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Chapter 2.5: The Battle for Narnia (part 2)

The wind was blowing gently, as the corpses rest among the ground, as the leaves blow in the wind, The team confronts the warlord, as Isaiah, Ethan, Mia, and Blu remained still unable to move as they stare in horror with pale looks on their faces, as the warlord gives a cocky smirk on his face as he lifts his war hammer on the ground.

"It's been awhile since we last saw each other" said the Warlord

Mia was shaking out of fear and rage, as her hands were unsteadily shaking as she was going for her rapier, she finally unsheathes her weapon as she charges at him with full force while screaming.

"No wait!" Ryan shouts

Mia thrusts her rapier towards the warlord, the warlord parry's the rapier with his Hammer, he then punches her in the gut as she feels the shock and impact from the punch, sending her flying into the air, Ethan propels himself up and catches her in midair and the both of them land down to the ground, as Mia was laying down on the ground as Ethan was holding her up as she was groaning in pain, everybody else was in shock as David, Sarah, and Blu go to her

"Are you alright?!" David asks with concern and fright

Mia replies, "I'm fine!"

The Warlord seemed somewhat impressed.

"Well child, it seems you've hold onto that fire and rage up until now, impressive, but however though you were too emotional that you didn't give even a single blow, so lie down Princess, your in no condition to fight" said the Warlord

Mia gets even angrier at him as well as Ethan, Ryan turns to Isaiah.

"Isaiah, how do you know this psychopath?" Ryan asks with a serious tone

Isaiah was standing still like a statue, he was lifeless at the moment as he could only give a cold and hateful look in his eyes, Ryan was in shock as he never seen this side of Isaiah before.

"Isaiah what's going on?! Why are you looking that way?!" Ryan asks


The Warlord places his war hammer into the ground as he faces the children with him crossing his arms.

"Well look at the 3 of you, all grown up and moving up In the world" said the Warlord

Ethan shouts, "don't you dare talk to us like that! Just how are you still alive?!"

The Warlord replies, "that is no concern to you now, all that you may know is that I'm alive, that is all"

Tom stands up to the Warlord and faces him.

"Tell me then, why are you doing this? We never did anything wrong to you, why do you seek to destroy our home?!" Tom asks with rage in his eyes

The warlord replies, "it's not a question of why? But it's more like why not..."

Tom, Ryan, Nightfly, Meep, Petra, and Sam seemed baffled by his statement.

"...let me explain it to you children, I'm not here for revenge, or glory, or even conquest, I do it out of the enjoyment of war, it's as simple as that, seeking out warriors that are worthy adversaries is what keeps me going, those 3 friends of yours know that better than anyone"

Ethan and Mia grits their teethes as they were seeming with rage, Meep then tries to sneak around him, Nightfly looks up to the Warlord with Anger in his eyes.

"You Evil son of a Witch! When General Toril gets her hands on you! Your gonna regret it!" Nightfly shouts

The Warlord asks, "oh, you mean this horse woman?"

The Warlord snaps his fingers, two Dark knights bring General Toril out of a gate, her body was covered in scratches and wounds with her nose bleeding, she was chained up from the hands to her legs, all of them look in horror, the dark knights drop her besides the Warlord as he gives off a sadistic smile.

"You see your great protector right here? She was suppose to watch over you, defend your kingdom, and yet here she is now, down on her knees like the cattle she is" said the Warlord in a menacing tone

David shouts, "your a monster!"

Blu shouts, "you won't get away with this!"

The Warlord says, "oh is that right? Well then I guess we're done here then"

Dark knights begin to surround the top of the castle, as they aim their crossbows at the children and birds, Ethan pulls out his katana and Mia stands up, as they face against the dark knights, Isaiah remained still with that same cold look on his face, Ethan turns to Isaiah.

"Isaiah what are you doing? Whatever it is your thinking, you gotta pull yourself together" said Ethan in a serious tone

Isaiah began clenching his fists leaving a cracking noise in both of them with sparks coming from his hands, the Warlord kneels down to General Toril, he grabs her by the hair and yanks he up as she begins to groan in pain.

"Well General, now you get to see the death of these children thanks to your own ignorance, i hope you learn from this" said the Warlord

Tom became enraged by the Warlord.

"Get your filthy hands off her!"

Tom then leaps towards at the Warlord at an incredible speed, he then delivers a powerful blow to the Warlord with his right hand, Tom lands on the ground as everybody looks tensed, Tom looks up at the Warlord.

The Warlord says, "Now that's interesting..."

Tom was shocked by him speaking so calmly, the warlord turns around with a smile on his face as his face was bruised with blood coming from his lip.

"...for a moment there, I actually felt that one"

Tom says, "I don't understand, that should've shattered your jaw line"

The Warlord says, "you show promise, but let's see if you can take the punches as well as you can deal with them"

The Warlord throws a punch towards Tom at the same speed as his punch was, suddenly a hand stops the punch as it grabs hold of the fist, everybody was in shock including the Warlord, Isaiah was the one who stopped the punch with his left hand, the Warlord seemed impressed by this.

"Ahh, I was beginning to wonder when you would strike" said the Warlord

Isaiah clenches onto his fist, as his breathing becomes heavier and heavier by the moment, not even looking at the Warlord as he was just staring at the ground.

"...Lorik..." Isaiah mutters

( images of dead people flash into Isaiah's mind )


( the images continue to flash into his mind, Lorik injuring Father Abraham severely, Killing an innocent woman as she cries out for mercy, Stabbing a young man with a sharp metal object, seeing two adults being infected by dark matter, and seeing Peter getting consumed by dark matter, back in the present, Isaiah's left hand begins to glow blue, as well as his eyes, they began to glow brighter and brighter, Isaiah looks up to Lorik with pure rage in his eyes )


( a burst of lightning blasts from Isaiah's hand, the lightning sends Lorik flying through the air, crashing through the gate, creating a giant hole in the wall, the archers fire their crossbows, Mia uses her light to create a barrier around them to shield them, Ethan uses the winds to blow away the Archers from onto the walls )

( a burst of lightning blasts from Isaiah's hand, the lightning sends Lorik flying through the air, crashing through the gate, creating a giant hole in the wall, the archers fire their crossbows, Mia uses her light to create a barrier around them to shield them, Suddenly Isaiah grabs the Storm-blade, turns around at the speed of lightning and horizontal slashes, sending a giant electric wave that not only cuts through the arrows, but the soldiers and the structure that was holding them as well, the bricks began crumbling down to pieces, as the dust clears up,everybody was stunned Isaiah's behavior, Mia lowers the force field, Isaiah glares at them with a cold look in his eyes )

"Get the others to safety, take them out of here, I'll deal with him" said Isaiah in a determined tone

( Isaiah turns around and leaps into the smoke, Ethan was speechless at the moment )

Sam says, "well lets not waste time here, we better hurry and hide before more show up"

Sam, Petra, Ryan, and Tom helps up General Toril, as Ethan and Mia were just standing there with pure shock in their eyes.

"Isaiah...what have you become?" Ethan asks in disbelief


( Lorik was laying on the ground, as he began to slowly sit up from the attack, he grabs onto his hammer and pushes himself up, Storm knight walks towards lorik, he clenches the Storm-blade as electricity goes up his arm, electricity go down his left arm as he clenches his left hand, his entire body gets surrounded by a lightning aura with sparks coming out of his body, Storm knight stares at Lorik intensely as his eyes were glowing blue, Lorik smirks at him )

"It's been awhile since I felt such a powerful attack..."

