her feet as she was pointing her rapier at the White Witch, Diamond light removed her glove on her left hand as she had an Ice Burn all over her hand, she used her long glove to bandage up her right arm to stop the bleeding, the White Witch looks at her with blood streaming down her face, Diamond light looks at her with a determined smile )

"Sorry, but you won't be able to take me down so easily, I've endured worse, both physically and emotionally, it is my duty as a knight to endure all the suffering of this world for the sake of others, it's gonna take more than just a few cuts and bruises to take me down" said Diamond light

( the White Witch looked Exasperated as she wipes off the blood on her face )

"Apparently I've underestimated you, but it'll only be a manner of time before you pass out from all the pain you received from your injuries, and that cut you gave me has made me really angry, I'm going to make you suffer while your still conscious" said the White Witch with a twisted tone

Diamond light says, "go ahead and try, I'm still conscious aren't I? I won't be going easy on you either"

"So you wish to Persist? As you wish"


( back in the entryway room, a full on battle was taking place, a dark knight swings his sword down on Ryan, Ryan blocks the attack with his saber, he struggles to push the dark knight back, suddenly Tom comes rushing in shouting like a maniac as he rams his horns into the dark knight, knocking it over, he beats his chest victoriously while screeching as he continues to rampage in the area )

"Thanks Thomas...I guess" said Ryan with a concerned tone

( General Toril was maneuvering through statues while knocking dark knights down by swinging her longsword left and right, the Guardian bird then places his talons in the ice, as pillars begin to arise, impaling the majority of them, meanwhile Meep was trying to stab the vulnerable spots of the armor, however though his rapier does nothing to the dark matter, he looks over to Nightfly who was just standing on the ground gazing at something )

"Nightfly! Don't just stand there looking daft, I need your help!" Meep shouts

( but Nightfly wouldn't budge, he continues to stare at something, a dark knight hovers over him, Meep rushes towards Nightfly, he grabs him by his torso and saves him from being cut down by the dark knight )

"Get your head out of the imaginary clouds! We have a battle to win!" said Meep with a stern tone

Nightfly says, "your right I'm sorry!"

( Nightfly begins flying back in the air as he draws his duel blades, swinging against the dark knights with no effect, Tom rushes through as he punches one of the dark knights, even though it did little effect to it, Tom keeps rapidly punching it, the dark knight then backhands Tom, sending him flying through the air, Tom lands on his feet, he looks up to the dark knight with a bruise on his face and a creepy smile, he then uses his feet to launch himself off the ground, he spins around and then roundhouse kicks the dark knight in the helmet, knocking onto the floor and getting impaled by the ice pillar that the Guardian bird created, Tom screeches in victory once more, more dark knights come in and surround them, Ryan and the Narnians move back into a circle as they were surrounded, the Guardian Bird flies down to protect them, he puts his wings around them, his eye color changes from light blue to white, as he begins to roar throughout the area, his fears turn from a glowing golden color to a more whitish yellow color, as chains made out of holy light spread throughout the area, the chains then wrap around the dark knights, the chains rises them into the air, the Guardian Bird roars once more, all of the chains begin to glow brighter and brighter, and they explode, taking out the dark knights, the sets of armor fall onto the ground, the Guardian Bird stops shielding them, they look all around the battlefield, Ryan looks up to the Guardian Bird with a smile on his face )

"Heh, I sure am glad your on our side" said Ryan in a grateful tone

( the Guardian Bird gives a soft grumble )

"Alright now, we should catch up to the others, they might need our help in dealing with the enemy up ahead" said General Toril

( all of them suddenly feel a sense of dread crawling up their skin )

"Umm, why do i feel scared all of a sudden?" Meep asks

Nightfly replies, "I feel it to"

Ryan asks, "Where on Earth is that coming from?"

