Merry Christmas Charm! Even though it's pretty early, I have to get an early start on your Christmas present to complete it during the season! If you haven't guessed by the title I'm writing to you 25 very short little blurbs for Christmas. As much as I would like to, I don't have the time for full-blown one-shots, especially when I haven't even finished your Birthday story! So I'm giving myself a vague limit on how many words I can put into them. I wanted to start on the 1st, but I'm already behind! I'll be working to catch up though, so maybe expect two chapters a day these next few days? I'm challenging myself to post one every day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Admiration: (slight AU) For once she was going to settle for a distant admiration of beauty.

When Brooklyn slipped her jacket off she arched her back and let out a small sigh as she stretched. Over the rumble of the subway, she heard a low whistle from the other end of the car. Straightening her posture she glanced over. The subway was empty at this wonderful hour of three AM. An older man was sitting a few seats away from her, a woman in a nursing uniform across from her and a pair of friends on the other end. Rather than ignoring them right off the bat, she allowed her tired eyes to linger on the guy who had catcalled her

He wasn't that bad looking.

Shut up she muttered to herself as she turned away to ignore the guys. It felt odd to do, normally she'd be all for getting up and talking to them, especially when she felt and looked as good as she did tonight. Puffing out a sigh she crossed her arms and waiting as the subway screeched to a stop. The older man folded his newspaper and got off quickly. Without the rumble of movement, she could hear the guys talking much better, in fact, their voices were pretty clear in the new silence. They sounded a bit drunk, which made sense given how late it was and how sloppy they looked at the moment. Brooklyn's face grew hot with embarrassment as she listened to them talk about her, or at least, how hot she looked. The nurse sitting in front of her looked uncomfortable and got up to move to the next subway car.

Brooklyn huffed, sure lady, leave me alone with them.

Brooklyn ignored them, opting to tease her fingers through her hair and wait for the subway doors to slide closed. She still had a few stops to go before she was supposed to get off and catch a cab back home. Just when she thought no new passengers were going to board a somewhat rushed looking young man stepped on. She didn't look up at him at first, but he sat right next to the doors, just three seats away from her. She was too curious not to get a peek at the new passenger. Tall she thought. He was very tall, with a svelte figure. He crossed his leg over the other and leaned back. He was pale, with a bit of a babyface, and light freckles danced across his checks. Brooklyn thought of her own, she always seemed to forget about them, and it didn't help that she usually painted over them with makeup. Were freckles as cute on her as they were on that guy's face? Silver-colored curls were combed neatly to the nape of his neck and bangs brushed to the left of his forehead. His eyes were big, appearing as if two sparkling sapphires were his eyes.

That other guy was okay, but this guy was gorgeous.

While she entertained the thought of moving closer and speaking to him, she restrained herself. He was pretty, almost too pretty. Besides, she was sure he heard the guys in the corner talking so crudely about her just as loud as she could. He'd probably think I'm some hooker or something she frowned. She did have the scent of alcohol mingling with her perfume, along with whatever else that hold in the wall nightclub had in it. She was sober at least, for the most part. Maybe a little buzzed, she'd only had a drink or two. It had been a tame night, but she still looked rather trashed. More make-up than usual, that didn't look as nice as it had when she left, heels that she no longer could stand to walk in, a dress that she seemed to be pulling down every moment, and her chest was rather out there since she'd taken her coat off.

Yeah, this probably wasn't the best time to try and talk to a nice-looking guy.

The subway rolled to another stop, then another, and another. Finally, her stop came up, she stood as her phone rang and answered it as she got off. "Hey Dean" she spoke, "I'll be back home in like twenty minutes." She sighed, "really, do you really need me to go buy you some? Fine! I'll get them, can't believe you. You can't go one night without smoking?" She hung up with a huff, "now I have to walk to the store, ugh" she too sober to deal with the hurricane that was her roommate at the moment. Brooklyn walked outside with a shiver and looked around, ready to hail some kind of cab to take her home.

"Excuse me"

Brooklyn tossed her head to the side with a scowl at the voice bothering her. "What?" Her scowl lightened up a bit, it was that pretty guy from the subway. She hadn't even noticed him get off with her.

"Sorry to bother you." he rubbed the back of his neck before holding out her coat. "You forgot this on the subway."


She took it was a sheepish smile, "thanks...did you get off just to give it to me?"

"Well, we had the same stop anyways."

What a pretty voice.

The guy caught a cab but turned to her after opening the door. "We can share a cab if you want." He offered. Brooklyn was sure he was only offering to be nice, and it was freezing out and she was wearing so little. She considered it, maybe she could slip in the cab and spark a conversation with him? She liked the idea, but then she thought about it again.

I probably shouldn't even bother. I'd just waste his time. She shook her head, "no it's okay. I'll get another."

He didn't insist, thankfully. He smiled said a brief goodbye and was gone within moments.

Brooklyn sighed and slipped her coat on, listening to the bustling city around her. She clasped her hands together, "it's probably the best thing to do," she assured herself, "he probably wouldn't really like a girl like me." She sighed and walked along the sidewalk towards a small party store to grab Dean's cigarettes and a snack for herself.

She smiled at her next thought, maybe she'd see him again on the subway some night? They had to live somewhat close and he probably had a routine with his travels.

She was going to stop herself from talking to him, but that didn't mean she couldn't admire him.

I know Eijan is very not present in this one, but I wanted to keep him that way until I see some more of him. I just couldn't wait to do something with them, even if it's mainly Brooklyn's side.