( Lorik then gives a smile )

"...come to think of it you were the one that made the blow"


( Lorik raises his hammer as he aims it at Storm knight )

"Come on now, we both know you want to" said Lorik in a taunting tone

( Storm knight gets even angrier to where the point he was gonna explode, Storm knight dashes towards Lorik while creating two holes in the ground, Storm knight was in front of Lorik's face as he raises his sword in the air, lorik then instantly blocks the attack without even budging, both of them were clashing their weapons at each other with lightning emitting from the storm-blade, Lorik then pushes Storm knight off him, as Storm knight somersaults in the air and lands on the ground, Lorik then dashes towards him and smashes his hammer into him, creating a giant devastating blow into the ground, sending bricks into the air, Storm knight flash steps behind him, he upward diagonal slashes towards Lorik, Lorik turns around and blocks attack, Storm knight manages to push away his hammer with the lightning coming off his sword, Storm knight begins swinging from every direction, Lorik manages to block the incoming attacks, Lorik then spins his hammer around to throw storm knight out of balance, he then thrusts his hammer at him, storm knight manages to recover from the attack as he dodges to the left, he spins vertically while spinning his sword at Lorik, Lorik blocks the attack with his left arm, he then grabs hold of the blade, he then throws Storm knight into the air, Sending him flying towards a tower, however though Storm knight manages to recover and presses his feet on the tower, he then launches himself off the tower, thrusting his sword towards Lorik, Lorik aims his hammer at Storm knight, his hammer begins to glow blue with trimmings of his armor glowing blue as well, Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes at Storm knight, blasting him against a wall as the Lightning electrocutes Storm knight as he was screaming in agonizing pain, Storm knight falls to the ground with his sword falling beside him, Storm knight then groans, Lorik walks up to Storm knight as he kneels down to him )

"You weren't expecting that now were you, a little upgrade from our last encounter, it's very useful when dealing with elemental matter such as your powers" said Lorik in a proper tone

( Storm knight was completely fried as he couldn't get up, Lorik then stands up and he begins to walk away )

Loris says, "Don't be so hard on yourself, you get a second chance at life, because as much as I like to continue this fight of ours, I have work to do, I need to find your new friends and give them a meet and greet"

( Storm knight's eyes flashes blue, he then moves at the speed of lightning and slashes Lorik's right knee joint, Lorik cries out in pain as he collapses on his right knee, Storm knight turns around immediately and dashes towards him at the speed of lightning and thrusts his sword at him, however though Lorik manages to catch the blade before it made contact to his throat, Storm knight struggles to push the blade further as Lorik's grip was too strong )

"You're a fool if you think you can turn your back on me, I'm far from being done, after everything you did, you think your gonna walk away Scott free?!" Storm knight shouts with rage in his tone

( Lorik looks at him in the eyes, seeing the burning rage and overwhelming emotions )

"It seems as though your trying to kill me, don't try to deny it, I can see it in your eyes..."

( Lorik stands up and pushes back the blade, Storm knight remained in his fighting stance )

"...very well then, I guess I can fight a little bit while longer, besides once I'm done with you, it'll just be me and your friends"

( Storm knight clenches his blade as this angered him even further, both him and Lorik charge at each other, with both of them clashing their weapons against each other )


Ryan, Tom, Petra, and Sam were carrying General Toril through the castle, Ethan, Mia, Nightfly, and Meep had their weapons out, looking around the area to see if there was anyone following them, they were moving as fast as they could.

"The coast seems clear, it doesn't look like anyone's around" said Ethan

Ryan says, "we need a place to hide, we can't be out in the open like this"

General Toril raises her hand very weakly.

"There's a hidden entryway to the catacombs, underneath that stone" said General Toril

Ethan and Mia looks at the stone, they walk over to the stone wall, they bash their weapons at it, breaking down the frail wall, revealing the secret entrance.

"Come on" said Tom

Ethan and Mia help carry General Toril through the secret Entrance, it was dark in there, Ryan turns to Nightfly.

"Nightfly, can you give us some lighting in here?" Ryan asks

Blu says, "allow me"

Blu uses the GPS to light up the tunnel, the Narnians and Ryan were amazed by the device.

"What manner of sorcery is this?" Meep asks

Blu replies, "umm...technology?"

Blu lights the way for the group, they continue to walk down the steps, they set her down on the ground gently as the General was groaning in pain as she begins to sweat a lot, everybody looks at her wounds, Mia and Meep tends to her wounds.

"Are you okay General?!" Meep asks with such worry

General Toril replies, "I'm fine, I've been through worse"

Ryan says, "your injuries are bad, we need to get out of here, it isn't safe here"

Mia says, "not without Isaiah"

Sam says, "we can't go out there, not with that crazy lunatic out to get us"

Petra says "well we can't leave him either, it's not right and it's certainly wrong to act like cowards"

Sam says, "he can take care of himself out there, you saw what he did to those knights and that Warlord, I think he can handle this"

David says, "but the way he acted out there, it's not like him, I've never seen him lash out in anger or behave so coldly before"

Ethan gave a painful look on his face.

"That's because...that Warlord out there...he's the reason why we're orphans"

Everybody looked stunned at this except for Mia, Ryan turns towards them.

"Is that the reason why you were so infuriated when he revealed himself?" Ryan asks

Mia replies, "yes, the Warlord Lorik, killed many people we knew and loved, he's a sadistic murderer with a bloodlust that is never satisfied"

Rosie looked scared.

"Is that the reason why Isaiah was like the way he is?" Rosie asks

Ethan clenches his hands out of anxiety.

Ethan replies, "I don't know...this is also a shock for us...the first time any of us ever seen this side of him"

Ethan begins to sweat, everybody began to look anxious, Petra tries to look fierce.

"Well standing around here isn't gonna change anything, we gotta do something before something bad happens" said Petra in a determined tone

Blu says, "your right, one of them could get killed, we need to do something fast"

Sam asks, "but how? We still need to come up with a plan without dying, even if we manage to pull it off, how are we gonna keep her from bleeding out?!"

Blu replies, "I'm not sure yet, we'll think of something"

Nightfly was getting tired of flying in midair as he lands on something stone like, he likes down and realizes what it was.

"Hey guys, you might wanna see this" said Nightfly

All of them look at Nightfly as Blu shines a light towards Nightfly's direction, all of them see a tombstone underneath, the tombstone had a man like shape on the outer part. the king was wearing a crown on his head as well as royal clothes around him, he was also holding a sword, Tom, Ethan, Petra, Sam, and Ryan approaches it.

"It's a tombstone, it looked like it belonged to a king" said Petra with a curious look

Tom says, "not just any king, this is King Caspian the 10th, one of the greatest rulers Narnia ever had, it's a shame he's not here, he would've set things straight"

Blu points a light at two chests besides the tombstone.

"Look, there's something over there" said Blu

Ryan and Sam looks over to the two chests, they were unlocked as they open them up, Sam gets excited by what he sees.

"Hey guys look, there's weapons and things in these chests" said Sam

the others were surprised from what they have find.

"Really?" Petra asks with some doubt

Ryan replies, "look, see here"

Ryan pulls out a bottle filled with a strange liquid, the liquid had a thick blood red color to it, the lid was in a shape of a lion head with it having a golden color to it, Tom gasps at it with shock.

"T-that's Queen Lucy's healing Cordial! Here give it to me!" Said Tom in a ecstatic tone

Tom immediately grabs the healing cordial and runs towards General Toril, everybody was attention was at Tom as he runs to General Toril as everyone seemed to take great amount of interest of what he said.

"So wait, your saying is that this bottle has some sort of healing powers?" Ethan asks

Tom replies, "yes, this stuff is made out of the fire flowers on top of the sun mountain, it should cure any injury...here it goes"

Tom gives a drop to General Toril, as everybody looked in suspense with General Toril breathing little by little, suddenly she began to move on her own as she begins to rise up and breathe normally again, everyone was happy that it worked as she looks down on the group with a gracious smile on her face.

"Thank you all"

All of them smile back at her, suddenly rumbling began to move around the catacombs as dust came from the brick ceiling, everybody looked concerned now.

"This place isn't gonna hold forever, we need to get out of here" said General Toril

Blu says, "not without Isaiah, we can't leave him behind"

General Toril says, "then we won't, but we gotta hurry, this place won't hold forever"

Sam says, " well in that case, i'm bringing this with me"

Sam pulls out a bow and a quiver full of arrows, the bows and arrows appeared to be in top condition, the bow had a red handle with it, it was made out of wood and Ivory, it had a long and strong string attached to it, the quiver had a white color to it, the arrows were long with the point as sharp as ever, the feathers on the back of the arrow had a red color to it, Sam pulls out an arrow as he puts it on the string, Ryan looked uncertain with what Sam was doing.

"Umm, do you know how to use that thing?" Ryan asks

Sam replies, "of course i know, i'm not an ameteur like most people would be"

Petra asks, "so wait, what about me?"

General Toril replies, "go look inside the King's Tomb, there should be a weapon inside it.

Petra looked a bit dismayed.

"But isn't that Grave robbing?" Petra asks

General Toril replies, "with the current situation we're in, i'll let it slide"

Petra then looked cheerful.

