A/N: This is gonna be a short story (only five chapters), and here's the typical warnings for those familiar with my line of work: femslash, sexual content, drinking, and language.

Red with Lust

Summary: Lust is a powerful thing. It can blind people, and make them do the unthinkable. Me? Well, I just wanted a one-night stand. I didn't think I'd be seeing her again.

*Chapter 1*

Alana took a seat at the bar, letting out a frustrated sigh as she ran a hand through her hair and looking at the young brunet man working tonight. It had been another very stressful day at the office for her and the blonde snapped her fingers, holding a twenty dollar bill between them. 'Of fucking course Caleb had to call out again today. Thanks a lot, you asshole. Make everyone else's job easier because you wanted to fuck around.'

The bartender glanced in her direction and nodded, getting her message. He placed down a mug and made his way over to her, wiping his hands. "What can I get for you?"

"Redheaded Slut," Alana replied. "Been a shitty day."

"Understandable. Alright, one of those coming right up." He seemed nice enough, flashing her a sympathetic smile and turning his back briefly to make the cocktail. She wasn't by any means a very heavy drinker like her dad, but she could handle her liquor good enough to walk home later tonight without slamming facefirst onto the concrete.

'What time is it, anyway?' She glanced at her phone briefly to look and shook her head. Not even nine o'clock at night and here she was, drinking probably to the small hours of the morning as usual. She had seen this song and dance before plenty of times. It was almost routine for her at this point.

Alana looked back up as her requested drink slid her way and she passed him the wadded up bill in return. "Thanks. Keep the change as a tip." One thing she always did was take care of the person serving her drinks. She knew it didn't pay much and they relied heavily on tips, so anything she could contribute to help them out, she was more than willing to provide.

She took a sip, blinking back the powerful wave of alcohol that hit her tongue. It was her first time trying the potent cocktail; her usual preference for drinking was a Screwdriver or a rum and Coke. 'Holy fuck this is strong. Sweet, but damn I can feel the effects.'

"First time trying one?" The bartender smirked at her and poured himself a shot of whiskey, downing it in one go. "You handled it better than most."

"What happens to them?" Alana asked with a cough. Damn the back of her throat burned something fierce.

"Take a look on the floor." The bartender smirked and pointed. Alana glanced down and saw a drunken man passed out on the floor with a broken glass beside him, snoring away. He absolutely reeked of liquor and piss and the blonde woman wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Please tell me he hasn't been there for five hours?" she asked with an exasperated sigh. "Because he fucking stinks." 'He smells like piss.'

"Oh no," the brunet said with a shake of his head. "Not five hours."

"Thank Christ."

"He's been there for seven."

There it was. Alana let her head crash onto the bar with a groan of pain, hearing the man laugh. "Shouldn't he have been escorted out by now?" 'Why the hell has no one bothered to help him out? Someone could've at least escorted him out the bar and into a taxi or something.'

"He's an asshole," the bartender replied, pouring another shot. "He likes to get drunk and yell random insults at some of the girls who come by here. If you ask me, he's lucky no one has drawn on his face with a permanent marker yet."

Alana rolled her eyes and took another sip of her drink, slowly getting used to the powerful surges of alcohol. One thing she was good at was adapting to her liquor. She was now enjoying her drink without worry of falling over immediately and finished it in a few quick gulps. The glass hit the smooth oak wood of the bar and she smacked her lips. "That was quite nice. I needed that."

"Mind if I join you?" a velvety smooth voice asked from behind. Alana turned around and saw an absolutely gorgeous woman standing behind her, wearing a very elegant black dress than hung to her frame and sparkled in the dim light. Her red lipstick matched her long mane of hair and for a moment the blonde was at a loss for words.

"Y-yeah, sure," she managed to choke out, finally finding her voice and hoping she didn't just look like a complete idiot.

"Thank you." The redhead flashed a smile and sat next to her, lightly tapping her nails on the bar. "Hello again David. How nice to see you again."

"Willow." The brunet nodded politely in greeting. "Thought you were out of town."

"I was. Important business with family, but I got it straightened out quicker than I initially anticipated." She smiled warmly. "I'll have the usual."