( Suddenly the ceiling breaks, as Storm knight and Lorik were falling from the broken ceiling with Lorik grabbing onto Storm knight's coat as he has his spear at his chest with Storm knight holding a rapier in his right hand and a katana in his left, Lorik kicks Storm knight to the ground level as he dives down while thrusting his spear, Storm knight transforms the rapier in the Storm-blade and uses it to block the spear, the spear hits the gem, causing multiple lightning bolts spiraling all over the place, the lightning then repels Lorik off him, both of them get up and face each other beaten, cutted, and bruised, Ryan and the Narnians were caught off guard by this intrusion, they stare at each other with serious expressions on their faces )

"Well now little boy, you finally gotten to see my true power, you are the first to witness it, it's really overwhelming to handle, but it'll just be enough to Eradicate you, your friends, and this world" said Lorik

Storm knight shouts, "You Idiot! If you destroy this world then you'll take yourself out as well!"

"It doesn't matter, like i said before, i don't care about Revenge, or glory, or even Conquest, I'm out to defeat any adversary that challenges me, even if it means taking out everything in my sight to do so!"

Nightfly shouts, "We won't allow that to happen!"

( Nightfly flies towards Lorik, Storm knight looks at Nightfly )

"NIGHTFLY NO!" Storm knight shouts

( But Nightfly didn't listened as he continued to fly straight towards him, a dark aura emits from Lorik, the Dark aura fills the atmosphere with dread once more, the aura suppresses them into a submissive state to where the point they are unable to get up, Storm knight then rushes at Lorik and swings his sword, Lorik then blocks the incoming attack, the aura then hithers away as Ryan and the Narnians recover from the pressurized attack, the 2 warriors continue the clash )

"I've had it with your Obsession of battle! I'm gonna end it right here and now!" Storm knight shouts with confidence

Lorik says, "that's exactly what I had in mind!"

( Lorik pushes back against Storm knight's sword, Storm knight then rushes Lorik and backflips over him while swinging his sword in the same direction, Lorik blocks the attack, Storm knight rushes him with a flurry of attacks as he spins the Storm-blade in every direction, Lorik blocks every single attack, he then parry's the next attack, knocking Storm knight back a bit, Lorik then points his spear at Storm knight, a beam emits from the spear, Storm knight dodges to the left to steer clear from the attack, Lorik suddenly flash steps behind Storm knight and knees him in the back, Storm knight felt a sharp pain from the attack as he groans and spits, Lorik then flash steps in front of Storm knight and knocks his sword out of his hand, the others began to rush towards them, but Lorik uses some kind of pressurized force to push them back, Storm knight then summons a katana and does a vertical strike, Lorik grabs it and tosses it out of Storm knight's hand, Storm knight continues to summons his swords desperately, but Lorik manages to keep knocking to the other 4 swords out of his hand, Lorik then thrusts his spear at Storm knight, Storm knight manages to grab the spear, both of them struggle to fight with each of them pushing the spear in the opposite direction, the Guardian Bird was angry as he flies into the air and roars, his eye colors change from white to fiery orange, the Guardian Bird then charges up a fiery orb at the end of its beak, Lorik then tosses Storm knight to the side as he was gasping for air, the Guardian Bird then fires a flaming beam, Lorik then begins to fire dark matter out of his spear, both of the beams begin to clash one another, as both of them concentrate immensely, both of the beams get bigger and bigger, suddenly the Guardian Bird reverts back into his original form, the flow of the fiery beam stops as the Dark matter overpowers it, hitting Blu as the latter screams )

"NOOOOO!" Storm knight shouts

( The Beam destroys a part of the castle as David, Sarah and Rosie were watching from a distance, Rosie gasps )

"TYLER!" Sarah cries out


( Diamond Light and the White Witch continue to fight, suddenly the floor begins to shake, both of them fall to the floor, with Diamond light completely injured all over her body she could barely get up, the White Witch however fully gets up from the ground, she knocks her Rapier out of her hand and then stabs her with her wand, turning her completely into stone )

"MIAAAA!" Sam cries out

( Diamond Light was no longer there, her body stood still as the White Witch grins, she then turns around at Sam walking towards him, Petra was still clinging onto the remainder of her consciousness, the sword she put her hand on was glowing a blue color, she then clings onto it )