"Oh alright" said Petra

Sam looked a bit annoyed as he thought "of course", the tomb seal begins to be pushed, they see a skeleton with a royal robes and a crown on his head, the king was holding a sword which it was sheathed in with a shield on it, the sword had a gold pommel with the shape of a lion, the handle had a red coloring with a silver ring in between, it had a double cross, and the sheath appeared to be the same color as the handle, the shield was silver with a lion symbol in the middle with a red color, Petra grabs hold of the sword with it being covered in cob webs, she grossed out by it.

"Ew! Ew! Ew!" said Petra

She manages to get the sword out of the clutches of the skeleton, she gazes at the sword in awe, Ryan then turns to the team.

"Alright then, now that we're ready, let's get out there and save our friend" said Ryan

All of them shout, "RIGHT!"

Petra partially unsheathes the sword, the blade was in perfect condition as the blade reflects her face towards her.


( Storm knight clenches onto the storm-blade as he charges towards Lorik while shouting from the top of his lungs, Lorik moves his hammer upward as debris begin to levitate in the air, he then points his hammer towards Storm knight as the debris begin flying towards him, Storm knight begins simultaneously slice through the debris, as his sword begins to charge up with lightning crackle around the blade, Lorik uses his hammer to gather fire all around him which the hammer absorbs in, he then swings his hammer, shooting out a giant fireball towards Storm knight, Storm knight then dodges to the left as he still continues to charge towards Lorik as he grabs the other end of the handle, Lorik raises his hammer in air and swings his hammer down, Storm knight upward slashes and parry's the attack, knocking the hammer back and leaving Lorik open to an attack, Storm knight spins around in the direction he was going with the sword, he then diagonally slashes through Lorik's armor, Lorik seemed stunned at the moment, Storm knight looks up to Lorik as he was still standing )

"Wow, i can't believe it…" said Lorik

( Storm knight gasps out of shock realizing he was faking it, Lorik looks down on him with a cocky smirk on his face )

"...did you just try to stun me? even when i was caught off guard for one second? How DISAPPOINTING!"

( Lorik kicks Storm knight in the guts, feeling the impact from the kick, Storm knight gets knocked back as he recovers instantly and slides across the floor, he flash steps behind Storm knight as he swings his hammer diagonally, Storm knight turns around and blocks the attack, both of them enter in a clash, as Lorik has the upper hand as he continues to press Storm knight down further, Storm knight struggles to push the hammer back, his feet were becoming unbalanced, suddenly his heart begins to glow brighter and brighter with electrical sparks coming out of it with him grunting a bit, Lorik became aware of what he was about to do, Storm knight then does a short ranged eletrical blast with it going 10 feet all around him, knocking Lorik down to the floor as steam begins to emit off his armor, both of them were exhausted with both of them panting, Storm knight looked like he about to collapse on the floor, Lorik plants the end of his hammer to get back up from the ground )

"Gotta hand it to you, you definitely improved from our last encounter, i expected no less from you"

( storm knight immediately recovers as he points his sword towards Lorik )

"If you think i'm gonna let you breathe for one second, then your a Dead man!"

( Storm knight begins charging towards him at a normal pace, he then swings his sword vertically as Lorik blocks the attack, Lorik then pushes Storm knight back as he raises his hammer and swings it down upon him, Storm knight manages to roll out of the way as Lorik begins to get up from the ground )

"That's the spirit! Don't give up just yet..." said Lorik in a menacing tone

( Lorik then swings his hammer diagonally 2 times in different directions, Storm knight parry's both of the attacks and follows it up with a vertical strike to which Lorik blocks it )

"...just keep fighting…"

( Lorik pushes him back as he Thrusts his hammer 2 times as Storm knight parry's the attacks, Lorik then swings the back end of his hammer which Storm knight blocks just in time )

"...until your dead on the floor!"

( Storm knight then pushes his hammer back as he swings his sword upward, knocking the hammer out of his hand as he puts the blade near Lorik's throat, Storm knight looked sternly at Lorik as he clenches the blade even further, Lorik scoffs at Storm knight )

"Your so predictable..." said Lorik in an unimpressed tone

( Lorik then grabs Storm knight's blade, pulling it towards him and punches Storm knight really hard, sending him flying into the air and crashing into the ground, Storm knight's nose was bleeding heavily as he looked beaten and worn down, Lorik gets up from the ground and tosses his sword away )

"...well that was just pathetic, all that trouble for just that? You just can't seem to get do you?"

( Storm knight's face turns from pain to pure rage, as Storm knight immediately grabs a piece of stone as he lunges towards Lorik as sparks were embodying him while screaming from the top of his lungs, Storm knight then smashes Lorik's face with it as it shatters to pieces, Storm knight lands on the ground, he then moves at the speed of lightning to jump in the air and spin kicks across the other side of his face, the two attacks stun Lorik as Storm knight lands on the ground, sparks begin to ignite from underneath his shoes, he then lunges towards Lorik, using a strong amount of force to push him off the ground, sending him crashing into a wall, Storm knight then jumps off Lorik, sending him crashing into the ground, he lands on the pair of stairs, blood drips on the ground, half of Lorik's face was covered in blood, the other half of Lorik's face was deeply bruised with his jawline broken, Storm knight glares at him with a stern look in his eyes, suddenly Lorik begins to get up as his head was still bleeding, Storm knight looks in shock as he continues to rise up as Lorik looks at Storm knight with a smug look on his face )

"Not bad kid, heh for a moment there i thought you given up" said Lorik in a confident tone

( Storm knight clenches his fists as he couldn't keep the rage in himself )

Storm knight shouts, "How are you able to stand up after that?! Tell me! Why are you still talking as if nothing happened?!..."



"Huh? Sorry i'm still lightheaded from when you smashed that stone thing against my head, i'm also confused about what your trying to do" said Lorik

Storm knight asks, "what do you mean?"

"What i can't tell is that if your fighting me, or yourself, almost like your at war with yourself right now, half of you wants to spare my life, but the other half wants to kill me, i gotta say that's stupid and reckless, but that's what i like about you...your so unpredictable...and this fight makes it so much more enjoyable than i anticipated"

( Storm knight gets enraged even further by this, he then lunges towards Lorik, thrusting his fist towards him, however though Lorik manages to dodge the attack and drives his elbow into Storm knight's spine, slamming him into the ground, Storm knight felt agonizing pain, he spouts out blood from his mouth, he lays on the ground feeling severe pain going all over his body as he couldn't move, Lorik then pushes him over Storm knight as he was paralzyed and stunned, his breathing was coarse and as he was frozen with a horrified expression with his mouth wide open, his pupils were constricted, and there was blood coming out of his lip, Lorik then places his foot onto Storm knight as he looks down onto him with a calm and reserved look on his face )

"You shouldn't let the emotions get the best of you, it could lead to devastating losses" said Lorik

( Storm knight remained still, not moving for a bit )

"What's going on? How am I still conscious? Or even alive for the matter? I-i can't feel my body, i felt so much pain from the impact, but now, it feels like my entire nervous system shut down" Storm knight thought

( Lorik moves his hair back )

"There there now, don't be so hard on yourself, after all your only a child thrown into an ugly world, seeing all those horrible and terrifying things i did to you and those you love must've been traumatizing, after all i took everything from you, your homes, your families, and a part of each of you, your freedom to feel joy, you've struggled to sustain that joy by helping others be happy about themselves, and now that broken you, there is no more hope…"

( Lorik pulls Storm knight by the hood, he then pulls out the wand he had before )

"...Oh Isaiah, such a tragic fate, a part of me wished you were able to defeat me, so that you could've find out where you came from, but it's too late now…"

( Lorik points the wand at him as he gets ready to thrust it )

"...goodbye Isaiah, i hope you get to see your parents again, in heaven…"

( as Lorik thrusts his wand towards him, suddenly Power knight slashes him in the back, damaging the armor, Diamond light catches Storm knight before he falls on the ground, Power knight holds his katana high getting ready to fight, Diamond light looks down horrified seeing her best friend on the brink of death )

"Isaiah! What has he done to you?" said Mia in with a scared tone

( Lorik was panting as he turns around towards Power knight with an annoyed look on his face while Power knight remained fierce )

"You leave him alone! It's my turn to fight you!" Power knight shouts with fierceness in his tone

Lorik replies, "i think not"