"Coming right up. You're in luck; I picked up a batch yesterday and was waiting for you to get back." The brunet man, who Alana now knew as David, reached under the counter and pulled out a large bottle of Scotch.

"You flatter me too much," Willow said with a smile. "If you weren't already married, I'd have considered courting you."

"Stop, you'll make me blush." David laughed and poured her a double, sliding it over to her carefully as to not spill any of it. "Besides, Mariah would kill me."

"Terrified of her?"

"Who wouldn't be? She's a sweetheart, but when she gets pissed, the whole world shakes like a leaf."

'So these two know each other very well.' Alana watched their small talk quietly while she held out another wadded up bill for a second drink. After how today went at work with her having to pick up the slack that her coworker dumped on her thanks to not showing up, she could definitely use some drinks. Her initial plan was only for one or two, but the more she thought about it, the more she was leaning towards getting absolutely hammered. Besides she had tomorrow off thankfully and would have plenty of time to recover from whatever hangover she got. 'Fuck it, it's been awhile since I got plastered.'

"Want another?" David asked her.

"Screwdriver this time." Alana shook her head. 'I need this.'

"Sounds like you know how to have a good time." The redhead next to her smirked and rested her chin in her hands, her green gaze sparkling. "What is your name?"

"Alana. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue nicely," Alana replied, mouth practically watering as her second drink of the night slid towards her. She cringed a bit when she realized just how cheesy those last few words were and blamed it on the drinks. "Actually, ignore that last bit." 'That has to be the most cringe worthy shit I've ever said. Am I drunk already?'

She gave herself a quick pinch on the arm to see if she was numb to pain yet. 'Ow.' Okay, not drunk yet. She'd fix that in about ten or fifteen minutes.

"So, come here often?" Willow asked with a sultry purr.

Make that five minutes. She was too sober to deal with someone flirting with her, even if the person doing so was drop dead gorgeous.

Alana swirled her drink around and proceeded to gulp it down, chugging it and ignoring the burn on the back of her throat. "No." 'Am I seriously getting hit on by another woman? Christ sakes, I'm not drunk enough for this.' She couldn't remember the last time she had even been on a date.

"Pity. It's not every day one gets to enjoy the sight of someone so attractive yet so lonesome." Willow's sly smirk only grew and David snorted in laughter at that.

"Easy on the flirt, Willow," he said with a grin. "Not sure if Blondie's interested in that kind of shit."

"I can hear you, you know." Alana rolled her eyes, giving him an unimpressed stare. "And for the record, I really don't think my private life matters all that much." 'And seriously? Blondie? For fuck's sake, I thought those nicknames would stop in high school.'

"Poor girl. Must be stressed out with not getting any." Willow's teasing continued.

"For the love of God, Willow, please stop." Alana rubbed her temples and ordered a third drink, same as before. "I've had a shitty day." 'Actually, that's an understatement. I don't want to see another stack of paperwork for a month.' Futile at best, but it never hurt to have faith that her coworkers would actually show up and not fuck around. But only just a little.

"You know, I can make reservations for you in one of our more private rooms," David added on.

"Do not help her." Alana scowled at how much the two of them were enjoying themselves at her expense. She could handle a few jabs but she really wasn't in the mood for jokes. "Not in the mood."

"Ha, I was right. You haven't gotten laid in forever." Willow smirked triumphantly. "You need a night to really let your hair down."

"I kinda had that intention when I came here to get hammered, funnily enough," the blonde shot back sarcastically. David snorted in laughter at that.

She took a quick gulp from her third drink of the night and noticed that Willow was staring at her intently. "What? Do I have something on my face or something? I'm not getting any prettier."

"Oh no, I'm just admiring what I see," Willow replied silkily. "And I am very discriminating when it comes to the female form. I don't say that to every girl I lay eyes on."

A hint of a blush rose to Alana's cheeks and she abruptly looked away, hoping the other woman wouldn't notice. "I'm flattered…" 'There is no way in hell this is actually happening. She's openly flirting with me on a day when I really need some sort of stress relief. It's almost too good to be true if you ask me.'

She knew she was bisexual, having dated both men and women when she was still in college. However work had kept her busy and she wasn't able to get out as much; days off were a little too few in between for her liking and as a result she didn't have the time for a relationship. But tonight, no one said a word about anything serious so far.