( Lorik turns around to Storm knight as he was devastated to what he just did )

"You put up a good fight Storm knight, your a warrior for keep pushing on, now it is time to go back up to your creator" said Lorik

( suddenly an arrow flies towards Lorik's head, Lorik then turns around and deflects the arrow away, as it turns out Ryan was the one who fired the arrow at him with his crossbow, the other Narnians were ready to fight him )

"You've terrorized people long enough Lorik! It's time to pay for your crimes!" General Toril shouts

( Lorik grits his teeth as he was about to fight them )


( Sam tries to free himself from the shard, but the White Witch approaches him with the wand in her hand )

"Now where were we? Oh of course, for your Assault against the Queen of Narnia, I Hereby sentence you Death, on the stone table" said the White Witch

( as she gives off an evil grin, everything seemed hopeless, But However )

"ENOUGH!..." said both Petra and Storm knight in sync

( both the White Witch and Lorik were stunned, both of them turn around to see Storm knight and Petra off from the floor, gripping their glowing swords as they approach the two Tyrants )

"Impossible" the White Witch mumbles with disbelief

"...This battle has gone long enough, you thought that you could stomp our flame, silence the helpless, you thought I was Humanity's strongest, well your wrong, I'm just as helpless as anyone in this room, but that doesn't mean I won't give it my all and believe that you can be stopped"

( both of their eyes were glowing blue, as both the White Witch and Lorik were shocked, the others had no words as they stood there and watch, Storm knight and Petra start walking slowly, but then start to immediately start running towards them, Storm knight the Storm-blade on the ground, Lorik charges a pulse from his hands, he then shoots out 8 smaller beams at Storm knight, Storm knight flash steps out of the way, the beams continuously follow him, Storm knight then continues dodging the attacks, he then slashes through 5 of the beams, Storm knight slides down to dodge the other beams, he then lunges into the air and raises the Storm-blade in the air while making his way towards Lorik but then flash steps, Lorik was baffled, Storm knight was all over the place as he couldn't make out where he was at, Storm knight suddenly appears behind him, Lorik turns around, as Storm knight swings his sword, the White Witch blocks the attack, Petra rushes in as she takes a strong stance, she begins to swing her sword strongly with both of her hands on the sword in every direction, the White Witch blocks the fierce attacks, she then dodges to the left and tries to catch her off guard, but Petra sees her and swiftly upward diagonal strike, the White Witch barely manages to block the attack, Petra raises her sword in the air, Storm knight swings the Storm-blade down on Lorik, Lorik blocks the attack, however though Storm knight uses Lightning sword slashes to overwhelming him with a flurry sword strikes, Lorik continues to block the attacks, however though he gets 4 cuts on his scars, reopening the wounds, Storm knight then does one final Vertical strike, knocking Lorik back as well as slicing the spear in half , Petra and the White Witch walks onto the balcony, Petra continuously swings her sword as the White Witch continues blocking the attacks, Petra's sword was chipping every piece of the ice sword to where the point there was no ice sword, Petra then does a Horizontal slash, the White Witch dodges the attack as she then thrusts her wand at Petra, Petra however manages to cling onto it, the two struggle for it, Sam continues to look amazed while forgetting the mass amount of pain he's in )

"No way! Petra has became stronger from that sword, but how?" Sam thought

( Sam's bag begins to glow, Sam sees it, he then reaches in there and grabs the horn that was glowing )

"Sam, use the Horn! Save your cousin!" said a voice echoing

Sam says, "Aslan"

(Storm knight finally summons every single sword he has at his disposal )