( Lorik then thrusts the wand into the ground, the ground begins to turn into ice, suddenly giant icicles emerges from the ground, Power knight wasn't able to react fast enough, but he was able to propel himself off the ground by using a burst of wind, however one of the icicles grazes his arm, Power knight grinds his teeth due to the pain, the icicles come in on Diamond Light and Storm knight, as they were about to be impaled, suddenly General Toril yanks them out of the way and places them on her horse like body, Lorik watches from down below, he aims his hammer towards them, suddenly Lorik gets cutted on the right side of the cheek, he looks into the sky and sees Nightfly flying the air with Meep riding his back as his rapier was out, Lorik looked extremely peeved by this )

"Ha! Not so tough now are you!" said Meep with a victorious tone

( Lorik then aims his hammer towards the two animals. Firing a concussion blast at them that knocks hem out of the air, they fall onto the ground, Lorik looks at them unimpressed, Power knight comes up behind Lorik as he swings down sword onto Lorik, Lorik then turns around and manages to block the attack with his hammer, Power knight then continues to swing his sword at him from every direction, Lorik manages to block all of the attacks, he then knocks Wind-Cutter out of his hands, he then raises his hammer in the air and tries to smash Power knight, however though Power knight manages to propel himself from the attack, he then goes towards Lorik, wind embodies his right arm as he delivers a blow to Lorik's side, the punch may have pushed Lorik back but the armor absorbed the attack, as the two warriors focus on each other, David and Sarah grabs hold of Nightfly and Meep as they fly off into the air, Power knight then looks at David and Sarah flying off, he then looks at Lorik with a stern look, he then grabs his katana and gets out of there as he sheaths his weapon, propelling him off the ground, all of them began to make their escape, Lorik clenches his hammer )


( General Toril, Power knight, Diamond Light David, and Sarah makes their escape with Storm knight, Nightfly, and Meep in their grasp, they were making their way to the bridge, Ryan, Tom, Sam, Petra, and Rosie were waiting on the other side of the bridge as Ryan spots them )

"That's them! Come on!" Ryan shouts with determination

( they began to run towards the forest, Power knight and the others were catching up to them, they were home free, but however though, Lorik an explosion occur from behind them, Power knight and the others turn around to see what that was about, but it was Lorik that was soaring through the air, approaching at them at fast speeds, Power knight looked extremely scared )

"Oh no" said Power knight under his breath

David shouts, "Kids! Turn Back!"

( They weren't able to hear him from their distance, suddenly Lorik then crashes in front of them, all of them scream for a bit as they were startled, as the dust clears, Lorik faces them with a sinister look on his face, all of them face Lorik with a serious look on their faces as they grit their teeth except for Rosie, Petra, and Sam who looked in sheer terror, they draw their weapons out while Tom hold up their fists, Petra points her sword at Lorik with desperation while Sam pulls back his bow and points his arrow at Lorik while shaking, Ryan holds his dagger up fiercely, everyone else got scared by this turn of events )

"No!" Diamond light cries out

General shouts, "COME ON!"

( they go as fast as they could, Lorik continues to approach them as they continue to step back )

"Get back! D-don't come any closer or i'll slash you to bits!" Petra shouts with desperation

Lorik says, "Sorry children, but playtime is over, it be wise for you to surrender, otherwise i'm gonna have to turn ugly, and you wouldn't like it if i turn ugly, not one bit"

Ryan asks, "and why should we listen to you?! You would just kill us just as soon as you get whatever you want"

Lorik replies, "well that is entirely up to the King and Queen of this wasted trash of a Kingdom…"

( Lorik turns over to Sam and Petra )

"...Wouldn't you two agree?"

( both of them were extremely confused by his statement, suddenly a gleaming light appears into the sky, shining in the sky as the it blows away the clouds, everybody turns to that and sees the Guardian Bird emerge from that light, it soars down from the sky and dives down towards them, it then snatches up Power knight and the others with his right talon, his eyes turn from a pale to fiery orange, the Guardian bird fires out a giant fireball, which then splits into multiple smaller fireballs, the 15 fireballs came towards Lorik, Lorik begins deflecting the fireballs with his war hammer, the Guardian Bird then snatches the rest of them as it began to fly away, Lorik manages to put out all the fireballs, he looks up into the air and sees them getting away from his grasp, placing his hammer on the ground, he then begins to groan in pain as he begins to kneel to the ground, panting back and forth, he then smirks and gives a "hmph", he then looks into the sky looking content )

"It seems you won this time" said Lorik


The Guardian bird was flying through the air while carrying everyone in his talons, he begins to move closer to the ground, the Guardian Bird sets them on the ground, the Guardian bird then sets his talons on the ground, Mia gets off of General Toril and sets Isaiah on the ground, she looked horrified as she was trying to comprehend to what happened to him as he was still barely breathing, Ethan who had an injury on his left arm rushes to Isaiah, David and Sarah sets down Nightfly and Meep near Isaiah as they looked horrified to what happened to them, everybody else goes to them as were greatly concerned over their friends as Ethan, David, Sarah, and Rosie have horrified expressions on their faces seeing Isaiah in the state.

"Isaiah, No!" said Ethan with grief in his tone

General Toril turns to Tom.

"Don't just stand there, use the healing corridal!" said General Toril with a sense of urgency

Tom says, "R-right"

Isaiah remained as still as ever.


Inside Isaiah's mind everything around Isaiah was pitched black, he was laying on the ground with his eyes closed, he then opens them as he slowly gets up from the ground, he looks around the area confused.

"What happened? Why am I back here again? The atmosphere...feels heavy" Isaiah thought


Isaiah gets alarmed by something, he couldn't hear what is was and yet he can understand it.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!" Isaiah thought

"How do you hope to defeat the Raven...if you can't even hope to defeat the demon within yourself?"

Isaiah seemed to be bewildered by the statement, as he automatically turns around and sees a person with a black coat standing ahead of him.

"Huh, what are you-"

Just as Isaiah begins to walk over to him, suddenly a hand covers his mouth, he begins to panic as he has no idea who it was, behind him were glowing red eyes as it was revealed to be Shadow knight.

"Oh Storm knight, you let your guard down yet once again, how disappointing" said Shadow knight

Isaiah was completely petrified as he recognized the voice with sweat coming down his face.

"What's wrong Storm knight? You're usually not this pale when you see me...ahh I get it now...you gave in to your darkest desires" said Shadow knight

Shadow knight gives a sinister smile, Isaiah looked even more horrified then from before.

"I can see it in your eyes, that expression on your face, is quenching with guilt, you now feel vulnerable, neither your friends, allies, or even your God can save you now"

The person in the black coat begins to walk away as he didn't even look back at what's happening, tears begin to stream down Isaiah's eyes.

"Now then, it's just you and me now, it's time for me to claim what's mine"

Shadow knight reaches back and thrusts his hand through Isaiah's chest, Isaiah then wakes up panting and sweating, his body is covered in bandages, he appears to be shirtless as is leaning against a tree, Blu immediately looks at Isaiah from a branch and he looks extremely happy.

"He's awake! Everyone! Come here!" Blu shouts

Sam and Petra were sitting on a rock as they immediately get up to check on Isaiah, Rosie, Ryan, Tom, Nightfly, Meep, and General Toril immediately rushes to him, Rosie immediately hugged Isaiah as she began to cry.

"Oh Thank God you're alive, i'm so sorry that we left you!" Rosie cries out

Blu flies up to her and wraps his wings around her and pulls her back gently.

"Whoa easy there, give him some space, he just beginning to recover" said Blu

Ryan says, " im so glad your alright, all of us were extremely worried about you"

Isaiah looks up to them.

"What happened? Did Something happened?" Isaiah asks with curiosity

General Toril replies, "well, you were severely injured, your body was torn apart, it took a miracle or two to put you back together, you have your friends to thank for that"

Isaiah looks around to see if his friends are around.

"Hey, where's Ethan Mia, David, and Sarah?" Isaiah asks with curiosity

Blu walks up to him with a worried expression on his face.

"Umm well, your friends are somewhere else at the moment, they couldn't bare looking at you, with the state you are in, when your friend Mia moved your hand, all of us heard your bones shattered inside your body, Mia immediately runs off into the woods as Ethan goes with her, my Mom and Dad decided to follow them to make sure they don't get hurt" said Meep in a regrettable tone

General Toril says, "that was an hour ago, they haven't been back yet in awhile, we were go look for them"

Isaiah says, "then what are we waiting for then…"

Isaiah began to get up from the ground, everybody was just in absolute shock with some of their mouths wide open.

"...let's go find them"

All of them remained in shock.

"H-h-how are you able to stand up?! Your bones were broken like a pile of crackers, and yet you're getting up like nothing happened?!" Sam asks with a shocked tone

Isaiah asks, "wait, my bones were what now?"