"If you'd like, I can help you unwind," Willow all but purred, leaning in close to the blonde's blushing face. She was close enough that Alana could smell the liquor on her warm breath. "So, what'll it be?"

Alana hesitated, glancing back at her drink and at the redhead patiently waiting for her answer. She weighed her options in her head, biting her lip. On one hand, she had only just met this woman who was now offering her a very easy way to get rid of a lot of stress. But on the other, she really needed it. 'Fuck it.'

She took another quick chug from her drink before standing up, clutching the stool for support. "I think I'll take you up on that offer."

Willow smirked and lightly scraped her nail under Alana's chin, making her shiver. "That's what I like to hear. And I know just where to go."

"Lemme guess, Sixth Hell Hotel?"

"Oh no. I intend on spoiling you somewhere special. Follow me."

Alana followed her, her gaze flickering down to admire the shake of her hips. The dress clung to Willow's body in all of the most desirable ways and she could feel herself beginning to long for it. Almost as if Willow could read her mind she looked over her shoulder with a sultry smirk and waggled her finger. "Nuh uh, dear."

"I was just looking, I promise," Alana mumbled, looking away with a blush as they were now outside. Damn the woman had a backside to die for.

"Mmhm. Sure you were," Willow replied teasingly. "You're not the first girl to have said that. Though you might be the cutest."

"I'm flattered," Alana said dryly. "You've done my confidence wonders by saying that."

Willow laughed and led her through the lit streets until she stopped in front of an apartment complex. The building didn't stand out amongst the many other complexes on the street, making it very hard for the blonde to believe that this of all places was where she lived.

"You're kidding me." Alana shook her head. "There's no way you live here. I mean…I expected you to live on the other side of town with that getup."

Willow smirked and unlocked her front door, inviting her in. "It helps to never forget where one came from. I may be what you'd consider more of an upper class person, but living like this brings back a sort of familiarity for me. It keeps me from losing sight of what matters."

"And what is it that matters to you?" Alana asked, taking a look around at the modest apartment. A single kitchen and dining area were on display for her right now, making her wonder if the rest of her place was like this.

"Afraid that's a secret, dear." Willow closed the door behind them and rested her hands on Alana's waist, hands roaming over the blonde's stomach. "So, before we start, do you prefer it rough or gentle?"

"Make it a night to remember," Alana answered with a whisper, biting her lip as the other woman felt her body and sending warmth towards her core. "Surprise me." It was still sinking in that she had been taken to another woman's place for a one night stand and she liked it.

"Very well. " Willow's warm breath tickled the back of her neck and the blonde gasped in weak pleasure as her tongue started to lick around the sensitive flesh. The wet muscle lazily scraped along her neck, drawing circles around the base near her collarbone and kissing it. Alana moaned out and her knees buckled a little, prompting her to try and turn around. When she did, her lips were immediately assaulted by the redhead's and she was pushed against the wall.

Alana's core began to throb longingly as she and Willow kissed, their lips mashing together in a heated frenzy. Her simple dark pants began to feel hotter and she squirmed against Willow's body. Her own small breasts were pushed up against Willow's larger ones and she reluctantly removed her hands from her partner's backside to try and unbutton her work shirt. The first few buttons came undone easily, but the bottom few were not cooperating with her at all and her hands fumbled on them.

"Lemme help you out, dear." Willow pulled away from their kiss to finish unbuttoning her shirt. With the last three undone, Alana was able to slip out of her shirt and was already in the process of unclipping her bra. A few seconds later and the lacey fabric fell from her body, letting two soft mounds of flesh spring free.

Willow licked her lips at the sight and lowered her head, taking one of them into her mouth and her hand groping the other. A moan escaped Alana's throat and she held Willow's head close, loving every little lick.

She squirmed to get out of her pants, unbuttoning them and struggling to pry them off. They fell in a heap around her ankles and she kicked them away into a corner and leaving herself almost completely on display for her new partner.

Willow pulled her mouth away to admire her pale legs, licking her lips with a sultry purr. "My, my. Eager are we?"

Alana gave her a slightly exasperated look and the redhead chuckled. "Oh, don't fret."

"I'll take good care of you, I promise~."

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