"It's time for the finale!" Storm knight shouts

( the swords spread out all around Lorik, Storm knight stabs the Storm-blade into the ground, an electrical current goes towards Lorik and stuns him with electricity, Storm knight then rushes towards Lorik as he summons the katana and does 2 Horizontal and 1 vertical slash, he then transforms it into his lightsaber and twirls slashes 5 times all over Lorik, then transforms it into his rapier and rapidly thrusts 10 times, he then transform it into his keyblade and flings the keyblade into the air as it spins slashes Lorik into the air as well, Storm knight jumps into the air, he then grabs the keyblade as it transforms into the claymore, he spins vertically and slashes at Lorik, knocking him into the ground as the impact from Lorik cracks the ground, the claymore appears with the other 6 swords, the swords then shoots out an electrical stream that binds and stuns Lorik, Petra slashes at the White Witch's left leg with her sword, the White Witch shouts in pain, Petra grabs hold of the Wand and kicks her down, the White Witch gets up on her knees only for her to have a sword at her throat and a wand pointed between her eyes, meanwhile the horn in Sam's hand begins to glow brighter and brighter as streams of light begins to come off it, as Sam then finally blows the horn, what comes out of the horn was a stream of powerful light, that light forms a lion which was roaring as the Lion runs all around the room, melting some of the ice in their including the shard into Sam's leg as it heals fully from the light, Sam looked so much in awe to where the point he begins to shed tears, Storm knight then summons the Storm blade in his right hand, he then throws it at Lorik as the sword pierces into his chest, Lorik didn't feel anything from the sword stabbing his chest, but suddenly a giant lightning bolt breaks through the castle and hits the Storm-blade, causing a big explosion that covers the entire area in debris, Petra glares at the White Witch's eyes whom's eyes that went from arrogance into fear, Petra then dodges to the right, the Lion comes at her as she screams in terror, the lion then devours the evil witch, leaving nothing remaining except for a broken wand, Petra then stabs the wand handle, shattering it to pieces,Petra then goes back to normal as she nearly faints but catches herself with her sword )

"Petra!" Sam shouts

Sam runs to her, he then catches her just in the nick of time.

"It's okay Petra, I got you" said Sam

Petra groans as she looks up to Sam.

"What happened? Did we win?" Petra asks

Sam replies, "Yes we did, It's over now! It's finally over now!"

Petra then smiles as she closes her eyes.

"Good, I'm glad" said Petra

Sam looks back at Mia who was turned to stone, Sam helps Petra up as the both of them go over to what's left of her, Sam looks her in the eyes, Petra puts her hand on his shoulder.

"She saved us" said Sam

Petra says, "Even though she didn't know us that much, she still risked her lives for a bunch of nobodies like us"

"I'm not sure how we'll tell the others about this, she didn't deserve this, none of them did"

Sam kneels down to the ground in a mournful manner.

"If only things could've ended differently" said Sam

As the two continue to look upon their fallen ally, a light shines upon them, they noticed it as they slowly turn around.


Lorik was laying on the ground with all of his clothes torn off and the Storm-blade removed from his chest as it was black due from the lightning strike, the dark matter on his scars were no longer there, Lorik wakes up as he only felt nothing but agonizing pain all over his body as he groans, he uses what little strength he has left to push his arms on the ice, only to have the tip of the Storm-blade being pointed at him, he looks up and sees Isaiah through the debris, only seeing the rage in his eyes as he was back in his base form.

"That was a...really lousy attack what you just did...I'm surprised that bolt didn't kill me..." said Lorik

Lorik begins coughing violently, he starts moving towards a stone statue as he rests on a female lion statue.

"...you did a number on me kid...you're definitely full of surprises aren't you…"

Lorik continued to cough violently, the others began to approach the two individuals.

"...Maybe I was too harsh on you"

Isaiah instantly put the sword at his throat while putting his hand on the edge of the blade, the others were alarmed by this but just stood there silently, Lorik gives an evil grin as Isaiah still stares at him without changing his expression as there was only rage in his eyes.

"Go ahead...kill me...what other choice do you have?" said Lorik

Storm knight continues to just stare at him with tears streaming down his eyes, Ryan just gently places his left hand on his shoulder as he looked saddened.