All of them look at him with a bewildered look with a bit of relief.

"I guess he doesn't remember what happened to him, i didn't expect the healing cordial to work so well and so quickly either" Blu thought

Nightfly turns around and sees David and Sarah flying towards them as well as Ethan and Mia walking towards them.

"Guys look! There back!" said Nightfly

All of them look over, they see Ethan and Mia walking up to them, Ethan and Mia see Isaiah in front of them as they begin rushing towards him, Isaiah is relieved to see them as he runs towards them, Blu rushes towards his parents.

"Mom? Dad? Are you guys alright?" Blu asks

David replies, "we're fine son, it was just intense for all of us to see, but i'm glad to see Isaiah is all better now, i didn't think he would get so well so quickly either, it's a miracle that he's still here with us"

Isaiah embraces Mia as he balances himself and her trying not to fall on the ground.

"Oh Thank lord almighty that you're alright! I thought we would lose you!" Mia cries out

Mia begins to shed tears as she grips Isaiah harder and harder, Isaiah begins to feel her pinching him, her legs were about to collapse to the ground but he keeps holding her up, Isaiah looked extremely worried about her as he kneels to the ground before her grip could even slip as she continued to cry on his shoulders.

"Hey it's okay, i'm alright now, there's no need to cry anymore" said Isaiah in a comforting tone

Isaiah continues to hold her, Sarah approaches the two teenagers as she appeared to be in distress.

"All of us were extremely worried about you, we are terribly sorry that we couldn't stay with you in your time of need" said Sarah with a sorrowful tone

Isaiah says, "it's okay guys, i'm sorry if i frightened you all"

Isaiah looks over to Ethan, Ethan turns his head the other way as he looked pissed off, Isaiah looks concerned for him as Mia turns towards him.

"Ethan are you okay?" Isaiah asks with a calming tone

Ethan replies, "what do you think you idiot?!"

Isaiah gets caught off guard by this as well as Mia, both of them began to get up and face him.

Isaiah says, "Ethan, i know what i did was stupid-"

Ethan clenches his hands to where the point he began shaking them.

"Stupid?! What you did was just suicidal!" Ethan explodes

Ethan turns around and faces him.

"What were you thinking?!"

Isaiah replies, "i was trying to cover for everyone's escape, they would have killed us all if i didn't"

"and for that? You have to give up your life as if it had no meaning to it?!"

"I wasn't trying to waste my life, someone had to stop him from killing anyone else!"

"Do you even know what you could've done?! I saw how Lorik looked when we faced him, you were trying to Kill him!" Ethan shouts

Isaiah's expression becomes from anger to regret.


Jehovah says, "be vigilant with my law, whatever you do don't take away a life, or else you shall face dire consequences"

Flashback ended

Isaiah looked horrified to what was about to do, as everyone was watching this intense moment, Sam was confused as he looks at Petra.

"I don't see what the big deal is, he tried to kill us so doesn't that make it okay to give what he deserves?" Sam asks

Ethan hears what Sam said as he turns to him with anger in his eyes.


Sam gets startled by the sudden outburst, General Toril comes up to them as she goes in front of Ethan.

"That's enough! What's done is done, there's no going back on what has already happened, all we can do is to find a safe place where we can rest and recoup with ourselves, so we should get going, we have a long way to get to" said General Toril in a commanding tone

Ethan then takes a deep sigh.

"Fine, we'll talk about this later, let's just get a move on already" said Ethan in a stern tone

Isaiah and Mia begin to get up from the ground, Ryan walks over to Isaiah and Mia carrying Isaiah's shirt and royal blue coat.

"Here you go Isaiah, i kept this safe for you" said Ryan

Isaiah says, "thank you Ryan"

As he grabs his stuff, he realizes the Storm-blade was missing.

"Umm hey guys, do any of you know where my sword is?" Isaiah asks in a polite manner

Ryan replies, "i'm sorry, it all happened so quick, neither of us were able to find your sword"

"then that means...crap, it's back at the castle then, it's okay, i can just summon it back…" Isaiah thought

Isaiah looks down to his hands.

"...but, do i even deserve to wield it after what i almost did, i almost killed a living being, all thoughts of restraint just been obliterated at that moment, those traumatizing memories just flood my mind, fueling me to kill the enemy"

Mia looks over to Isaiah with concern.

"Isaiah, are okay?" Mia asks

Isaiah replies, "huh? Yeah i'm fine, let's just get a move on"

All of them began to walk with Isaiah putting on his clothing.

Sometime later

They were walking through the forest with Isaiah fully clothed, all of them were fully on guard to see if the enemy were on them, Petra, Nightfly, and Meep approached Isaiah.

"That was pretty intense back there, it almost looked like you guys were about to have a fight" said Petra

Isaiah says, "it's fine, i'm used to being scolded at for many things, and i kinda deserved this one"

Meep says, "you know you guys could've just fought each other, that would've ease the tension between"

"Oh yeah, cause we don't already get beaten enough as it is, might as well have our own scourge while we're add it" said Isaiah in a sarcastic tone

Isaiah imagines himself and Ethan clashing blades against each other with fire coming from their eyes, Meep seemed to be slightly offended by his statement.

"Geez, i was just trying to help out" said Meep

Isaiah says, "i'm sorry, i'm not feeling myself right now"

Nightfly says, "it's understandable really, none of us feel the same ever since that warlord...what was his name again?...Lorik attacked our home and separated us from our friends, family and loved ones"

Isaiah says, "i know how that feels"

Petra says, "yeah, it seems you have an extreme grudge against him"

Isaiah says, "yeah i do, let's just say he ruined me and my friend's lives"

Petra says, "i know, your friends told us about him, he killed your parents"

Isaiah says, "he killed more people we knew and love"

The 3 of them begin to feel bad for him, Ethan looks back looking a bit guilty, all of them feel tense at the moment.

Petra says, "i'm sorry that you lost your sword back there, here you can have mine"

Petra lends him her sword, Isaiah looks at the sword with somewhat of awe, but however he looks conflicted to take it.

"Thank you, but I'm sorry, after what just happened, i don't think i can trust myself with a blade anymore" said Isaiah with a sense of doubt

He begins to walk up towards the front, Petra sighed as she felt she only made things worse than they already were, Isaiah puts his hood on and puts his hands in his pocket, Blu observes Isaiah with a watchful eye, he then flies up to Isaiah as he was worried about him.

"Hey, are you okay?" Blu asks with a concerning tone

Isaiah replies, "i'm fine Tyler, really, don't worry about me"

"Your not alright Isaiah, i've seen you this way before, and i know you're hurting right now and-"

"Tyler! Please…"

Blu then stops talking to Isaiah, Isaiah slightly turns to him.

"...I need, some alone time"

Isaiah continues treading through the ground, Blu feels a bit sad, he begins to fly upward, Mia begins walking towards Isaiah with a concerned look on her face.

"You know he was only trying to help, there was no need to push him away" said Mia

Isaiah says, "i'm sorry, i know i sound like a jerk right now, but i just need some time alone to think on this"

"I get it, it's heavy on you, but it's also heavy on us as well, seeing him again...it enraged me to see him again, to see that evil being dwell on the earth once more"

"That must be the reason why Jehovah told us not to kill anyone, he knew that the moment we glanced at him, I would lose all restraint and just give into my anger and hate, i disobeyed God, i'm not even sure if i deserve to wield the power i have anymore"

Mia puts her hand on his shoulder, he turns his head towards her.

"God will forgive you, he will never abandon you, even if you disobey him, he will still love you"

Isaiah's tensity begins to loosen up as he looks at her with eyes of grief.

"Okay" said Isaiah in a soft tone

Blu gets a view of the forest around them, David and Sarah looks up to their son, they look at each other worried, and so they fly up to him

"Hey sweetie, are you alright?" Sarah asks in a caring way

Blu turns to his mother.

"Yeah i'm alright, i'm just worried about the children you know, out of all of us, it's been hard on them the most it's probably best to leave them be for the time being" said Blu with a serious tone

Rosie flies up to them as she looks at the family with curiosity on her mind.

"Hey guys, I don't mean to barge in but I've been meaning to ask, is it true? That their parents have been killed?" Rosie asks in a soft tone

The 3 adults look at the teenager with some sorrow in their eyes, Blu flies in closer to her.

