You said we really had something. And for a long time I thought that was true. I believed your lies. A month ago we broke up, and this month apart has made me see - and truly despise - what you really are. A lying, deceitful, cold-hearted bitch who was all wrong for a guy like me. I'm the loyal one. I was always the loyal one. The dumbass.

The drives won't be the same without you. The movies we watched together won't be the same. All the time we spent on the phone talking - and we never left a conversation without telling each other we loved each other. More of your garbage. I know that now. And I'll never forget all the music we exchanged. I wonder now if you ever kept anything I sent you. I hated Maroon 5. HATED. But I grew to like their music, because you did. Now? I don't hear Maroon 5. All I hear when I recall your name is that Big Sean song. Yup, that one. I Don't Fuck With You.

I don't, and I'm stronger for it. I'm better. I can only go up from here. Life with a toxic loser constantly nagging me about cheating when she was the one being unfaithful really is shit. I'm not all the way there. Not just yet. But I will be, in part thanks to amazing friends. And one beautiful soul who I'd like to thank especially, the lady who's guided me through the worst of this nightmare. S., thank you. On everything, you have been nothing but a life saver. This can never repay you for what you've done. Someday I hope I can.

You're incredible.