"Isaiah...the battle is over...we've defeated him...he can't fight anymore...but I know what this means to you...so I won't get in your way of doing what you need to do...but is this the right way of doing it?...is this the resolve you want?" Ryan asks in a sorrowful tone

As things go quiet for a moment, Isaiah draws his sword away from Lorik and puts it back in his sheath, the others were relieved by this except for Lorik.

"It's okay, I'm fine, I just wanted to see if his reaction would change if his life would be at an end…"

Isaiah wipes away the tears as he looks down upon Lorik.

"...But I now see why you want me to kill you so badly...it's because you're suffering…"

Lorik continues looking at him with the same expression.

"...at first I thought it was because you wanted to remove the powers that were given to me, but there was more to it than that, you try to act tough and pretend nothing can ever penetrate you, but I bet your suffering is greater than any of ours compared to yours, both physically and mentally, and so you crave for death but try to cover it up with your warlord act, you couldn't find the evil will to kill yourself, but instead try and find others worthy of ending your own life, Now I see that this is God's way of punishing you, a prison without peace...and it's all over now"

Isaiah begins to walk away, General Toril begins walking towards Lorik, Lorik looks down and stares at the ground.

"Your wrong...your suffering has yet to come...Abel" said Lorik

Isaiah then stops, Lorik then uses the last ounce of his strength to push all of the people in the way to get to Isaiah, Isaiah turns around only to see Lorik grabbing his necklace and placing his thumb on Isaiah's head, suddenly images begin to flash into Isaiah's mind, the memories show vague images of Lorik bowing down to a king and queen, Rippers attacking a garrison of knights, the Raven torturing Lorik with him screaming, a town burning down to the ground with people screaming as they run for their lives, a young Princess facing against Lorik, only to have a boy with a sword that was imbued with lightning, in reality the two were kneeling on the ground while the others were trying to reach to them but there was a pressurized force keeping them away from the two.

"Isaiah! Fight back! Don't give in!" Nightfly shouts

But the two of them wouldn't budge.

Meep says, "it's no use, whatever he's doing to him, he can't break free from it"

"Not if I have something to say about it!" Ethan shouts from the distance

He glides down screaming from the top of his lungs as his left fist was imbued with pressurized wind, he manages to pass through the pressure and then punches Lorik in the chest, Lorik felt it as he let's go of Isaiah, the wind from Ethan's left fist sends Lorik flying across the room and sends him crashing into the wall, Isaiah snaps back into reality.

"Isaiah are you alright?" Ethan asks

Isaiah replies, "Yeah I'm fine"

The ice ceiling begins to fall apart, the others were alarmed by this.

"Oh crap! This can't end well" said Isaiah

Suddenly there was a glowing off in the distance, they see the Guardian bird alive and well as he began to shield them from the falling chunks of Ice.

"Tyler!" Isaiah exclaims out joy

After the chunks fall on them, the Guardian Bird melts the ice away on top of them.

"Come on! Let's get out of here!" General Toril shouts

They start to run towards the entrance, as they managed to escape, the front entrance collapses, all of them were panting and was a bit exhausted from the battle, Tom looks up to Ryan.

"OH...MY...GOODNESS!...We're Alive?!" Said Tom with Joy

Ryan starts to sink in to what just happened, as he smiles brightly.

"Yes, We did it! HA HA!" Ryan shouts out of joy

The Narnians and Ryan began to dance with joy and happiness for victory was finally there's.

"Guys!" Rosie shouts from the distance

All of them look off in the distance, the Guardian Bird Reverts back from his transformation, David, Sarah, and Rosie flies up to them, they were happy that they were alright as David and Sarah hug Blu.

"Oh thank goodness you're alright, we were extremely worried about you" said Sarah

Blu says, "it's okay mom, not a single scratch on me"

Ethan asks, "were there any doubts?"

David replies, "not really, but I am certainly getting too old for all this crap, if I end up getting gray feathers I'm blaming it on you"

Ethan says, "fair enough"

Isaiah asks, "guys, where's Mia and the others?!"

They look back at the partially destroyed castle.