Blu replies, "To be honest none of us are sure, when the dark matter hit their home, everything within it was gone, they were most likely killed in the process, that's what happened to Isaiah and Ethan's family, Mia's mother was killed by Lorik in the most gruesome way, and they lost their friend Peter to him as well, they have to cope with it ever since"

Rosie looked deeply saddened by it.

"That's horrendous, that human back there, he reminded me of Benito, the way he finds Joy in other people's suffering is just awful, killing just for the amusement of it, I can't believe people like him exist! How could he do that to his own kind?!" said Rosie in a fit of rage

Blu replies, "I don't know, it's hard to understand why a living being would do so much wrong to another, I can only say is that they might've lost their way, and the only thing they have left is to give into the evil inside of them, That's what at least what I try to think"

While father, mother, son, and a somewhat Niece continue to fly in the air, Tom notices everyone being down and low spirited, he then turns to Ryan.

"Everyone seems to be in distress" said Tom

Ryan says, "can't say i blame them, we just went through an intense ordeal, everybody is feeling tense now, including me"

"Well why don't i play us a few of my ancestor's tunes to lighten the mood"

"Well, okay, but none of your Lullaby's, i don't want to end up sleeping on the floor again"

Tom gives a light chuckle.

"Fair enough" said Tom

Tom reaches into his bag, he pulls out a flute, but he drops it on the ground and bounces near a different path.

"Whoops" said Tom

He leans down to pick it up, he picks it up, he then looks up and sees the other side of the forest, it was all covered up in fog, all of them gaze upon the forest.

"Whoa, that's a lot of fog" said Ryan

General Toril gets in front of them with a serious look on her face.

"Alright everyone, our safe point is beyond this forest, i hate to say it, but we're gonna have to go through the fog" said General Toril

Sam shouts, "WHAT?! Are you crazy?! There's no telling of what will be in that forest!"

General Toril says, "maybe so, but it's the only way to the safe point, half of the forest is covered in fog, and there's no telling when it'll clear up, even if we do wait it out, Lorik's forces will catch up to us"

Tom says, "she's right, she's knows more about the forest than any of us do, so we gotta trust her"

Sam says, "yeah but it could be dangerous in their, it could be just as worse in their then it was back there"

All of them looked at the forest, Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia looked determined to go through.

"We don't have much of choice, it's either go through there, or go back there, and i rather take my chances in the fog than i would with Lorik" said Isaiah with a confirming tone

Sam says, "alright fine, but if we end up getting eaten by God knows what, don't come complaining to me in the after life"

David says, "well, no turning back now"

They begin to enter the fog, walking through it the ground seems dry with the trees being dried up with no leaves on them, they continue to walk through the fog, looking around cautiously.

"This place is pretty dried up, that's not a good sign" said Sam in a discouraged tone

Isaiah asks, "why's that?"

Sam replies, "well fog usually is a sign of over moisture, so the ground should be more wet than it usually would be, but instead it's more dry than ever"

General Toril says, "these are strange times, someone or something must've made this entire forest covered up in fog"

Sam looked peeved by this.

"Not that's it time to say I Told so, but I Told You-"

Ethan suddenly pops up in front of Sam out of nowhere with a vigor of Rage.

"DON'T EVEN SAY IT!" Ethan shouts with an overwhelming amount of rage

This startles everyone within the group but mainly Sam who just froze with fear.

"Whoa Ethan! Calm down! Take big deep breaths!" said Isaiah with an alarming tone

Ethan takes a big sigh as he moves his hair back and then he lets out a big puff.

"I'm sorry, I've been on edge lately" said Ethan in an apologetic tone

Sarah says, "we've all been Ethan, there's no need to get so angry about it"

Ethan says, "yeah your right, I'm sorry"

Meep says, "well at least we're alive, can't say the same for our fallen brethren"

General Toril says, "let's not let their deaths be in vain, it probably be best if we pick up the pace before anything else happens"

As they continued to walk, the fog blackened and became thicker, as it was hard to breathe, all of them began to cough violently.

"What's going on with the air? I can Hardly breathe!" Tom struggles to shout

Nightfly shouts, "this isn't fog, IT'S SMOKE!"

All of them continued to choke as they collapsed on the ground, Ethan's heart began to glow green, as a powerful gust of wind bursts from him, blowing the smoke away from them, all of them began to breathe again, they start to get back up, Blu helps his mom and dad up as well as Rosie.

"Are you guys alright?" Blu asks with a concerned tone

David continues to cough.

"Yeah we're okay son" said David

David tries to clear his throat, Isaiah helps Ethan and Mia up, Tom and Ryan helps Sam and Petra up, all of them are fully back on their feet.

"Is everybody alright?" General Toril asks

Ryan replies, "yeah we're all accounted for"

Tom asks, "wait, where's Nightfly?"

All of them begin to look around, they then spot Nightfly who was just standing on the ground looking at something, Meep takes a deep sigh of relief, Blu, David, Sarah, and Rosie flies over to Nightfly while Meep just runs over to him.

Meep says, "Phew Nightfly, you gave me a scare there, please try not to wander off again, I don't wanna have to-"

All of them suddenly stop talking, Sarah gasps to what she was looking at, the others began to walk towards them as they were just as in shock as they were, they look upon the grim image of small houses burn to the ground, as there were a remainder of ashes all over the atmosphere, gazing upon the horror of the torn down forest, they continue to gaze upon the forest.

"This is just...Horrendous" said Sarah

Ethan continues to look around the forest.

"Did...did Lorik do all of this?" Ethan asks

General Toril replies, "I'm afraid so"

Nightfly begins to fly off, to which Isaiah and Ryan notice.

"Nightfly Wait!" Ryan shouts

Isaiah, Ryan, and Rosie go after Nightfly through the burned down forest, running past every tree, they then see Nightfly on the ground once more, he was just standing there looking at the ground, Ryan notices the dread in him while Isaiah and Rosie were still confused about what was happening.

"Nightfly? What's wrong?" Rosie asks

Isaiah walks over to him, but he steps on something, he looks down, there were blue feathers covered in ashes.

"Those feathers, do you think they belong to?..." Rosie asks

Isaiah didn't know how to respond, however Ryan steps to Rosie.

"Rosie, this was Nightfly's home" said Ryan with a sorrowful tone

The 3 of them look at Nightfly with dread in their eyes, everybody else catches up to them, seeing the heartbreaking sight, Nightfly still didn't notice them as he was clinging onto something up against his chest, Meep looked in sorrow for his dear friend, he begins to run towards him.

"Nightfly…" said Meep in a painful tone

Nightfly turns around towards Meep as he was carrying what seemed like to be a miniature scarf, the scarf had ashes covering it, with the color to be in the fade of a pink, Meep looks at this with a deepening sadness as Nightfly was holding back his tears, Meep then embraces him.

"There now chap, your a warrior, you must stay strong and fierce, it's what she would've wanted" said Meep in a bold manner

All of them stood there in a quiet manner, holding their hands together as they lowered their heads, General Toril clenched her hands as hard as they could, her expression turned into regret and guilt.

"I am truly sorry, no words could describe the evils that befall on our beloved home, i failed my people, it was my duty to protect each and everyone of you, i failed as a leader, a protector, and a friend, and now all of you suffer because of me, I can never atone for this" said General Toril

The General continues to look down in shame and despair, the others continue to look at the graves that were in front of them.

"All of this is so familiar, events repeating itself throughout places I've never been to, and yet it feels familiar, it makes me feel sick inside, all this pain, all this suffering, every bit of it makes me sick, tell me God, why are we still here? What plans do you have for us? Is it just for us to suffer for the rest of our lives?! So why? Why must we be pushed to our very limit?!" Ethan cries out in his mind

The silence continued, suddenly there were sounds of footsteps moving through the forest, they heard those sounds as they looked around seeing if there were anyone near them, they began to look around the forest wondering what those were coming from.

"We're not alone" said Ryan

Isaiah looked aware.

"Wait...i sense multiple life signs coming our way, and all of them seem to be hostile" said Isaiah

Mia says, "that can't be good"

All of them readied their weapons getting ready for a fight on their hands, Isaiah wanted to summon his sword, but however he still hesitated to do so, so instead he puts up his fists as his eyes begin to glow blue, out of the smoke came multiple creatures approaching them, those creatures were wolves, dwarves, harpies, hags, goblins, giants, and Minotaurs, each of them either having a weapon or using their fangs and claws for the fight, there were a giant horde of them surrounding them from the ground and up in the trees, they step back towards the giant tree behind them, one of them steps forward towards, it was a giant minotaur, his fur was black and his horns were sharp and straight, he was 7 feet tall, he was straps on his back with a sheath attached to one of them, carrying a Otmin Falchion, he was carrying a double edged axe in his right hand, everybody was on guard, Blu puts his parents and Rosie behind him, Nightfly wipes away his tears and gets in front of them while pulling out his two swords.

