I woke up to something really strange the other day.

Red, scaly, taking a nap on the floor, a real life, one of a kind dragon. He was about the size of a chihuahua.

I wasn't sure if it was that leftover vodka from Thanksgiving finally coming back to haunt me, that ever-risky sushi place near my house that I couldn't stay away from that was making me hallucinate, or if I was just losing my mind. Too much time on the Internet will do that, after all.

So, unsure of my situation or what to do next, I did what any wise man would do. I called for reinforcements.

''MOM! There's something in my room! HELP!''

It was like she was a brave warrior clad in chainmail, atop a magnificent steed, arriving just in time to slay the beast and save the kingdom. Her broom was hardly a sword - but we work with what we have.

''What! What is - what is that!''

The tiny dragon raised its head, gave a sleepy yawn that brought the smallest puff of smoke, and then looked right into my eyes as it started chewing on my blanket.

Mom went screaming from the room. I knew her next move. Panic, call the police, or kick me out. Probably all three.

And the dragon's next move? He ate my headset. My new, my expensive, sweet gaming headset. Gone in one swallow. I jumped out of bed and grabbed one of my slippers, as though I were confronting a roach.

In those few seconds between munching my headset down and me getting up to smack him for it, the dragon had grown some. He was almost up to my knees.

''You've just started something,'' I warned him, angrily waving the slipper.

A slipper wasn't any sort of threat to a rapidly growing dragon, but he didn't know that. In a flash of red scales the scared dragon rocketed out of my room, smashing a chunk out of my dresser on the way out and nearly causing me to jump out of my skin.

This guy was fast. Very, very fast. Before I could move a muscle I heard a door slam and my poor mother yelling. I rushed in there, just as the dragon swallowed her whole.

''Mommmmmy, NO!''

I attacked the dragon as angrily as a man wielding a slipper could. But he only burped and grew larger. Worse still, the dragon now knew my mighty 'weapon' was useless, that I couldn't hurt him.

I've seen my share of movies. Played a lot of games involving dragons. I know what it means when a dragon breathes in.

I fled from the room as quickly as my two legs could carry me, just as the dragon breathed fire and set my pajamas ablaze.

Alone in my kitchen, now pantless, I was given two new options. Attack the dragon with the frozen ham Mom had left sitting on the counter and hope for the best, or run like a little girl. Naturally I chose Option Two and screamed all the way out of the house, as two patrol cars pulled up.

Before they could say anything or bust me for being naked, the dragon ran out of the house to get them. All I saw were scales and teeth. The cops were devoured - and Mr. Dragon grew again. Bigger than the house.

Back to running for my life, I hid myself in the neighbors' dog house, listening to the mayhem as the dragon tore through the street, destroying homes and all life in his path.

Then, everything was quiet. For at least ten minutes there wasn't any sound at all in the neighborhood. Thinking it was safe to move, believing the dragon had moved on, I crept out of my hiding place.

But there he was, waiting for me.

I couldn't run. I couldn't escape anymore. I just closed my eyes. I knew the end was coming.

I waited. And waited. For what seems like an eternity I lied there, with only death in my heart.

But when I opened my eyes, the dragon was nowhere to be found. He had just disappeared.

I walked home, in a neighborhood that was somehow untouched by dragon fire, to find my home undamaged and Mom sitting inside watching her favorite show on TV.

I hugged her. And hugged her. And she had no idea why.

''But where's the dragon?'' I asked. ''Where did it go?''

''What dragon?'' asked a confused Mom.

I don't understand all of it, but I do know one thing. The dragon was gone and everything was back to normal.

Because nothing bad ever lasts. You'll open your eyes one day and the worst will be over.