"Do you think they're still in there?" Ethan asks

Mia replies, "well no not really"

Isaiah and Ethan got startled, they turn around to see Mia, Sam, and Petra standing behind them unscathed, they then sigh in relief.

"Oh boy, I'm glad you kids are okay, you scared us for a second" said Blu with somewhat horrified tone

Petra says, "we're alright guys, honest"

Sam says, "Not a moment ago"

Petra then punches his arm, the others were kinda curious to why she did it.

"Don't worry about it now, it's nothing honestly" said Mia in a gentle tone

Isaiah asks, "but how did you escape?"

As the Sun rises off in the distance, the light of the sun shines on their faces as they turn to see the sun rising up, a Lion overshadows the sun, that lion was Aslan, the Narnians look in shock and awe.

"It cannot be!" said General Toril with a shocked tone

Aslan approaches them, all of them bow down before him including the humans and the birds who were outsiders in their world, Aslan.

"Hello everyone, you have done many great things for my Kingdom, you have my thanks, you may rise" said Aslan with a gentle tone

All of them start to rise up, seeing the great Lion in awe.

Ryan asks, "so your Aslan?"

Aslan replies, "indeed i am young man"

Isaiah says, "wait a minute, your that Lion from before, from when me and my friends got here"

Ryan, Petra, Sam, and the Narnians were astonished.

"You saw Aslan Before?! Why didn't you say so before?" said Tom with a shocked tone

Isaiah replies, "Well I wasn't sure before, but I felt a familiar presence from when we first saw him and when I looked into Petra's memories"

Aslan says, "it was I who sent both the humans and the bird to this place, They needed to be tested"

Mia asks, "Tested? What do you mean by that?"

Aslan replies, "the 5 of you needed to be tested, Isaiah, Ethan, Mia, you 3 needed to show that you are willing to set aside your own personal desires and put your king above you, even though the two of you almost tried to kill Lorik, but when you three were given second chances you did not fail…"

Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia were gratefully and relieved by those words, Aslan turns to Sam and Petra.

"...As for you two, even though it was not what both of you wanted, but you the two of you answered to the call of your destiny, as for you the rest of you, all of you fought hard to protect this kingdom, and Ryan even though you weren't apart of this kingdom, you still gave everything you had, I am proud of each and every one of you, but your journey is not over yet, for it is only beginning"

Rosie asks, "wait it's only the beginning? What are we suppose to do now?"

Aslan replies, "fear not little one, your mission has not yet been completed yet, now I believe your suppose to Cair Paravel?"

Ethan says, "Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that!"

Isaiah looks back at the Ice castle with a worried look, he turns back to Aslan.

"Umm your majesty, with all due respect but what about Lorik? Shouldn't we do something about him?" Isaiah asks with a concerned tone

Aslan replies, "do not worry about him, he shall meet his punishment soon enough, but for now you must continue on your journey, keep going until you get there..."

Aslan turns to Nightfly.

"...Except for you Nightfly, there's something I want to show you"

Nightfly looks a bit confused, everybody else was just as confused as well.

"Umm okay? What is it you want to show me?" Nightfly asks

Aslan replies, "It's something I will show you eventually, for now let you children be on your way"

Tom says, "sir with all due respect, but he's been with us for a really long time, it wouldn't be the same without him"

General Toril puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Do not worry Tom, just trust in Aslan that things will be alright" said General Toril

Ryan looks at General Toril with a resolved look in his eyes.

"Well in that case, we're gonna stay as well, if one of us goes, we all go" said Ryan

Isaiah and the others turn towards them.

"You're not coming with us?" Isaiah asks

Ryan replies, "I'm afraid so, there a few things that need to be taken care of"

Sarah flies onto Isaiah's shoulders and looks at Ryan.

"But, what about your family? They would be really thrilled to see you alive and well again" said Sarah in a concerned tone

Ryan says, "I know, but I think they would want me to help others in times of need, someone needs to keep the tradition alive"

Isaiah gives a smile on his face.