"Stay behind us, this could get ugly" said Nightfly with a bit of rage in his tone

General Toril walks up to the minotaur with a stern look on her face.

"What's the meaning of this? Why take up arms against your fellow brethren?" said General Toril in a demanding tone

The minotaur replies, "General Toril, you are being relieved of duty"

"On whose authority?"

The minotaur raises his axe towards General Toril.

"Under the authority of the Queen of Narnia" said the minotaur with a vicious tone

The group seemed confused.

"Queen of Narnia?" Petra asks

"The Queen huh? I assume your not referring to our beloved leader, but rather the White Witch"

Meep, Tom, and Nightfly looked stunned for a brief moment.

The Minotaur says, "you are correct general, we are her loyal subjects, only she and she alone is the true ruler of Narnia"

The General says, "ruler? She's been dead for 2,122 years, you can't serve someone who is already dead"

"So you think, but soon she shall be revived, and rule us all as the true ruler of Narnia, but for that to happen, the likes of you must be removed from this world"

"You dare challenge me!"

The General pulls out her longsword, the creatures aim their weapons at her, the team as well aim their weapons at the enemy with Mia and Ethan charging up their weapons with their elementals, Isaiah puts his hands close together as waves of electricity go in between the hands, the grunts seemed to be scared by the glowing weapons and the electricity from Isaiah's hands, the Minotaur seemed to be amazed by the teenagers' abilities.

"Incredible, it seems those children have powers i've never seen before, but it won't be enough to stop our victory, however though there maybe no need of bloodshed, maybe we could strike a deal" said the Minotaur

General Toril asks, "a deal? What do you have in mind exactly?"

"Our orders were to find and kill anyone who are either weak or oppose us, but we could leave you all at peace, pretend that is encounter never happened, in exchange, we get one of your humans"

The minotaur points at the children, the 5 of them looked alarmed.

"yeah we're gonna have to go for no, and by no i mean heck no!" said Ethan in a stern tone

General Toril says, "these humans saved my life, I am in their debt, I won't give any of them up for the likes of you"

The Minotaur says, "I am not asking much, all we need is one human, you can keep the rest of them for all i care"

"And just what exactly do you plan to do with them?"

"That is no concern of you, after all they are not our kind, and weaklings at most, either they'll be a slave or as an emergency source of food, it doesn't matter what we do with any of them, the strong will always surpass those of whom are weak and inferior"

David gets enraged by this.

"Don't you dare talk to them that way, they are stronger than any of you could ever realize, a bunch of punks like you couldn't even fathom to the kind of power they posses" said David in a defending tone

Blu shouts, "you tell them dad!"

The Minotaur looks over to David.

"Watch yourself old timer, or it'll be you and your family that'll end up being in the bellies of my troop" said the Minotaur

Nightfly holds up his blades, as Ryan, Meep, Isaiah, Ethan, Mia and Tom get in front of them in a defensive position.

"Then you'll have to go through us first!" said Tom in a determined tone

The Minotaur gives a mighty chuckle with the subordinates following along with him, the Trio gave stern looks on their faces while Sam and Petra gave looks of fear, all of them stopped laughing.

"It's funny that you think you have a chance to stand against us, maybe we could spare you and make you our entertainer" said the Minotaur in a mocking tone

The team starts to get pissed off as there were red veins popping from their heads, one of the troops who was a hag walks over to the minotaur, the hag was wearing a cloak over herself as she was rubbing her hands together.

"Boss, i don't mean to pry, but this taking longer than it should be, we should really get going, you know what he'll do to us if we don't bring the thing back to him" said the Hag

The Minotaur nods in agreement, he then turns his head towards General Toril.

"Well it seems time is running out for both of us, so what's it gonna be? Are you really gonna sacrifice your own people for a couple of outsiders that never belonged here in the first place?" said the Minotaur

General Toril faces him sternly as she begins quenching her sword, Ethan suppresses his anger, he then drops his katana and sheath on the ground, everybody looks at him confused and worried.

"Ethan what are you doing?" Isaiah asks

Ethan begins walking towards General Toril and the Minotaur, everybody was realizing what he was doing.

"No stop you idiot! Don't do it!" Ryan shouts

Rosie shouts, "Ethan turn back"

Mia Was about to go towards him, but Isaiah stopped her.

"Mia don't, it'll only escalate things, he knows what he's doing" said Isaiah

The Minotaur and General Toril look at Ethan as he was approaching them.

"What are you doing?" General Toril asks with suppressed anger

Ethan ignores her as he just faces the Minotaur.

"Hey! If I'm gonna be sold as some sort of livestock, can I atleast know who this person that you're supposed to meet with?"

Everybody was shocked by this including General Toril.

"ETHAN!" Isaiah shouts

Mia shouts, "NO!"

All of them shout, "WHY?!"

Minotaur asks, "oh a volunteer that has balls, and what if I refused to tell you?"

Ethan closes his eyes

"well then...I'd be left with no choice…"

Ethan then opens his eyes.

"...But to kill you...with my bare hands"

Everyone was just purely stunned, as the wind blew on them.






The Minotaur felt irritated by the threat as he looked sternly at him.

"Am i supposed to feel threatened by that? A little runt like you couldn't even kill another human much less as a rodent, it seems though as i humored your antics long enough, I tried giving you a chance but you blew it, so now you die" said the Minotaur

Ethan just gave him a cold stare, he then gives a smirk on his face.

"Alright then" said Ethan

Ethan then throws an uppercut wind punch, sending the Minotaur spirling in the air within an instant, everybody besides, Isaiah, Mia, and Blu had their lawlines wide open seeing the Minotaur flying in the air, the subordinates then look down towards Ethan as he lowers his fist.

"Is there anybody over there who is not an idiot?" Ethan asks with a stern tone

The Minotaur crashes into a burned log in the background, the subordinates began to back away a bit except for the hag from before.

The Hag says, "It seems as though we underestimated you humans, so that's why…"

The Hag pulls out a hidden dagger from underneath her sleeve and charges towards Ethan.


Petra shouts, "WATCH OUT!"

General Toril gets in front of Ethan trying to guard him, but he uses the wind to push her out of the way and charges towards the hag, the Hag thrusts her dagger cutting his left cheek, Ethan ignores the cut as the wind embodies his left arm, he then punches her in the face, sinking his fist in it even farther, the wind then propels the hag and sends her crashing into a tree with her head getting stuck in it, blood begins to drip on the ground as he walks towards the hag with him wiping the blood off his cheek, he then yanks her out of the tree and shows it to all the subordinates, with her face being messed even more than it already was.

"You mean to tell me that this is the best you've got?" Ethan asks with a mocking tone

Ethan then drops the unconscious hag on the ground while scoffing at them.

"What a pathetic waste of time you all have been, you nimrods keep yapping on about how the Strongest will rule and the weak will perish, well news flash, the strongest eventually dies two you know, you think that because you're the strongest around that makes you superior than anybody else? It's people like you that make this world a horrible place, someone needs to put you scumbags in your place, and that someone is me!" Ethan shouts

Ethan's eyes begin to glow green as a violent aura of wind surround him, the wind then spreads blowing everybody, everybody was struggling to push against the violent winds, Isaiah looks at his best friend while trying to get closer to him.

"ETHAN! STOP!" Isaiah cries out

But he couldn't stop, Ethan just stands there menacingly while clenching his fists as the winds become more violent by the second as Ethan's heart and eyes begin to glow brighter and brighter with a fiery rage.

"Go on! If you think that you have what it takes to take us on?! Then do so already! Be the evil ******** that you claim you are! OTHERWISE I"M GONNA MAKE YOU ALL SUFFER!" Ethan shouts with pure rage and Malice

"ENOUGH!" a deep voice shouts

Suddenly Ethan's expression changes from rage into shock, as the violent winds then stop, the team was able to move freely again, all of them looked terrified, a root was piercing through Ethan's calf, Ethan then collapses to the floor unconscious.

"ETHAN!" both Mia and Isaiah shout

As the two of them run towards their friend to check on him, the subordinates look petrified as they are looking at something and they begin to whimper out of fear.

