Hurrah, men! Hurrah!

We're marching to battle!

With sword, pike and gun,

We fought for the homeland!

For our wives and children,

For our leader and country!

Against our enemies,

We'll smite them hard and harder!

For home, farm and land,

Our cherished possessions!

We'll show them our courage,

For medals or glory!

By forts and through trenches,

To plains, forests and mountains

In our boots that we wore,

We marched through to battle

Hurrah, men! Hurrah!

Our foes were closing in!

Load your bullets and mount your bayonets!

Smite them hard and harder,

Till the last man standing!

We shed blood in the soil,

With honor and dignity!

Till the last bullet,

Till the last blade,

Till the last fist,

Fight on, my brothers!