"Well, I guess this where we go our separate ways" said Isaiah

Ryan says, "for now, just be sure to remember me once all of this chaos subsides"

Ethan walks up to Ryan pointing his hand out at him.

"Consider it a deal" said Ethan

Ryan shakes Ethan's hand and smiles at him.

"Deal" said Ryan in a sincere tone

Sam and Petra walk up to them along with Mia, Blu and Rosie.

"Well, please take care of yourselves" said Petra

Tom says, "don't worry, I'll make sure of it that we'll be safe"

Blu says, "that I don't doubt"

Ethan says, "you better, or I we'll have a serious conversation if we have to return to this place"

Ryan then chuckles.

"Fair enough" said Ryan

Aslan approaches the group.

"Well everyone, are you ready to go" Aslan asks in a gentle tone

All of them nod their heads, Aslan the Lion gently blows at General Toril, the birds, and the kids as they flew into the morning sky, Ryan looks upon them with gratitude.

"good bye, my dear friends" said Ryan in a soft spoken tone

All of them began to soar through the morning sky underneath them the beautiful waters of the ocean, they feel the breeze of the gentle air blowing at their faces, Isaiah was enjoying it the most, Mia and Ethan fly up to Isaiah.

"Doesn't it feel great Isaiah, this is truly amazing isn't it?" Said Mia

Isaiah replies, "yes it does, it's so beautiful down below"

David, Sarah, Blu, and Rosie flies beside them.

"Hey kids, this is what it's like to fly, you feel the freedom of a bird" said David

Isaiah gives a hopeful smile.

"Yeah, we are free, we no longer have to feel the pain of our past, the sky's beyond the limit now, we can overcome any challenges that get in our way" said Isaiah with a confident tone

Ethan and Mia smile alongside him.

"You got that right bud, you got that right" said Ethan

Rosie asks, "do you think those guys are gonna be okay?"

Ethan replies, "hey if they survived for this long I'm pretty sure they can take on whatever that Lion can give em"

Sarah asks, "I wonder what that Lion had in mind for them"

David replies, "well I'm sure it's nothing to extreme, he seems to be very gentle"

Mia turns around to see Petra having fun soaring through the sky as she loop-da-loop while Sam was covering his eyes, Mia flies over to him.

"first time?" Mia asks in a polite tone

Sam uncovers his eyes and sees Mia.

"yeah, pretty much, Why? have you ever flew before?" Sam asks with a curious tone

Mia replies, "well yes, but not in such a leisurely speed, come on stretch out your body, it'll make you feel better"

Mia grabs onto Sam's hands, as she stretches out his hands, Sam feels vibrations from her hands all the way down to her arms as he looks at her with some concern.

"your body, it's shaking" said Sam

Mia says, "It's just the wind, nothing to worry about, come on let's catch up to the others"

Mia pulls Sam over towards her friends along with Petra, both Sam and Petra look upon the beauty of the sky and the clouds, they were amazed by the spectacular sun rising upon them as the sun was flickering at their faces, to which they cover their eyes, Rosie then spots something off in the distance

"LOOK!" Rosie shouts

beyond the clouds, Lies the castle of Cair Paravel that was set near the cliff side, it was huge with the structure holding a solid foundation spreading across the hillside next to the beach with the sun shining down upon it with the ocean sparkling with the mermaids jumping out of the water while flipping in the air, the group look in awe at such majesty, they land near the entrance, they see billions of People and Narnians residing inside the castle, all of them look towards the group that just flew in, they talk among themselves as they were wondering who they were and how did they fly into the castle, the kids were kinda getting nervous by the crowd of people, General Toril gets in front of them.

"excuse me everyone, we are here to see King Rillian and Queen Esther!" General Toril shouts

as the civilians looked puzzled by this, but they suddenly depart to make way for two very important individuals, one was male while the other was female both which were older individuals, both of them were wearing royal robes with the male's being yellow while female being yellow, each of them had crowns on their heads, they have wrinkles on their faces, the queen looked younger than the King for she only had a gray strands in her brown hair with a very few wrinkles on her face while the king was older than her for his long hair was completely white and has more wrinkles on his face and a short white beard that's been groomed with a cane by his side, General Toril kneels down before these two figure heads.