"You fiends have violated the law of the forest, burned down my brothers and sisters and now you seek to do more harm!"

The group then turn around and see the giant tree that was the one doing the talking, the tree had a face, the face no pupils in his face, he has a large nose with a giant mouth, the leaves on his face represented somewhat of a facial hair but with half of it burned off on his right side, the tree looked enraged by the violence he was watching, they looked completely shocked by this.

Isaiah says, "HOLY-"

Mia says, "CRAP!"

The tree shouts, "This Horror has gone long enough! I won't tolerate anymore of this! NOW AWAY WITH YOU!"

Giant roots from the tree spread out of the ground to frighten the subordinates away, the subordinates scatter from the tree, the one of wolves manages to grab the dagger as it runs away from the tree, the tree gazes upon the team as its roots gets closer to them, but however though Nightfly flies up to the giant tree face to face.

"Great Elder Boren! Please spare them from your wrath! They know not of our law, and they have no cause to do any harm to our land!" Nightfly shouts

Elder Boren's rage begins to simmer down from the sight of Nightfly in front of him.

"Nightfly? You're alive? You escaped from the demise of the forest" said Elder Boren in a relieving tone

Nightfly says, "yes sir, please don't harm them, they are my friends"

Elder Boren looked regretful as he manages to pull away his roots from the forest and back into the ground from before.

"I am sorry for the great deal of anger i displayed before you, i hope you can forgive me" said Elder Boren with a great deal of regret

Sam looked so shaken up that he passed out on the floor as everybody looks at him as Tom looked at Sam with a disappointed expression.

"Again with this?! You seriously need to grow a pair or two!" said Tom


The sun was beginning to set, in the ruins of the castle, the dark knights was cleaning up the bodies that were all over the castle, in an another area, there was armor all over the place, there was chunks of bloody stones in a tray, there was an entire stash of medical supplies on the ground, a hand reaches for the alcohol, the man as it was turns out to be Lorik, he was shirtless showing all his scars and injuries being covered by dark matter with it dimming out, Lorik begins to sit back on a stone, he opens the cap to the alcohol and pours it on his head, hissing in the pain of it, a dark portal emerges out of nowhere, out comes the Raven as he was carrying a shot in his right hand, Lorik covers his head trying to stop the alcohol from dripping all over the place.

"Hey boss, sorry if you have to see me like this, i was just getting patched up from my injuries" said Lorik in a polite manner

Lorik reaches out for the bandages on the ground.

"There's no need for an apology, I'm just here to see how things are doing here and letting you know how things are going on our side of the war" said Raven with a polite tone

Lorik finishes bandaging his head.

"That and your gonna stuff more of that junk in my body" said Lorik

Raven says, "it's only for your own good, otherwise you're gonna feel excruciating amounts of pain from your injuries"

"Yeah well that's what you get for tangling with those Knights, well let's get this over with"

Lorik reaches out his right arm towards Raven, Raven grabs a hold of his arm, he inserts the needle in his arm and injects the dark matter in his veins, Lorik begins to groan in pain, the dark matter begins to glow fully and once more in the veins, Raven removes the needle from Lorik's arm and sets it to the side, Lorik then sits up, he moves his around his arm around.

"How is it?" Raven asks

Lorik replies, "feeling numb on every part of my body? Yes, it worked"

"Good, then you shouldn't feel any pain from your previous wounds"

"Well that might not last long, because I so happened to run in some old friends of ours"

"You mean those children? It seems as though Benito failed in taking care of them"

"Well i'm not surprised, he lets his foolish grudge guide his actions, and that gave the knights an advantage"

"Well that's twice he failed me, and now his contract is up, and now i must rely on you once more to do what he could not"

"That may be a problem, I know how the little scamps fight, they've grown so much since the last time I saw them, they became even stronger than before, I might not even defeat them myself, if one of them can do this to me from before, what chance do I have now?"

A memory flashes into Lorik's mind, he remembers Isaiah being completely covered with electricity with his body glowing blue and his eyes white as he was floating in the air looking menacingly at him, the memory ends, Lorik gives a cunning smirk as he gazes at Raven with determination.

Lorik says, "Well in that case, I might as well tell you something that I have learned about this world, there was once a Tyrant who ruled this place with an Iron fist, some called her the Queen of Narnia, others called her the White Witch, she used magic to bend the will of Narnians to their knees, but what she feared most was a Prophecy about the new Kings and Queens of Narnia, they were humans from another world, she feared the Prophecy so much that she see to it herself that these new rulers die by her hands, but in the end, it was her fear which consumed her"

Raven asks, "intriguing, so what's the point you're trying to make?"

"What i'm saying here is she could be a valuable asset of ours, we need a replacement after Benito"s fall, once I performed the ritual in reviving her, the 12 can be whole once more"

"Really? And what if this plan of yours backfires? You know what happens if you fail me again"

"If it comes to that, if i perish, then their coming with me as well"

Raven gives a cunning smirk.

"Going with your usual plan i see, you know your starting to make a habit of that" said Raven

Lorik says, "well we are in a war after all, we do whatever it takes to win it right? If it means pushing the enemy to an emotional breaking point, then so be it"

Darkness begins to emit from Raven's right hand, he creates a dagger and throws it towards Lorik, Lorik then catches it with just his index and middle finger from his right hand, Raven remains composed while Lorik's expression turns into a stern one.

"If you die in this war, you know what happens right? You'll enter a place where I can't save you, you'll be living eternal suffering for the rest of your afterlife, do you want that for yourself?! Do you wish to die right here right now?" Raven asks with a calm tone

Lorik replies, "and what would that accomplish? It would just be another meaningless death, if i'm going out and i'm gonna go out at least achieving something that no one in the entire cult could do, I know you think of us as dispensable, but are you really gonna kill an old friend of yours just to prove a point?"

Both of them continued to stare sternly at each other.




Raven's hand turns back to normal, as the dagger of darkness disappears from Lorik's hand.

"Well it seems you know what your doing here, I came here and did what i had to do, so I'll get going now"

A dar portal emerges from behind Raven, Raven makes his way towards the portal, but he stops before entering.

Raven says, "one last thing Lorik…"

He turns around towards Lorik with a curious look in his eyes.

"...Does the boy know who he resembles?"

Lorik then gets up and faces towards Raven.

"I don't think he's even aware, but it's best if he doesn't, that's an entirely different matter to deal with" said Lorik with a serious tone

Raven says, "yeah, I guess you're right"

Raven then enters the portal as it disappears when he enters it, Lorik then hears groaning and moaning, he turns around and sees the subordinates walking towards him as they were very exhausted and out of breath, Lorik gives a cocky look on his face.

"Hello everyone, it seems as though all of you ran away with your tails between your legs, now where's that stupid Minotaur and his pet Hag?" Lorik asks with a joking and stern tone

An old dwarf walks up to him with fear in his eyes.

"We found the human children you see, A-and we tried to capture them, b-b-but there was this human boy with black hair, he sent our leader flying in the air and pummeled the second in command in the face while sending her flying into the tree, it got so windy all of a sudden, and there was this big tree that chased us off" the old dwarf stutters

Lorik says, "well I told you not to underestimate them, they are a force to be-"

Lorik's expression changes from cocky to straight dumbfounded.

"Wait hold on, you mean to tell me, that you were chased off...By a Tree?!" Lorik asks with suppressed anger

The old Dwarf replies, "b-b-but it was so huge! And it had humongous roots, it was destroying everything in its path-"

Lorik says, "stop! I'm gonna have to stop you there, otherwise I may have to kill you for your incompetence!"

The old dwarf backs down in fear of this threat, Lorik gazes at them with severe disappointment and frustration.

Lorik says, "Well then i guess we're just gonna replan everything and figure out how to-"

The wolf from before comes up to him, there was blood on that dagger, the wolf then drops it before Lorik, Lorik's impression changes from disappointed to impressed as he grabs the dagger and pats the wolf's head.

"Good soldier" said Lorik

Lorik gazes at the bloody dagger with excitement as he looks back at his subordinates with exhilaration.

"Change of plans boys and girls, it's time to bring your beloved Queen back into this world once and for all" said Lorik

All of the creatures screech, howled, screamed, and cheer with glee and joy as Lorik gives a menacing grin.

"But first, let's pay the children a little visit" said Lorik

well this is considered to be continued for now, I wish I could've finished all the ideas i have in one chapter, but I'm gonna have to break it down one last time, until then, Have a good day and Godbless you all