"My King, My Queen, I have brought before you Descendants of the Kings and Queens of old, Sam and Petra" said General Toril

General Toril moves out of the way along with the others as they bow down towards the two royalties, they approach Sam and Petra as the two looked in awe, King Rillian inspects the two kids as they bow down to the King and Queen, King Rillian squats down with his cane and looks into their eyes, he gives a gentle smile as he places his left hand on Petra's right shoulder as she looks up to the dear king.

"I have waited so long for this moment" said King Rillian

King Rillian raises them up as he turns towards his people, his friends, and family.

"Behold, your King and Queen have return!" King Rillian shouts

Everyone cheers for the two with joy and happiness, Sam and Petra looked so thrilled by this they didn't know what to express for even their allies that were in the turmoil with them were cheering, the birds were clapping with their wings, Mia was gently clapping and smiling, Ethan gives the two a thumbs up, and Isaiah giving a gentleman bow, marking this a new day for Narnia as they stand strong and proud for their new King and Queen ready to rule by their side

7 hours later

Back at the ice castle, Lorik slowly opens his eyes, he starts to get up from the debris, as he slowly crawls from underneath as he begins to feel the overwhelming pain again, he tries to get up from the ground with his arms shaking, but he wasn't able to do it, he only could push his upper body up with his arms as he shouts and cries out, he manages to kneel up, panting really hard, suddenly a bird was flying over him, he notices the bird but his vision was really blurry so he couldn't make out with what it was due to the amount of pain he's in, his vision finally comes back, he sees the adolescent Peregrine falcon, the falcon turns over to him as his eyes were glowing red, Lorik was at first confused.

"...What the-"

Suddenly a glowing red blade thrusts into his chest, as Lorik feels a sharp pain as he wasn't able to speak a word as he begins to spit out blood from his lips, the sword keeps going through him, as a hand drains dark energy from within him, the blade was removed from his chest, no blood was coming from his chest as the wound was cauterized, as a cloaked figure steps away from him, Lorik kneels on the ground.

"Now that's better, I'm finally getting somewhere, the last one was a bit of a disappointment…"

Lorik looks up to the cloaked figure, his eyes were no longer yellow but instead brown, he sees the falcon lands on his shoulder, as the figure turned out to be Shadow knight.

"...wouldn't you agree?" said Shadow knight

Lorik's eyes were filled with fear and regret, as he could only look down in shame, Shadow knight looked peeved.

"What's the matter? You can't look me in the eyes, I know you're in a lot of pain but you can at least look at my feet…"

Lorik continues to look down in shame, Shadow knight looks angry at first, but however gives a quick smile on his face.

"...Well it's not like it matters now, I got what I came for, all that's left is to take care of you…"

Shadow knight raises his sword, the sword had a similar look to that of the Storm-blade's, except the blade had a straight tip with no diamond shape and no extra dagger at the bottom.

"...now any last words before I end your miserable existence, not that you have anything to say to me right now, I won't even care if you say you hate me"

Lorik Clenches the ground in despair.

"...I'm sorry…"

Shadow knight was caught off guard by that, Lorik uses whatever strength he has left in his body to kneel up and look at Shadow knight in the eyes, Lorik's eyes had tears streaming down his face with only the look of shame and regret he has in his eyes.

"...I'm sorry...for everything I did to you…"

His last word was inaudible, Shadow knight looked unphased by what he just said, he then slashes at Lorik, Lorik's head comes clean off, His body collapses to the floor, Shadow knight gives a cold look at what remains of him.

"Sorry old man, but it's too late for you" said Shadow knight with a grudge in his tone

Shadow knight begins to walk away from the corpse as he turns to Junior the Peregrine Falcon.

"Take care of him" said Shadow knight

Junior obeys and flies towards him leaving Shadow to continue to pursue in the darkness.

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